Success Factors of E-Government-Projects Combining Strategy, Organization and Technology

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1 Success Factors of E-Government-Projects Combining Strategy, Organization and Technology Ralf Heib Herbert Kindermann IDS Scheer AG IDS Scheer AG / Layout-1 03/2000

2 A G E N D A E-Government: Hype or Megatrend? Unterstanding Public Sector as Part of a Network Combining Strategy, Organization and Technology Business Process Management as Enabler for e-government E-Government: Chances and Risks IDS Scheer AG / Layout-2 03/2000

3 E-Government: Hype or Megatrend? IDS Scheer AG / Layout-3 03/2000

4 Collaboration across administrative borders E-Government establishes collaborative business processes across the borders of public sector institutions. Collaborative processes Administration Verwaltung Citizen Budget management customer services Administration Internet Human resources procurment Internet Industry Suppliers Industry Internal administrative processes IDS Scheer AG / Layout-4 03/2000

5 E-Government Success Factors: Learning from industry Not the E for Electronic or New Technology makes the difference in E- Business but the Business for Understanding the needs and benefits of the Customers (business model). E-Business? E-Government IDS Scheer AG / Layout-5 03/2000

6 Understanding Public Sector as Part of a Network IDS Scheer AG / Layout-6 03/2000

7 Understanding the E-Government-Network Administration as Service Provider Internal processes A2C processes Internet A2B processes A2A processes Customer (Citizen, Industry etc.) Other Administrations Business (Industrial Enterprises) IDS Scheer AG / Layout-7 03/2000

8 Understanding the benefits of the customer Quality of Service Transparency Flexibility Availability Customer Benefit Faster Services Easy Access to services IDS Scheer AG / Layout-8 03/2000

9 Implementing E-Government E-Government-Strategies can be implemented by effective business processes using innovative information technology. E-Government- Strategy Targets Performance Business Processes Organization Requirements Support Information and communication infrastructre IDS Scheer AG / Layout-9 03/2000

10 Approach for E-Government Projects Succesful E-Government projects combine E-Government-Strategy, Organisation and Information technology. E-Government- Strategy Identify e-government benefits Develop E-Government- Business Model Organisation Derive requirements for E-Government-Organization Design E-Government- processes and organization Information and communication technology Evaluate technological feasibilty Design business blueprint for IT implementation Define Change Management Activities Implement E-Government solution Deliverables E-Government Strategy E-Government Benefits E-Government Targets E-Government-Business Model Process Architecture Organizational Structure Change Management Activities IT architecture Application Integration Going Live of E-Government- Solution IDS Scheer AG / Layout-10 03/2000

11 Framework for E-Government-Scenarios Administration to Business A2B Internal administrative Processes Administration to Citizen A2C Administration to Administration A2A E-Government Strategy Organization Information Technology IDS Scheer AG / Layout-11 03/2000

12 E-Government-Scenarios (Example) E-Government Strategy Administration to Business A2B Prices: efficiency: Transparency standardization: z.b. Public Private Partnership / Outsourcing Internal administrative Processes Efficiendy: Process Quality: Organizational Knowledge: z.b. New Public Management Administration to Citizen A2C Quality /customer benefit Income: market share : Transparency: z.b. One Stop Government Administration to Administration A2A Portfolio of services: Risk: efficiency: z.b. Strategic Alliances Organization E-Procurement/ Knowledge Invitation to tender Management Virtual Market distance learning places programs Online judicial User helpdesk practice Self-Employee- planning enforcement Services proceedings Virtual service centers Income tax declaration Virtual University Communities Residential register E-Demogracy E-Payment Intergovernmental cooperation Collaborative Knowledge management Integrated public healt services Information Technology ERP B2B / SCM Portals Digital Signature Public Key Infrastructure EAI ERP Portale E-Learning Digital Signature Public Key Infrastructure CRM Shop-Solutions Online Cash Smart-Card Digital Signature Document Manag. Workflow-Manag. ERP Portals E-Learning Digital Signature / Public Key Infrainfrastructure EAI IDS Scheer AG / Layout-12 03/2000

13 Business Process Management as Enabler for E-Government IDS Scheer AG / Layout-13 03/2000

14 Business process management for E-Government monitor and improve business processes Analyze and optimize business processes Life cycle of e-government processes Implement business processes by innovative IT IDS Scheer AG / Layout-14 03/2000

15 Process modelling Process modelling establishes a communication platform within the e-government-project. IDS Scheer AG / Layout-15 03/2000

16 Diversity of administrative processes Document management Financial account Reporting Contract management Cost Accounting Budget management and control Asset accounting IT- Management IT strategy planning General Support processe Facility management Procurement Citizen service processes Ad Hoc- Workflow Information management Controlling Maintenance Human resource management Pay roll IDS Scheer AG / Layout-16 03/2000

17 Top down documentation of processes A process architecture supports the top down documentation and gradual specification business processes (like the detail levels of a map). Main processes Core processes Transactions/ Activities Tasks IDS Scheer AG / Layout-17 03/2000

18 Business Processes The first step is to identify the relevant business processes on a high level. Procurement Financial and budget management Facility Management Citizen Services Human resource Management and Payroll IDS Scheer AG / Layout-18 03/2000

19 Top down detailiation of administrative processes The next step is to detail the high level processes using a process modelling tool. Citizen Services Residential register 1 Tax and licences Public Works Requests E-payment Public Hearing schedule Permit Applications E-voting Dienst-/Beschäftigungsverhältnis beenden, Beamte WSD Dienstverhältnis ist beendet Mitteilung Entlassung Beendigungsgrund prüfen BSB Personal WSD Beamter ist Mitteilung Entlassung vorzeitig entlassen Personalakte Nachversicherungsbeträge ermitteln BSB Personal WSD 2 Nachversicherung anweisen Anweisung Nachversicherung BSB Personal WSD Nachversich. Sozialversiche- Betroffener b. HH-Stelle rungsträger ü. Nachvers. angewiesen informiert informiert IDS Scheer AG / Layout-19 03/2000

20 Analysis and Optimization of E-Government Processes Actual Situation Kunde wünscht Mobiltelefon Mobiltelefon kaufen Mobiltelefon Vertriebspunkt To be- Situation gekauft Kartenantrag Kunde wünscht Mobiltelefon Formular mit Verkäufer ausfüllen Vertriebspunkt Mobiltelefon kaufen Vertriebspunkt Kartenantrag ausgefüllt Mobiltelefon gekauft Antrag Kartenantrag an Service-Provider übermitteln Vertriebspunkt Kunden- DB Kartenantrag mit Verkäufer ausfüllen Vertriebspunkt Kartenantrag übermittelt Kartenantrag ausgefüllt Antrag Kartenantrag prüfen Customer Care Kartenantrag geprüft Kunden- DB Kundenbonität prüfen Customer Care Netz- DB Kunden im Netz (limitiert) einbuchen Customer Care Liste Bearbeitungszeit Einarbeitungszeit Netz- DB Kundenbonität prüfen Kundenbonität geprüft Kunden im Netz einbuchen Buchhaltung Liegezeit Customer Care Kunden- DB Kundenbonität geprüft Kundenlimit freigeben Kundenlimit freigegeben Customer Care Kunden- DB Kunde eingebucht Telefonnummer vergeben u. freischalten Nummer vergeben u. freigeschaltet Customer Care Kunde eingebucht Freischaltung übermitteln Customer Care Kunden- DB Telefonnummer vergeben u. freischalten Technische Abteilung Netzeverwaltung Kunde kann telefonieren Einarbeitungszeit Nummer vergeben u. freigeschaltet Auftragsbestätigung Freischaltung u. Telefonnummer übermitteln Kundenversand Bearbeitungszeit Kunde kann telefonieren Cycle time: 2,5 days Funktionen Liegezeit Einarbeitungszeit Bearbeitungszeit Gesamtzeit Mobiltelefon kaufen Kartenantrag mit mit Verkäufer ausfüllen Kartenantrag an an Service-Provider übermitteln Kartenantrag prüfen Kundenbonität prüfen Kunden im im Netz einbuchen Telefonnummer vergeben u. u. freischalten Freischaltung u. u. Telefonnummer übermitteln Gesamtsummen Cycle time: 0,5 days Funktionen Liegezeit Einarbeitungszeit Bearbeitungszeit Gesamtzeit Mobiltelefon kaufen Kartenantrag mit mit Verkäufer ausfüllen Kundenbonität prüfen Kundenlimit freigeben Kunden im im Netz (limitiert) einbuchen Telefonnummer vergeben u. u. freischalten Freischaltung u. u. Telefonnummer übermitteln Gesamtsummen IDS Scheer AG / Layout-20 03/2000

21 Targets of process optimization Quality Focus on customer benefit reduction of process faults Strategy Cost reduction of non-value added activities Time Reduction of cycle times IDS Scheer AG / Layout-21 03/2000

22 E-Government: Chances and Risks IDS Scheer AG / Layout-22 03/2000

23 E-Government: Chances and Risks + Efficiency of administrative processes Image of public sector institutions Customer benefit Old processes + new expensive technology = old, expensive processes Cultural Change Involvement of Employees Security - Legal Constraints Project management IDS Scheer AG / Layout-23 03/2000