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1 Vocabulary List General and Topic Areas 1 to 5 GCSE German OCR GCSE in German: OCR GCSE (Short Course) in German Spoken Language: OCR GCSE (Short Course) in German Written Language: J731 J031 J131 This Vocabulary List is designed to accompany the OCR GCSE German Specification for teaching from September 2009 OCR 2010

2 Contents Contents 2 German GCSE Vocabulary List 3 German Vocabulary List General 5 Topic Area 1 Home and local area 14 Life in the home; friends and relationships 14 Local area, facilities and getting around 21 Topic Area 2 Health and sport 28 Sport, outdoor pursuits and healthy lifestyle 28 Food and drink as aspects of culture and health 31 Topic Area 3 Leisure and entertainment (includes online) 36 Socialising, special occasions and festivals 36 TV, films and music 38 Topic Area 4 Travel and the wider world 42 Holidays and exchanges 42 Environmental, cultural and social issues 44 Topic Area 5 Education and work 48 School life in the UK and in the target language country or community 48 Work experience, future study and jobs, working abroad 51 Page 2 of 52

3 German Vocabulary List General German GCSE Vocabulary List This vocabulary list will be a valuable guide for teachers when planning their teaching and learning programmes and preparing candidates for the assessment. Please note that this list should not be seen as a self-study aid, as only brief meanings have been given and candidates may need help from their teacher/tutor to interpret some items correctly. Foundation Tier: Assessment tasks for Foundation Tier Listening and Reading will be based on material in this vocabulary list. The assessments will contain some unfamiliar vocabulary but this will not be tested. Higher Tier: Assessment tasks for Higher Tier Listening and Reading will be based on material in both the Foundation and Higher Tier lists. Assessments will contain some unfamiliar vocabulary, and some of this will be tested, since the national subject criteria require candidates to use a range of techniques to deduce meaning. Speaking and Writing In Controlled Assessment tasks, candidates may use vocabulary from the Foundation and Higher tier lists but can also use vocabulary that specifically suits the tasks they choose to do and their own personal interests. Prior knowledge It is expected that candidates will be already familiar with the following: Numbers (ordinal and cardinal) Days of the week, months of the year and seasons Towns, countries and nationalities Feminine and plural forms of the words listed Prefixes and suffixes of words already listed Target-language words used in English English words used in the target language. Grammatical items and structures figuring in Appendix B in the Specification (e.g. conjunctions, prepositions, both simple and compound, reflexives, common adverbs and adverbial phrases, etc.) Straightforward and common cognates Please note that some easily recognisable cognates may not be present in this list; however, others have been presented as a help to teachers and candidates. Cognates included in this list Page 3 of 52

4 are those that are written similarly to their English counterparts, but pronounced in a markedly different way. At Higher tier, candidates should know how to interpret suffixes as linguistic markers showing relationships between different parts of speech and have an awareness of the function of prefixes to modify the meaning of the root: e.g. réserver réservation place réservée übernachten Übernachtung producir reducir introducir Page 4 of 52

5 German Vocabulary List General German Vocabulary List General Foundation ab ab und zu Abend (abends) als/ wenn bald (bis bald) bevor damals dann endlich / zuletzt erst (um) früh (früher) gestern gewöhnlich heute immer (noch) manchmal Mittag (mittags) Mitte (mitten in) Mitternacht Monat (monatlich) morgen Morgen (morgens) nachdem nachher Nachmittag (nachmittags) nächst neulich nicht mehr nie noch noch nicht plötzlich schon sobald sofort täglich übermorgen vorgestern vorher Vormittag (vormittags) zuerst from (e.g. time) now and again (in the) evening when (conj) soon (see you soon!) before then (= at that time) then (= at that time) finally / at last not until early (previously) yesterday usually today always (still) sometime(s) midday (at midday) middle (in the middle of) midnight month(ly) tomorrow (in the) morning after afterwards (in the) afternoon following/next (e.g.day/week) recently no longer never still (=even now) not yet suddenly already as soon as immediately daily day after tomorrow day before yesterday beforehand/ previously morning (in the morning) at first Page 5 of 52

6 German Vocabulary List General aber alle allein also / so andere anderthalb anfangen Antwort antworten Art auch Auf Wiedersehen Augenblick ausgezeichnet außer befriedigend beginnen begrüßen behalten behandeln Behandlung beide Beispiel bekommen beliebt bemerken benutzen bequem besitzen besonders besser besprechen bestimmt bestrafen besuchen bieten / anbieten billig bisschen (ein) bitte brauchen brechen breit bringen d.h. danke(n) dass Datum dauern denken dies Ding doch drücken dürfen Dutzend but / however all / everyone alone therefore / so other one and a half to begin/ start answer to answer sort / kind also good-bye! moment excellent except for satisfactory to begin/start to greet to keep to treat treatment both example to receive popular to notice to use comfortable to own particular(ly) better to discuss definitely to punish to visit to offer cheap a little please to need to break wide to bring i.e. thank you (to thank) that date to last to think this thing yes (contradicting) to press / push to be allowed to / may a dozen Page 6 of 52

7 German Vocabulary List General eben ebenso egal (das ist mir egal) ehemalig eigen eilen (sich beeilen) einander einige einmal (noch einmal) einverstanden Ende eng entfernt entschuldigen Sie! (sich entschuldigen) Entschuldigung! entweder oder erinnern (sich) erkennen erzählen (Erzählung) es gibt es macht nichts etwa / ungefähr etwas (irgend etwas) fallen (lassen) falsch fast fehlen Fehler fertig finden folgen Frage (eine Frage stellen) fragen gar nicht geben (es gibt) genau genug gern geschlossen getrennt glauben gleich (der/das/die gleiche) glücklich (Glück) Gott gratulieren Grund Gruss günstig gut guten Tag haben halb Hälfte halten hier just just as (I don t care!) former / previous own to hurry (up) one another/ each other some / a few once (more) agreed end / finish narrow / tight away / distant excuse me! (to apologise) sorry! either or to remind (remember) to recognise to tell / recount (story) there is / are it doesn't matter about / roughly / approximately something (or other) to fall (to drop) wrong almost to be missing mistake ready / finished to find to follow question (to ask a question) to ask not at all to give (there is) exactly enough glad(ly) closed separate(ly) to think / believe immediately (the same) happy (good luck) God to congratulate ground / reason greeting favourable good hello to have half a half to hold / to stop (moving) here Page 7 of 52

8 German Vocabulary List General hochachtungsvoll hoffen Idee in Ordnung / klar! inbegriffen irgendwo ja je / das Stück jeder jemand jener jetzt kaputt kein klar können kriegen lang lange langsam lassen leider leid tun (es tut mir leid) leihen (sich) letzt machen mal e.g. zweimal mäßig mehr mehrere Meinung mit freundlichen Grüßen mögen möglich müssen natürlich nehmen nein neu nicht nichts niemand Nummer nur oder offen öffnen oft ohne Paar (ein) paar (ein) yours faithfully to hope idea O.K.! included somewhere (or other) yes each (=per item) each / every / everybody someone/ somebody that now broken no (= not any) clear to be able to/ "can" to get long long (e.g. a long time) slow to let / leave (s.th) unfortunately to feel sorry for (I m sorry) to lend (to borrow) last (adj) to do / make times e.g. twice moderate more several opinion yours sincerely to like (to) possible to have to / "must" of course to take no new not nothing no-one / nobody number only or open to open often without a pair / couple a few Page 8 of 52

9 German Vocabulary List General prima! pro Prost! Prozent Qualität Quatsch rufen ruhig (Ruhe) rund sagen Schade! schlecht schließen (abschließen) schließlich schlimm schrecklich schreien sehr sein seitdem Sekunde selbe (der/das/dieselbe) sicher sogar sollen ("sollte") sonst sowohl... als auch toll! Tschüs(s)! tun überall Uhr um... zu und unmöglich verschieden Verzeihung! viel vielleicht Viertel voll wahr (nicht wahr?) wechseln weil Weise (auf diese Weise) wenig(er) wenigstens wenn werden wichtig wie Wie bitte? great! / cool! per Cheers! per cent quality nonsense to call / shout quiet (rest / quiet) round (=shape) to say / tell a pity! bad to close (lock) finally bad terrible to shout/ scream very to be since second same certain(ly) / sure(ly) even (ought to / should) otherwise both... and great! cool! cheerio!/ bye!/ see you! to do everywhere clock / watch / o'clock to (=in order to) and impossible different/ various Sorry! a lot / much / many perhaps a quarter full true (isn't it?) to change because way (in this way) little (less) at least when / if to become / get important as / like pardon? Page 9 of 52

10 German Vocabulary List General Wie geht's? wieder wiederholen willkommen wirklich wollen wunderbar Wunsch wünschen Zahl ziehen Ziel ziemlich zu zufrieden zumachen zusammen how are you? again to repeat welcome really to want to wonderful wish to wish figure / number to pull aim quite / fairly too (e.g. too old) / closed contented to close together Higher Absicht Achtung ähnlich ahnen Ahnung außer(dem) äußerst bedeuten damit enttäuschen enttäuscht erklären erlauben es kommt darauf an fließend Folge gehören genügen geschehen häufig heutzutage höchstens im voraus insgesamt irren (sich) kaum ob obgleich / obwohl sobald statt umsonst völlig vor allem vor kurzem Vorsicht (vorsichtig) wagen während weder noch intention attention similar to suspect idea except (besides) extremely to mean so that to disappoint disappointed to explain to allow / permit to depend (it depends) fluently consequence to belong to to suffice to happen frequently nowadays at most in advance altogether to be wrong hardly / scarcely whether although as soon as instead of in vain / free completely / fully above all recently / a short time ago careful(!) to dare while neither... nor Page 10 of 52

11 German Vocabulary List General wertvoll / wertlos zusätzlich zwar valuable / worthless additional indeed Page 11 of 52

12 Page 12 of 52

13 Topic Area 1: Home and local area Life in the home; friends and relationships Local area, facilities and getting around Page 13 of 52

14 Topic Area 1 Home and local area Topic Area 1 Home and local area Life in the home; friends and relationships Foundation abtrocknen abwaschen anmachen anziehen (sich) aufstehen aufwachen auskommen mit ausruhen (sich) aussehen ausziehen (sich) backen beschreiben Buchstabe buchstabieren bügeln (Bügeleisen) bürsten decken einschlafen hinlegen (sich) hinsetzen (sich) kehren leer leeren legen Liebe lieben liegen mähen organisieren putzen schlafen schneiden sitzen (sich setzen) spülen (abspülen) Staub saugen stecken stehen stellen Teil teilen trocken trocknen umziehen (sich) vorbereiten waschen (sich) wecken wiegen zunehmen Adresse to dry up to wash up to put on / turn on to put on (get dressed) to get up / stand up to wake up to get on with to have a rest to look (appearance) to get undressed to bake to describe letter (=of alphabet) to spell to iron (iron) to brush e.g.hair to lay e.g. table to go to sleep to lie down to sit down to sweep empty to empty to put (= to lay) love to love to lie (be lying down) to mow to organise to clean to sleep to cut to sit (down) to wash up to hoover / vacuum clean to put (inside something) to stand to put / place (e.g. a vase) part to share dry to dry to move house (to get changed) to prepare to wash (o.s.) to wake s.o. to weigh to grow / get bigger / increase address Page 14 of 52

15 Topic Area 1 Home and local area Alter Bart Brille Familienname geboren Geburts(tag / ort) Heimat Heimfahrt / Heimweg heiraten heißen ledig Lieber / Liebe verheiratet verlobt versprechen Vorname alt(modisch) angenehm ängstlich berühmt blöd / dumm böse dick doof ehrlich ernst fleißig frech Freude freundlich furchtbar geduldig gefallen gemütlich glatt (Glatteis) groß Größe hassen hässlich hilfsbereit / hilfreich höflich hübsch klein klug komisch kurz Laune (guter / schlechter) laut lockig lustig merkwürdig mittelgroß / mittellang müde (ermüdend) nervös nett ordentlich Pech reich age beard glasses surname born birth(day / place of) home home journey / way home to marry to be called single / unmarried Dear (=letters) married engaged to promise first name old(fashioned) pleasant / enjoyable anxious famous stupid angry fat / thick stupid honest serious hard working cheeky joy friendly awful patient to like cosy / cheery smooth / straight e.g.hair (black ice) tall size / height (of people) to hate ugly helpful polite pretty small / short clever funny short in a good / bad mood noisy / loud curly funny funny / strange medium / average (=height/length) tired (tiring) nervous nice tidy luck (bad) rich Page 15 of 52

16 Topic Area 1 Home and local area sanft satt sauber scharf schick schlank schmutzig schüchtern stark streng tot traurig unordentlich Unrecht haben verstehen (sich) Anzug Armband(uhr) BH / Büstenhalter Bluse Gürtel Halskette Handschuh Handtasche Hemd Hose Hut Jacke Kleid Kleider / Kleidung Kostüm Krawatte / Schlips Lippe(nstift) Mantel Mode (modisch) Mütze Nacht(hemd) Ohrringe Parfüm Pulli Rock Schal Schlafanzug Schuhe Slip Socke Stiefel Strumpfhose Tasche (Einkaufstasche) tragen Trainingsanzug Turnschuhe Unterhose Unterwäsche Arbeitszimmer Backofen Badewanne Badezimmer soft / gentle full up / fed up clean sharp smart (e.g. dress) slim dirty shy strong strict dead sad untidy to be wrong to understand (get on with) suit (men's) bracelet (wrist watch) bra blouse belt necklace glove handbag shirt trousers hat jacket dress clothes / clothing suit (women's) tie lip(stick) coat fashion(able) cap night (dress) earrings perfume pullover skirt scarf pyjamas shoes panties sock boot tights pocket / bag (shopping bag) to carry / wear tracksuit trainers underpants underwear study oven bath (tub) bathroom Page 16 of 52

17 Topic Area 1 Home and local area Bücherregal Bude Decke Diele Doppelhaus Dusche duschen Einfamilienhaus Elektroherd Erdgeschoss Esszimmer Etagenbett Fenster Flur Fußboden Gardine Garten Gasherd Haarbürste Handtuch (Badetuch) Heizkörper Heizung (Zentralheizung) Kamm kämmen Keller Kissen Kleiderschrank Klingel Klo Knopf Kommode Kühlschrank Lampe Licht Mikrowellenherd Möbel möbliert oben Pflanze Rasen Regal Reihe Reihenhaus Schlafzimmer (Schlafraum) Schlüssel(bund) Schrank Seife Sessel Sofa Spülbecken Spülmaschine Steppdecke Stereoanlage Stock (im ersten Stock) Stufe Stuhl Tablett Tapete Teppich book case stall / stand/ room blanket / ceiling hall (=entrance to house) semi-detached house shower to have a shower detached house electric cooker ground floor dining room bunk bed window hall floor curtain garden gas cooker hairbrush towel (bath towel) radiator heating (central) comb to comb (hair) cellar cushion wardrobe (door) bell loo button chest of drawers fridge lamp light microwave furniture furnished at the top / upstairs plant lawn shelf row (e.g. of seats etc) terraced house bedroom (dormitory) key (ring) cupboard soap armchair sofa / settee sink dishwasher duvet stereo system floor (e.g. on the 1st floor) step/ stair chair tray wallpaper carpet Page 17 of 52

18 Topic Area 1 Home and local area Terasse tief Tiefkühltruhe Tisch Tischtuch Toilettenpapier Topf Treppe Tuch Tür unten Vorhang Wand Waschbecken Wäsche Waschküche Waschmaschine Waschpulver Wasserhahn Wecker Wohnzimmer Brief Brieffreund/in Bruder Cousin / Vetter / Kusine Dame Ehefrau/ Ehemann/ Ehepaar Einzelkind Eltern Enkel/in / Enkelkind Erwachsene Familie Frau Fräulein(!) Freund/in Geschwister Großvater / Großmutter / Großeltern Junge Leute / Menschen Mädchen männlich Mutter / Mutti Nachbar/in Neffe Nichte Onkel Opa / Oma Schwester Sohn Tante Tochter Vater / Vati Verwandte weiblich Zwillinge Biene Ente terrace / patio deep freezer table tablecloth toilet paper saucepan stairs cloth door at the bottom / downstairs curtain wall (interior) washbasin washing utility room / laundry room washing machine wash powder tap alarm clock living room letter pen friend brother cousin lady wife / husband / married couple only child parents grandson / daughter / child adult family` Mrs / woman Miss (waitress!) friend (boy / girl) brothers and sisters grandfather / mother / parents boy people girl male mother / mum neighbour nephew niece uncle grandad / granny sister son aunt daughter father / dad relative (= relation) female twins bee duck Page 18 of 52

19 Topic Area 1 Home and local area fressen füttern Hase Hund Kaninchen Katze Kuh Meerschweinchen Pferd Schaf Schildkröte Schlange (stehen) Tier (Haustier) Vogel Wellensittich Backstein Baumwolle Holz Kohle Kunststoff Leder Metall Seide Stahl Stein Stoff Wolle blau bunt Farbe gelb grau grün hell lila rosa rot schwarz silber to eat (animals) to feed (=pets) hare dog rabbit cat cow guinea pig horse sheep tortoise snake (to queue) animal (pet) bird budgerigar brick cotton wood coal plastic leather metal silk steel stone material wool blue bright (= colour) colour / paint yellow grey green pale (colour) purple pink red black silver Higher abnehmen Alptraum altmodisch ändern anprobieren Anrichte anschalten anstrengend anziehen ärgerlich ärgern artig aufgeregt aufschließen ausschalten ausschlafen to lose weight / slim nightmare old fashioned to change to try on sideboard to switch on tiring to attract annoying to annoy well behaved excited to unlock to switch off to have a lie in Page 19 of 52

20 Topic Area 1 Home and local area begießen beißen (Biss) bewundern Beziehung Braut (Bräutigam) Dachboden duzen echt Ehe Eigenschaft Eindruck erscheinen Fensterladen Fernbedienung Freundschaft Gebrauchsanweisung Gedächtnis Gefahr (gefährlich) geschieden Geschlecht getrennt Gewicht Griff gütig heizen Hütte Jahrhundert Kabel Käfig Kamin Klapp- (stuhl / tisch) Klimaanlage klopfen König Königin Kontaktlinsen Krug lächeln lächerlich Lage Lärm lebhaft nennen neugierig Persönlichkeit Puppe Quadratmeter Rasierapparat sich rasieren reißen Reißverschluss Rowdy rücksichtslos sanft Schloss schminken (sich) Schmuck Schublade Schuppen to water (plants) to bite (bite) to admire relationship bride (bridegroom) attic / loft to call du genuine marriage quality / characteristic impression to appear shutter remote control friendship instructions for use memory danger(ous) divorced sex / gender separated weight handle kind to heat shed / hut century cable / wiring cage fireplace (hearth) folding (chair / table) air-conditioning to knock king queen contact lenses jug to smile ridiculous situation noise (loud) lively to name curious / inquisitive personality doll square metre shaver to shave to tear zip lout / hooligan careless gentle lock (of door) to put on make-up jewellery drawer shed Page 20 of 52

21 Topic Area 1 Home and local area Schwager Schwägerin schwanger Schwiegermutter Schwiegervater sehr geehrte(r) Herr / Frau selbständig seltsam Senioren Spülküche Stiefmutter / vater Streichhölzer Streit stumm sympathisch Tastatur taub Teppichboden Traum träumen Verantwortung Vergnügen vergrößern vernünftig verrückt Vertrauen Waschlappen weinen Werkzeug Wintergarten winzig Witwe Witwer zornig Zufall (zufällig) zunehmen brother-in-law sister-in-law pregnant mother-in-law father-in-law dear Sir / Madam independently odd / strange senior citizens utility room step-mother / father matches argument / quarrel silent / mute nice keyboard (computer) deaf fitted carpet dream to dream responsibility pleasure to enlarge sensible / reasonable mad trust flannel to cry (tears) implement conservatory tiny widow widower angry (by) chance to put on weight / increase Local area, facilities and getting around Foundation Acker Allee Bach bauen Bauer / Bäuerin Bauernhof Baum Berg Blatt Boden Bundesstraße Bürgersteig Bushaltestelle Dach Einbahnstraße Feld flach field (=arable) avenue stream to build farmer / farmer( s wife) farm tree mountain leaf / piece of paper ground A-road pavement bus stop roof one way street field flat Page 21 of 52

22 Topic Area 1 Home and local area Fluss Gebiet Gebirge Gegend Hecke Hügel (hügelig) Kanal Loch Straße Straßenbahn Tal Ufer (Flussufer) Wald Wiese Wohnblock wohnen Wohnung Apotheke (Apotheker) Bäcker/in (Bäckerei) Bibliothek(ar/in) Briefkasten Briefmarke Brücke Buch(handlung) Burg Delikatessengeschäft Dom / Kathedrale Drogerie Einkaufszentrum einwerfen Gemüsehändler Geschäft Juwelier Kapelle Kino Kirche Kneipe Konditorei Kunst(galerie) Leben leben Lebensmittel(geschäft) Markt (Marktplatz) Metzger(ei) Modegeschäft Post(amt) Postleitzahl Rathaus Schloss sparen Sparkasse tanken Tankstelle Turm Verkehrsamt Zentrum Ausgang / Ausfahrt river region / area mountain range district hedge hill(y) canal / channel hole street / road tram valley (river) bank wood / forest field / meadow block of flats to live flat chemist's (chemist) baker( s shop) library (librarian) letter box postage stamp bridge book (shop) castle delicatessen cathedral chemists shopping centre to post greengrocer s shop jeweller chapel cinema church pub cake / sweet shop art (gallery) life to live food/ groceries (grocer s shop) market (place) butcher ( s shop) clothes shop post office post code town hall castle to save savings bank to fill up with petrol petrol station tower tourist office centre exit (= building / motorway) Page 22 of 52

23 Topic Area 1 Home and local area Auto Autobahn Benzin bremsen Bremsen Eingang / Einfahrt einsteigen Fähre (Autofähre) fahren Fahrer/in Fahrgast / Passagier führen Führerschein Fußgänger(zone) gehen holen kommen Kreuzung Kurve Lastwagen / LKW Lieferwagen Linie Marke Mofa Motorrad (fahrer/in) Raststätte Schild (Straßenschild) verlassen Wagen Weg / Fußweg weggehen Werkstatt Werkzeug abfahren Abfahrt / Abflug abholen Abteil anhalten ankommen Ankunft aussteigen Automat Bahn (Bahnsteig) Bahnhof besetzt D-Zug einfach Eisen Eisenbahnlinie Fahrgeld Fahrkarte Fahrkartenschalter Fahrplan Fahrt Gleis hin und zurück Rücken Rückfahrt car motorway petrol to brake brakes entrance to get on / in (vehicles) ferry (car ferry) to go / drive driver passenger to lead driving licence pedestrian (area) to go / walk to fetch to come crossroads bend lorry van (delivery) line / bus route make (of car) moped motorbike(rider) motorway services sign (roadsign) to leave (place) car way / path to go away repair workshop / garage tools to depart departure to meet (= pick up/ fetch) compartment to stop (vehicles) to arrive arrival to get off machine railway (platform) station occupied (e.g. seat) express train easy / single (ticket) iron railway line fare ticket ticket office timetable (bus / train) journey (short) platform / line there & back i.e. return back return journey Page 23 of 52

24 Topic Area 1 Home and local area S-Bahn U-Bahn(station) umsteigen Verbindung (verbinden) Verkehr(smittel) verpassen Verspätung warten auf Warteraum / saal / zimmer Zug(führer) zurück zurückkommen Boot Bord Fahrrad / Rad fliegen Flug Flughafen Flugzeug Hubschrauber Miete mieten Rad Radfahren radfahren Radfahrer/in Schiff starten vermieten Dorf dort(hin) dort drüben draußen drinnen Ecke Einwohner/in geradeaus Großstadt Hafen(stadt) Hauptbahnhof / Hauptstraße Hauptstadt hinten hinter links Nähe (in der Nähe von) Rand rechts Richtung Stadt (Partnerstadt) Stadtrundfahrt vor vorbeigehen/fahren vorne Vorort weit suburban railway underground / tube / métro (station) to change (e.g. trains) connection e.g. trains (to connect) traffic (means of transport) to miss e.g. bus / train delay to wait for waiting room train (driver) back to return / come / go back boat board (on) bicycle to fly flight airport plane helicopter rent to rent / hire wheel cycling to cycle cyclist ship to take off (plane) to rent / hire (out) village there (to there) over there outside inside corner inhabitant straight ahead city harbour (port) main station/ road capital at the back behind left (on the left side) near to / nearby edge right (on the) direction town (twin town) town tour in front of / outside / before to go past at the front suburb far (away) from/ distant Page 24 of 52

25 Topic Area 1 Home and local area Higher anbauen anschnallen (sich) außer Betrieb Autobahnkreuz Bahnübergang Baustelle befinden (sich) beilegen Eimer einwerfen entwerten Fahrzeug Fels fließen gebrauchen (gebraucht) Gegenteil Geschwindigkeits(begrenzung) Gipfel Hauptverkehrszeit hupen Kennzeichen Klippe Kofferraum Kreis(verkehr) Leitung Lenkrad liefern Luftdruck öffentlich Reinigung Rückspiegel Rundfunk Sicherheit Sicherheitsgurt Stau Steuer(rad) überfahren überholen überqueren umgeben von Umleitung Vorfahrt wachsen Weinberg Windschutzscheibe Zebrastreifen zusammenstoßen mit to grow (crops) to fasten seat belt out of order / not working motorway junction level crossing building site / roadworks to be situated to enclose bucket to post (a letter) to cancel / stamp a ticket vehicle rock (mineral) to flow to use (second hand) opposite speed (limit) summit rush hour to hoot registration number cliff boot (of car) circle (roundabout) cable / wiring / pipes steering wheel to deliver tyre pressure public dry cleaning rear-view mirror radio safety seatbelt hold-up / traffic jam steering wheel to run over to overtake to cross (road) surrounded by diversion priority / right of way to grow vineyard windscreen zebra-crossing to collide with Page 25 of 52

26 Page 26 of 52

27 Topic Area 2: Health and sport Sport, outdoor pursuits and healthy lifestyle Food and drink as aspects of culture and health Page 27 of 52

28 Topic Area 2 Health and sport Topic Area 2 Health and sport Sport, outdoor pursuits and healthy lifestyle Foundation Auge Bauch Bein Gesicht Haare Hals Knie Körper Mund Nase Ohr Schulter angeln Angelrute Bad baden Badeanzug/hose Badeort bewegen Endspiel Freibad Fuß (zu Fuß gehen) Fußball gewinnen Hallenbad joggen Kanufahren kegeln klettern laufen Leichtathletik Liga Mannschaft Netz Reiten rennen Rennen Rollbrett Roller Rollschuh laufen Ruderboot rudern schießen schlagen Schläger Schließfach Schlittschuhlaufen Schwimmbad schwimmen eye tummy leg face hair neck/ throat knee body mouth nose ear shoulder to fish fishing rod bath to bathe swimming costume/trunks seaside resort to move final (e.g. sport) swimming pool (open air) foot (go on foot) football to win indoor swimming pool to jog canoeing to play skittles to climb to run athletics league team net horse riding to run race skateboard scooter to roller skate rowing boat to row to shoot to hit racquet / stick / bat locker to ice skate swimming pool to swim Page 28 of 52

29 Topic Area 2 Health and sport See (der/die) (an der See) segeln Ski fahren Skilehrer/in spazierengehen Spaziergang Spiel(film) spielen Spieler Spielzeug Sport treiben Sportplatz springen Stadion steigen Surfbrett Tor (ein Tor schießen) Umkleideraum Verein verlieren wandern Wanderung werfen windsurfen Biene Erkältung (sich erkälten) Fieber Fliege fühlen Gefühl gesund (Gesundheit) Grippe Halsschmerzen Hansaplast Heftpflaster helfen (Hilfe!) Husten husten Kopfschmerzen krank (Krankheit) Krankenhaus Krankenpfleger/ Krankenschwester Krankenwagen Magen(schmerzen) Medikament Operation Patient/in Rezept Schmerzen (schmerzhaft) Schnupfen seekrank sprechen Sprechstunde stechen Stich Tablette Unfall verletzen (sich) lake / sea (at the sea-side) to sail to ski ski instructor to go for a walk walk game / match (feature film) to play (music / sports / cards) player toy(s) to do sport sports ground / school field to jump stadium to climb surfboard gate / goal (to score a goal) changing room club to lose to hike hike to throw to windsurf bee a cold (to catch a cold) fever / a temperature fly to feel feeling healthy (health) flu sore throat sticking plaster sticking plaster to help (help!) cough to cough headache ill(ness) hospital nurse(male/female) ambulance stomach (ache) medicine operation (=medical) patient prescription / recipe pain(ful) cold seasick to speak surgery hours to sting sting tablet/pill accident to injure (o.s.) Page 29 of 52

30 Topic Area 2 Health and sport weh tun Wespe Wunde Zahn(schmerzen) Zahnarzt / Zahnärztin Zahnbürste Zahnpasta to hurt (e.g. my arm hurts) wasp wound tooth (ache) dentist toothbrush toothpaste Higher Anfänger bluten Blutprobe brennen Brust Chirurg(in) Durchfall Ellbogen erbrechen (sich) Ereignis Erfolg Ergebnis erhalten erholen (sich) Erleichterung erreichen erste Hilfe fangen Fußgelenk Gehirn Geruch geschwollen Gips(verband) Glatze Handgelenk Haut heben Heimweh Helm Heuschnupfen Höhe Höhle Hustensaft jagen Kinn Knochen leiden Magenverstimmung Meister(schaft) Menge (Menschenmenge) messen nackt Pfeil pflegen Pokal Röntgenbild Salbe schaden Schaden Page 30 of 52 beginner to bleed blood test to burn chest surgeon diarrhoea elbow to be sick event success result / score to receive to recover / get better relief to reach / catch first aid to catch ankle brain smell swollen plaster bald patch wrist skin to lift / raise homesickness helmet hay fever height cave cough mixture to hunt chin bone to suffer stomach upset champion(ship) quantity (crowd) to measure naked arrow to look after (patient) cup (trophy) x-ray cream / ointment to do harm damage

31 Topic Area 2 Health and sport Schiedsrichter schlucken Sieg Sonnenstich Sorge (sich Sorgen machen) sorgen für Spritze tauchen teilnehmen Turnier übergeben (sich) unentschieden untersuchen Verband verstauchen (sich) verstopft Wange Wettbewerb Wettkampf Zeh Zunge referee to swallow win / victory sun stroke worry (to worry) to look after injection to dive to take part tournament to be sick undecided / drawn (match) to examine (patient) bandage to sprain constipated cheek competition competition toe tongue Food and drink as aspects of culture and health Foundation Abendessen Appetit (guten Appetit!) Durst (durstig) Flamme Flasche frisch Frühstück Gabel gemischt Gericht Geschirr(tuch) Getränk Glas grillen Imbiss(stube) Kännchen Kantine Küche lecker Löffel Mahlzeit (!) Messer Mittagessen Nachtisch schmecken schnell Schnellimbiss Schüssel Selbstbedienung Speisekarte Speisewagen Supermarkt dinner / evening meal appetite (enjoy your meal!) thirst(y) flame bottle fresh breakfast fork mixed dish / course crockery (tea towel) drink jar / pot (e.g. jam) to grill / barbecue snack (bar) small pot canteen kitchen delicious spoon meal (enjoy your meal!) knife lunch / midday meal dessert to taste quick fast food restaurant bowl self-service menu dining car supermarket Page 31 of 52