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1 443 Abbreviations Abkürzungen Abbreviations Abkürzungen 3PL Third Party Logistics 3PW Third Party Warehousing 4PL Fourth Party Logistics 5R Redesign, Reduce, Recover, Recycle, Remanufacture A A-Type Warehouse A2A Anything-to-Anything A2B Administration to Business A2C Administration to Consumer ABB Activity Based Budgeting Abb. Abbildung ABC Activity Based Costing Abf. Abfahrt ABM Activity Based Management ABP Activity Based Planning ABS Antiblockiersystem Abs. Absender Abt. Abteilung ABVT Allgemeine Bedingungen für die Versicherung von Gütertransporten abzgl. abzüglich ACD Automated Call Distribution ACEP Approved Continuous Examination Program ACH Automated Clearinghouse ACI Airports Council International ACP Air Cargo Process ACR All-Commodity Rate ACR Approach Control Radar ACTS Abrollcontainer-Transportsystem ADC Automated Data Capture ADF Abnormal Demand Filter ADP Automatic Data Processing ADPE Automatic Data Processing Equipment ADSp Allgemeine Deutsche Spediteurbedingungen ADT Average Daily Traffic AEA Association of European Airlines AEI Automatic Equipment Identification AEM Automated Electrified Monorail AfA Absetzung für Abnutzung AFH Away From Home AFK Away from Keyboard (chatting) AFV Alternative Fueled Vehicle AG Aktiengesellschaft AGB Allgemeine Geschäftsbedingungen AGFC Automatic Guided Floor Conveyor AGM Annual General Meeting AGV Automated Guided Vehicle AGVS Automated Guided Vehicle System AIAG Automotive Industry Action Group AIM Asset Information Management AIM Automatic Identification Manufacturers AK Anbruchkarton-Kommissionierung aka also known as AKL Automatisches Kleinteilelager AKR Vehicle Cargo Ship AKZ Auftragskennzeichen AL Ausfuhrliste AL Auslieferlager ALARP As Low As Reasonably Practicable ALB Allgemeine Lieferbedingungen ALC Actual Landed Cost ALE Application Link Enabling alm auxiliary loading mean ALV Autonomous Land Vehicle AMT Arm-Mounted Terminal Anh. Anhang Ank. Ankunft Anl. Anlage ANSI American National Standards Institute ANX Automotive Network Exchange AOC Agent of Change AOP Automatic Order Picker AP Accounts Payable APEX Advanced Purchase Excursion- Fare API Application Programming Interface APR Accident Prevention Regulations APR Adjustable Pallet Racking APR Annual Percentage Rate

2 Abbreviations Abkürzungen 444 APS Advanced Planning and Scheduling APS Advanced Planning System AQL Acceptable Quality Level AQR Any Quantity Rate AR Accounts Receivable AR Automatic Replenishment ARL Automated Reverse Logistics ARS Alternate Route Selection ARTCC Air Route Traffic Control Center ASA Air Services Agreement ASAP As Soon As Possible ASC Accredited Standards Committee ASCII American Standard Code for Information Interchange ASI Automatic System Installation ASL Automatisches Staplerleitsystem ASN Advanced Shipping Notification (also known as Advanced Shipping Notice or as an 856) ASP Application Service Provider ASQ American Society for Quality ASR Automated Storage and Retrieval ASRS Automated Storage and Retrieval System AT Arbeitstag AT Ausnahmetarif ATA Airport Traffic Area ATD Actual Time of Departure ATDRS Advanced Tracking and Data Relay Satellite ATE Automatic Test Equipment ATM Automatic Teller Machine ATO Assemble To Order ATP Available To Promise ATS Available To Sell ATS Automatic Transportation System ATV All Terrain Vehicle AV Arbeitsvorbereitung AVI Automated Vehicle Identification AVL Automatic Vehicle Location AW Authorized Weight AW: RE: AWACS Airborne Warnings And Control Systems AWB Air Waybill AWG Außenwirtschaftsgesetz AWIS Automated Warehouse Information System AWS Automated Warehouse System AZ Auftragszentrum Az. Aktenzeichen B.T. Wagen Behältertragwagen B/E Bill of Exchange B/L Bill of Lading B/S Bill of Sale B/Ws Bonded Warehouses B2B Business to Business B2C Business to Consumer B2E Business to Employee B2E Business to Extended Enterprise BA Bachelor of Arts BAB Bundesautobahn BAF Bunker Adjustment Factor BBL Be Back Later (chatting) BBP Business-to-Business Procurement BBS Bulletin Board System BBSC Break-Bulk Service Charge BCP Business Continuity Plan BCR Barcode Reader BCS Bestands-Controlling-System BDE Betriebsdatenerfassung BDT Bulk Data Transfer beil. beiliegend BER Beyond Economic Repair Best.-Nr. Bestellnummer BFT Behälterfördertechnik Bhf. Bahnhof BI Business Intelligence BKS Behälter Kommissioniersystem blading Bill of Lading BLZ Bankleitzahl BM Bench Marking BMI Buyer Managed Inventory BNP Bruttonationalprodukt B-Nummer Arbeitsnummer als zollseitige Quittung BOA Belastungsorientierte Auftragsfreigabe BOC Bottom Of Container BOD Board Of Directors BOG Buy Out the Guarantee BOGOF Buy One Get One Free BOL Bill Of Lading BOM Bill Of Material BOMP Bill Of Material Processor BPI Business Process Improvement BPI Business Process Integration BPM Business Performance Measurement BPM Business Process Management BPO Business Process Outsourcing

3 445 Abbreviations Abkürzungen BPO Business Process Optimization BPR Business Process Re-engineering BPWTT Best Practicable Waste Treatment Technology BRB Be Right Back (chatting) BRT Bruttoregistertonnen BSC Balanced Scorecard BSc Bachelor of Science BSF Bus Stop Freight BSK Bedarfsstammkarte BSP Bruttosozialprodukt BTU British Thermal Unit BURP Bottom-Up Re-Planning BW Bestandswert BWL Betriebswirtschaftslehre bzgl. bezüglich bzw. beziehungsweise C C-Type Warehouse C&F Cost and Freight C/N Consignment Note c/o in care of C21 Customs Clearance Request using form C21 C2B Consumer to Business C2C Consumer to Consumer C2G Cradle To Grave ca. circa CAD Computer Aided Design CAD Computer Aided Dispatch CAD Cash Against Documents CADS Containerized Ammunition Distribution System CAE Computer Aided Engineering CAF Cost And Freight CAF Currency Adjustment Factor CAGR Compound Annual Growth Rate CAL Container-Anmelde-Liste CAL Computer Aided Loading CALS Continuous Acquisition and Lifecycle Support CAM Computer Aided Manufacturing CAM I Consortium on Advanced Manufacturing CAMM Computer Assisted Material Management CAN Controller Area Network CAO Computer Assisted Ordering CAP Computer Aided Planning CAPEX CAPital EXpenditure CAPP Computer Aided Process Planning CAPSTAN Computer Aided Planning, Stowing And Networking CAQ Computer Aided Quality Cargo IMP Cargo Interchange Message Procedures CAS Collision Avoidance System CAS Computer Aided Shipping System CAS Computer Aided Storage CASS Cargo Accounts Settlement System CAT Craft Access Terminal CAT Computer Aided Testing CAT Container Anchorage Terminal CB Counterbalanced CBD Cash Before Delivery CBF Containerbahnhof CBT Computer Based Training CBU Completely Built Up cc Cubic Capacity (volume) cc Cubic Centimeters (engine size) cc Carbon Copy ( ) CCA Cargo Correction Advice CCB Controlled Carrier Bill C-Comm Collaborative Commerce CCP Containerization Consolidation Point CCR Capacity Constraining Resource CCS Consolidated Container Service CCT Common Customs Tariff CD Cross Docking CDC Centralized Distribution Centers CDG Carriage of Dangerous Goods CDP Consumer Demand Planning CDP Continuous Deal Pricing CDP Cross-Docking Punkt CDS Craft Dispatch System CDS Container Delivery System CE Concurrent Engineering CE Container Einheit CEC Commission of the European Communities CEI Contract End Item CEO Chief Executive Officer CEP Courier, Express, and Parcel CERES Central Replenishment System CET Common External Tariff CF Cost and Freight CF&I Cost, Freight, and Insurance CFC Chlorofluorocarbon CFD Continuous Flow Distribution CFM Collaborative Freight Management

4 Abbreviations Abkürzungen 446 CFM Continuous Flow Management CFM Continuous Flow Manufacturing CFM Customer Focused Manufacturing CFO Chief Financial Officer CFR Cost and Freight CFS Container Freight Station CFT Cross-Functional Team CH Carrier s Haulage CHC Cargo Handling Charges CHE Container Handling Equipment CHEP Commonwealth Handling Equipment Pool CHU Container Handling Unit CI Continuous Improvement CIC Container Identification Code CIC Cost Increase Charge CIC Customer Interaction Centre CIF Cost, Insurance, and Freight CIL Computer Integrated Logistics CIM Computer Integrated Manufacturing CIO Chief Information Officer CIT Commission for Integrated Transport CITOS Computer Integrated Terminal O- perations System CKD Completely Knocked Down CL Car Load CL Container Load CL Crane Load CLASP Comprehensive Logistics Automated Support Program CLAWS Container Launched Attack Weapon System CLM Council of Logistics Management CLO Chief Logistics Officer CLP Container Load Plan CLR Competitive Line Rate CLT Container Load Trailer CM Configuration Management CM Category Management CMI Co-Managed Inventory CMS Container Management Systems CNC Computer Numeric Control CNG Compressed Natural Gas COA Cab Over Engine COA Certificate Of Analysis COD Cash On Delivery COF Customer Orientated Fulfillment system COFC Container On Flat Car CofI Certificate of Inspection CofM Certificate of Manufacture CofO Certificate of Origin CofS Certificate of Shipment COGS Cost of Goods Sold COGSA Carriage of Goods by Sea Act COM Certificate Of Manufacture COMMS Customer Orientated Manufacturing Management System CONEX Container Express COO Call Off Order COO Chief Operating Officer corp. corporation COS Costs Of Sale COSHH Control Of Substances Hazardous to Health COTD Complete and On-Time Delivery COTS Container Offloading and Transfer System COU Clip On Unit CP Constraint Programming CPFR Collaborative Planning, Forecasting and Replenishment CPG Consumer Packaged Goods: CPI Continuous Process Improvement CPL Container Packing List CPM Corporate Performance Measurement CPM Critical Path Method CPR Canadian Pacific Railway CPS Central Pricing System CPT Carriage Paid To CPU Central Processing Unit CR Continuous Replenishment CRM Customer Relationship Management CROP Container Roll In/Roll Out Platform CRP Continuous Replenishment Planning CRP Continuous Replenishment Program CRP Capacity Requirements Planning CRP Central Receiving Point CRS Continuous Replenishment System CS Customer Service CSA Canadian Standards Association CSC Container Safety Convention

5 447 Abbreviations Abkürzungen CSC Communication Systems Committee CSCP Collaborative commerce and Supply Chain Planning CSF Critical Success Factor CSM Component and Supplier Management CSR Common Stock Room CSR Corporate Social Responsibility CSR Customer Service Representative CTC Canadian Transport Commission CTC Centralized Traffic Control (railroad) CTD Combined Transport Document CTI Computer CTO Chief Technical Officer CTO Combined Transport Operator CTO Configure To Order CTP Capable To Promise CUSDEC Customs Declaration message CUSRES Customs Response message CV Commercial Vehicle CV curriculum vitae CWE Cleared Without Examination CWO Cash With Order CWQG Company Wide Quality Control CWT Hundredweight CY Container Yard D D-Type Warehouse d.h. das heißt D/A Documentation on Acceptance D/N Debit Note D/O Delivery Order D/P Documentation on Payment D2D Devices to Devices DAF Delivered At Frontier DAKOSY Datenkommunikationssystem DAKS Datentransfer- und Kommunikationssystem DAN Delivery Advice Note DBR Drum-Buffer-Rope DC Distribution Centre (GB) Distribution Center (US) DCC Dedicated Contract Carriage DCF Discounted Cash Flow DCM Distribution Channel Management DCS Durchlaufzeiten-Controlling- System DDP Delivered Duty Paid DDU Delivered Duty Unpaid DELJIT Delivery Just-in-Time Message DEQ Delivery Ex-Quay DES Delivery Ex-Ship DFL Demand Flow Logistics DFM Design For Manufacturing DFMA Design For Manufacture / Assembly DFT Demand Flow Technology DFU Demand Forecasting Unit DFÜ Datenfernübertragung DGPS Differential Global Positioning System DGR Dangerous Goods Regulations Di. Dienstag DII Days In Inventory Dipl.-Ing Diplom-Ingenieur Dipl.-Kfm. Diplom-Kaufmann DIT Detention in Transit: DL Dienstleister DLA Dynamic Location Allocation DLL Durchlauflager DLT Dynamic Lead Time DLZ Durchlaufzeit DM Depot Manager DMS Database Management System Do. Donnerstag DOA Dead On Arrival DOAS Differenzielle optische Absorptions-Spektroskopie DOE Design Of Experiments DOS Days Of Supply DOT Department Of Transportation (U.S. Government) DOUANE DV-Organisierte Unterstützung der Abfertigung nach Einfuhr DP Data Processing DP Duty Paid DPC Direct Product Cost DPC Dynamic Process Control DPL Denied Party List DPM Distribution Planning Model DPO Days Purchased Outstanding DPO Documentary Proof of Origin DPP Direct Product Profitability DPR Direkte Produktrentabilität DPS Detailed Planning Schedule DRL Daytime Running Lights DRP Disaster Recovery Planning DRP Distribution Requirements Planning

6 Abbreviations Abkürzungen 448 DRPl Distribution Requirements Planning DRPll Distribution Resources Planning DSB Drehstapelbehälter DSD Direct Store Delivery DSO Days Sales Outstanding DSS Decision Support System DT Drehtisch DTC Direct to Consumer DTD Document Type Definition DTD Door-to-Door DTF Demand Time Fence DTS Direct To Store (Delivery) DUP Duty Unpaid DV Datenverarbeitung DWT Dock Warrant DWT Deadweight DZ Distributionszentrum E E-Type Warehouse EA Efficient Administration EA Efficient Assortment EAI Enterprise Application Integration EAM Enterprise Asset Management EAN Europäische Artikelnummer EATCHIP European Air Traffic Control Harmonization and Integration Program EBIT Earnings Before Interest and Taxes EBO Eisenbahn-Bau und Betriebsordnung EBR Electronic Batch Record EC Electronic Commerce ECAC European Civil Aviation Conference ECB Express Cargo Bill ECM European Common Market ECO Engineering Change Order E-Commerce Electronic Commerce ECR Efficient Consumer Response EDC Electronic Data Capture EDC European Distribution Centre EDD Estimated Delivery Date EDI Electronic Data Interchange EDIA Electronic Data Interchange Association EDIFACT Electronic Data Interchange For Administration, Commerce, and Transport EDITRANS Electronic Data Interchange for Transportation EDLP Every Day Low Pricing EDP Electronic Data Processing EDV Elektronische Datenverarbeitung EEC European Economic Community EERP End-to-End Response EFIS Electronic Flight Instrumentation System EFK-EWK Europäische Reisezugfahrplan und Wagenbeistellungskonferenz EFQM European Framework for Quality Management EFT Electronic Funds Transfer EFTA European Free Trade Association EHB Einschienen-Hängebahn EHB Elektrohängebahn EHS Environment, Health and Safety EIM Effective Inventory Management EIR Equipment Interchange Receipt EIS Environmental Impact Statement EIS Executive (or Enterprise) Information System EKZ Einkaufszentrum EMA Enterprise Marketing Automation EMPRESS Environmental Pulse Radiation Environment Simulator for Ships EMS Emergency Medical Service EMV Elektromagnetische Verträglichkeit EN Europäische Norm encl. enclosure EOI Economic Order Interval EoM End of Month EOQ Economic Ordering Quantity EP Efficient Promotion EP Enterprise Portals EPB Elektro-Paletten-Bodenbahn EPD Efficient Product Launch and Development EPI Efficient Product Introduction EPO Enterprise Profit Optimization EPOS Electronic Point Of Sale EPP Emergency Planning and Preparedness EPS Earnings Per Share EQUIP Equipment ER Efficient Replenishment ERA European Regional Airlines Organization ERM Enterprise Relationship Management ERO Enterprise Resource Optimization

7 449 Abbreviations Abkürzungen ERP Enterprise Resource Planning ERP Electronic Road Pricing ERS Evaluated Receipts Settlement ERS Earth Resources Satellite ERTMS European Rail Traffic Management System ESA Efficient Store Assortment ESI Early Supplier Involvement ET Ersatzteile ETA Estimated Time of Arrival ETC Estimated Time of Completion ETD Estimated Time of Departure ETL Extraction, Transformation, and Loading ETO Engineer To Order EU European Union EUL Efficient Unit Loads EUL Effiziente Lade- und Transporteinheiten EUNET European UNIX Network EUR Euro EV Electric Vehicle EVA Economic Value Added EVZ Einkaufs- und Verteilerzentrum EW Einweg EXQ Ex-Quay EXS Ex-Ship EXW Ex-Work EZC European Zone Charge EZV Eidgenössische Zollverwaltung FA Fabrikabteilung FA Factory Automation FA Functional Acknowledgement Fa. Firma FAA Federal Aviation Authority FAD Fahrzeug-Anzahl-Diagnose FAK Freight of All Kinds FAQ Free Alongside Quay FAQ Frequently Asked Questions FAS Final Assembly Schedule FAS Free Alongside Ship FAST Förderanlagensteuerung FATUREC Federation of Air Transport User Representatives in the European Community FAX Facsimile FB Freight Bill FBL Fachbodenlager Fbr Frachtbrief FC Full Carload FCA Free Carrier FCC Fully Cellular Containership FCI Freight Carriage and Insurance FCL Full Container Load FCP Finite Capacity Planning FCP Freight Carriage Paid FCR Forwarder s Certificate of Receipt FCS Finite Capacity Scheduler FCT Forwarder s Certificate of Transport FDA Food and Drug Administration FE Fördereinheit FEDI Financial Electronic Data Interchange FEFO First Expired First Out FEU Forty Foot Equivalent Unit FF Fertigfabrikate FF Freight Forwarder FFA Field Force Automation FFS Fahrerlose Transportsysteme FFS Flexibles Fertigungssystem FFZ Flurförderzeug FG Finished Goods Inventory FGI Finished Goods Inventory FGP Factory Gate Pricing FIATA International Federation of Freight Forwarders Association FIFO First In First Out FILO First In Last Out FILO Free In Liner Out FIO Free In and Out FKE Förderkosten pro Einheit FLC Folding Large Container FLS Fertigungsleitsystem FLT Fork Lift Truck FMAC Facility Maintenance And Control FMC Flexible Manufacturing Cell FMC Fully Mission Capable FMCG Fast Moving Consumer Goods FMEA Failure Mode Effect Analysis FMS Flexible Manufacturing System FMS Flight Management System FOA Free On Aircraft FOA Free On Average FOB Free On Board FOC Flag of Convenience FOQ Fixed Order Quantity FOQ Free On Quay FOR Free On Rail FOS Fixed Order Size FOT Free On Truck FPA Free Particular Average

8 Abbreviations Abkürzungen 450 FPO Firm Planned Order Fr. Freitag FRM Floor Ready Merchandise FSA Feuerschutzabschluss FSR Field Stock Room FT Fördertechnik FTA Freight Transport Association FTE Full Time Equivalents FTF Fahrerloses Transportfahrzeug FTL Full Truck Load FTP File Transfer Protocol FTS Fahrerloses Transportsystem FTS Flexible Fertigungssysteme FTZ Foreign Trade Zone FTZ Free Trade Zone FW Fertigwaren FWD Front Wheel Drive FZ Free Zone G.V.W. Gross Vehicle Weight G/A General Average GAMP Good Automated Manufacturing Practice GAN Global Area Network GATP Global Available to Promise GAWR Gross Axle Weight Rating GBK Gabelfreiraumkontrolle GCM General Classification of Merchandise GCR General Cargo Rate and General Commodity Rate GCW Gross Combined Weight GD Global Distribution GDP Gross Domestic Product GECR Global Environmental Change Report Ges. Gesellschaft GFC Gas Free Certificate GFT Güterfernverkehrstarif GFX Global Freight Exchange GFZ Geschossflächenanzahl ggf gegebenenfalls GI/GO Goods In/Goods Out GIGO Garbage In Garbage Out GIS Geographic Information System GL General Ledger GLN Global Location Number GLS Global Logistics System GLW Gross Load Weight GM Genetically Modified GMA Grocery Manufacturers Association GmbH Gesellschaft mit beschränkter Haftung GMP Good Manufacturing Practice GMROII Gross Margin Return On (Inventory) Investment GNP Gross National Product GNSS Global Navigation Satellite System GNT Güternahverkehrstarif GPMC General Purpose Mail Container GPO Geschäftsprozess Optimierung GPS Global Positioning System GRN Goods Received Note GRN Goods Returned Note GSC Global Supply Chain GSM Global System for Mobile communication GST Goods and Sales Tax (Canada) GT Group Technology GTIN Global Trade Item Number GTQ Gross Tare Weight GUI Graphical User Interface GüKG Güterkraftverkehrsgesetz GUS General, Unique, Specific GVW Gross Vehicle Weight GVWR Gross Vehicle Weight Rating GVZ Güterverteilzentrale GVZ Güteverkehrszentrum HABIS Hafenbahn Betriebs- und Informationssystem HALS/DTOP High Approach Landing System/Dual Threshold Operation HAWB House Air Waybill Hbf. Hauptbahnhof HBSS High Bay Racking Stacker Store HCM Human Capital Management HCV Heavy Commercial Vehicle HF Hochfrequenz HF Halbfabrikate HFD High Frequency Data HFO Heavy Fuel Oil HGV Heavy Goods Vehicle HHD Hand Held Device HHT Hand Held Terminal HHW Household Hazardous Waste HHWCC Household Hazardous Waste Collection Center HIFO Highest In First Out HK Herstellkosten HLH Heavy Lift Helicopter HLOP High Level Order Picker HLV Heavy Lift Vehicle

9 451 Abbreviations Abkürzungen HMI Human Machine Interface HoFa Horizontal-Förderanlage HoKa Horizontal-Karussellager hp Horsepower HPT Hand Pallet Truck HR Human Resources HRL Hochregallager HST High Speed Technology Hz Hertz HZA Hauptzollamt i.a. im Auftrag I.H. im Hause i.v. in Vorbereitung i.v. in Vertretung I/O Input/Output IACS International Association of Classification Societies IATA International Air Transport Association IBC International Bulk Container IBL Inland Bill of Lading IBN Integrated Business Network IBS Integrated Business System ICAA International Civil Airports Association ICAO International Civil Aviation Organization ICD Inland Clearance Depot ICD Inland Container Depot ICF Intercontainer-Interfrigo ICO Inventory Chain Optimization ICR Intelligent Character Recognition ICS International Chamber of Shipping ICT Information and Communications Technologies IDA International Development Association Idoc Intermediate Document idr in der Regel IEM Integrated Enterprise Management IEW Intra-EG-Warenbegleitpapier IFR Instrument Flight Rules IGD Institute of Grocery Distribution IH Instandhaltung IL Integrated Logistics ILN Internationale Lokationsnummer ILN International Location Number ILO International Labour Organization ILOC International Letter Of Credit ILS Instrumentenlandesystem ILS Integrated Logistics Support IM Intermediate Maintenance IMDG Code International Maritime Dangerous Goods Code IMF International Monetary Fund IMGS International Medical Guide for Ships IMO International Maritime Organization IMS Intelligent Manufacturing System IMWF Integrierter Material- und Warenfluss inc. incorporated Ing. Ingenieur Inh. Inhaber Inh. Inhalt inkl. inklusive INTIS International Transport and Information System IODP Inter-Operability of Data Pools IOS Interorganisationssystem IPCC Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change I-Punkt Informations-Punkt IR Industrial Robot IR Infrarot IRA Inventory Record Accuracy IRD Inland Rail Depot IS Informationssicherheit IS Integrated Suppliers ISDN Integriertes Sprach und Daten- Netz ISO International Standards Organization ISP Internet Service Provider ISS Inventory Stock Status ISV Independent Software Vendor IT Information Technology ITB Integrated Tug Barge ITE Independent Trading Exchange ITS Intelligent Transportation Systems ITT Invitation to Tender ITU Intermodale Transporteinheit ITV In-Transit Visibility IuK Informations- und Kommunikationstechnologie IVO Inventory Visibility and Optimization IWF Internationaler Währungsfond JAA Joint Aviation Authorities

10 Abbreviations Abkürzungen 452 JD Jahresdurchschnitt JEDI Joint Electronic Data Interchange jhrl. jährlich JIC Just in Case JIS Just In Sequence JIT Just In Time JIT II Just In Time II JITD Just in Time Delivery JTL Just Too Late JV Joint Venture KAEP Kundenauftragsentkopplungspun kt KB Kilobyte KB Kurzzeitbetrieb KD Knocked Down KE Konsumenteneinheit KEP Kurier-, Express- und Paketdienst KF Kettenförderer KFA Kleingutförderanlage kfm. Kaufmann Kfz Kraftfahrzeug KKL Kühllager-Kommissionierung KL Kranlast KLT Kleinladungsträger KLV Kombinierter Ladungsverkehr KM Knowledge Management KMS Kommissionierung KMU Klein- und Mittelbetriebe KOZ Kürzeste Operationszeit KP Kommissionierplatz KPI Key Performance Indicator KPM Key Performance Metrics K-Punkt Kontroll-Punkt KSA Kostenstrukturanalyse KSR Koordinations- und Steuerrechner KSR Kontaktstreckenrentabilität KSS Kommissionierungssystem KTL Kleinteilelager KTS Kühl- und Transportschiff KUSL Kundenstückliste KV Kombinierter Verkehr KVAK Kostenvollarbeitskräfte KVO Kraftverkehrsordnung KVP Kontinuierlicher Verbesserungsprozess KVTL Kombinierter Verkehr Trägerschiff-Leichter KW Kalenderwoche l. links L.C.L. Less Carload Load L.C.N. Load Classification Number L/C Letter Of Credit LAB Lieferabruf LADAR Laser Radar System LAI Länderausschuss für Immissionsschutz LAM Lastaufnahmemittel LAN Local Area Network LARS Light Assembly Robot LAS Lagerabwicklungssystem LAT Latest Arrival Time LAT Local Area Transport LATA Local Access Transport Area LBA Luftfahrtbundesamt LBG Lieferbereitschaftsgrad LBPO Logistics Business Process Outsourcing LBS Lagerbestellzettelsatz LBV Leergutbestandverwaltungssystem LBW Leichtbauweise LC Letter Of Credit LC Life Cycle LCA Life Cycle Assessment LCC Life Cycle Costs LCC Logistik-Controlling-Center LCG Loading Centre of Gravity LCL Less than Container Load LCL Less than Carload LCM Life Cycle Management LCV Long Combination Vehicle LDI Logistics Development Incentive LE Ladeeinheit LE Lagereinheit LE Lieferanten-Erklärung LEM Lagereingangsmeldung LFS Lagerführungssystem LGV Large Goods Vehicle LGV Laser Guided Vehicle LGV Light Goods Vehicle LHM Ladehilfsmittel LIFO Last In First Out LIFO Liner In Free Out LiM Linear Meters LIM Logistics Inventory Management LIMS Logistics Inventory Management System LIS Logistics Information System Lkw Lastkraftwagen LL Lean Logistics LLOP Low Level Order Picker LLP Lead Logistics Partner LLR Lager Leit-Rechner

11 453 Abbreviations Abkürzungen LLZ Lieferantenlogistikzentrum LM Lean Management LMIS Logistisches Management- Informationssystem LNG Liquefied Natural Gas LOA Letter Of Agreement LOC Letter Of Credit LOFO Lowest In First Out LOI Letter Of Intent Lok Lokomotive LOLO Lift-On / Lift-Off LP Lagerprodukte LPG Liquefied Petroleum Gas LPR Lagerprozessrechner LRN Logistics Research Network LRP Logistical Resource Planning LRS Logistikrechnersystem LS Lagersteuerrechner LS Logistics Services LSA Logistic Support Analysis LSC Linear Supply Chain LSD Load Suspension Device LSP Lastenschwerpunkt LSS Lagersteuerungssoftware LT Lead Time LTA Lighter Than Air LTC Less Than Carload Ltd. limited LTL Less than Truck Load LTV Life Time Value LU Lademaßüberschreitung LuftVG Luftverkehrsgesetz LuftVZO Luftverkehrszulassungsordnung LUK Lagerumschlagskoeffizient LVAK Leistungsvollarbeitskräfte LVR Lagerverwaltungsrechner LVS Lagerverwaltungssystem LZ Logistik-Zentrum M Mobile M2M Marketplace to Marketplace MA Mitarbeiter MAA Management Analysis and Accounting MAK Maximale Arbeitsplatz-Konzentration MAN Metropolitan Area Network MAS Materialausschusssystem MBO Management By Objectives MC Material Control MCO Miscellaneous Charge Order MDC Machine Data Capture MDC Mobile Data Capturing MDE Maschinendatenerfassung MDE Mobile Datenerfassung MDT Mobiles Datenterminal ME Mengeneinheit MES Manufacturing Execution Systems MF medium frequencies MfG Mit freundlichen Grüßen MFR Materialflussrechner MGW Maximum Gross Weight MH Merchant s Haulage MHD Mindesthaltbarkeitsdatum MHE Mechanical / Materials Handling Equipment MHS Message Handling System Mi. Mittwoch Mio. Million MIS Management Information System MITL Multi Industry Transport Label MKS Materialkostensenkung MLFB Maschinenlesbare Fabrikatebezeichnung MLV Medium Lift Vehicle MMS Merchandise Management System MMS Multimedia Messaging Service MNCs Multi-National Corporations MO Mail Order Mo. Montag MOB Make or Buy MoC Management of Change MODACOM Mobile Data Communication Modem Modulator Demodulator Mogas Motor Gasoline MOM Manufacturing Operations Management MOS Months of Stock MOST Montagesteuerung MPA Maritime Port Authority MPC Manufacturing Planning and Control MPC Multipurpose Carrier MPS Master Production Schedule MPS Material Planning System MPS Materialprüfstelle MPT Manpower, Personnel, and Training MPV Multipurpose Vehicle MR Materials Replenishment Mrd. Milliarde MRO Maintenance, Repair, and Operating Supplies

12 Abbreviations Abkürzungen 454 MRO Maintenance Repair Overhaul MRP Material Requirements Planning MRP ll Manufacturing Resource Planning MRS Material Requirements Schedule MRS Material Reject Stock MSc Master of Science MSD Modular System Development MSDS Material Safety Data Sheet MSE Modular-System-Entwicklung MSS Management Support System MSS Manufacturing Software System MTBF Mean Time Between Failures MTD Make To Demand MTDOC Multimodal Transport Document MTF Make To Forecast MTI Multiterminal Interface MTL Mixed Truckload MTM Method for Time Measurement MTO Make To Order MTO Multitransport Operator mtow maximum takeoff weight MTS Make To Stock MTT Manufacturing Throughput Time MTTR Mean Time To Repair MTTR Mean Time to Restore MTV Mehrwegtransportverpackung MTY Empty MUS Management Unterstützungssystem MW Materialwert MW Mehrweg MWF Material- und Warenfluss MWL Mehrweglogistik MWSt. Mehrwertsteuer MzW Mann-zur-Ware N Nord nach Steuer N/S No Stock NAFTA North American Free Trade Agreement NAT Numbers above Threshold NAWB Neutrales Airwaybill NDC National Distribution Center NEA europäische Artikelnummer NFA Net Fixed Assets NGi Next Generation Internet NIROS Noise Impact Reduction and Optimization System NLF Nutzladefaktor NLS Native Language Support NMFC National Motor Freight Classification NOA Notice of Arrival NPD New Product Development NPDI New Product Development and Introduction NPI New Product Introduction NPV Net Present Value Nr. Nummer NRA No Return Agreement NRP Network Resource Planning NSC Network Supply Chain NSN National Stock Number NSP Nettosozialprodukt NVA Notstromversorgungsanlage NVD No Value Declared NVE Nummer der Versandeinheit NVE Nummer der Verpackungseinheit NVO Non Vessel Operator NVOCC Non Vessel Operating Common Carrier O Ost o. oben o.a. oben angeführt o.a. ohne Antwort o.d. oder o.g. oben genannt o.g. ohne Gewähr OAO Own Account Operator OB Open Book OBU On Board Units OC Order Cycle OCL Overhead Crane Loading OCR Optical Character Recognition ODBC Open Database Connectivity OE Objektorientierte Organisationseinheiten OE Order Entry OECD Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development OEE Overall Equipment Effectiveness OEM Original Equipment Manufacturer OF Order Fill OIL Organisation, Information, und Logistik OLAP On-Line Analytical Processing OLTP On-Line Transaction Processing OMS Order Management System OOS Out Of Stock OP Order Processing OP Outside Plant

13 455 Abbreviations Abkürzungen OPEX OPerating EXpenditure ÖPNV Öffentlicher Personen Nahverkehr OPT Optimized Production Technology OR Operations Research OR Owners Risk OS&D Over, Short, and Damaged OSB Order, Shipping, and Billing OT Open Top OTB Over The Bank OTC Order To Cash OTC Over The Counter OTD Order To Delivery OTIF On Time In Full P&D Pickup and Delivery P&F Power and Free-Förderer P&IC Production and Inventory Control p.a. per annum p.adr. per Adresse P/D Pick/Drop P2P Path to Profitability PAD Packet Assembly/Disassembly Pakum Paketumschlaganlage PAN Personal Area Network PAS Prozessautomatisierungssystem PAS Produktionsabrufsystem PAX Passagiere PB Pick Bin PBIT Profit Before Interest and Tax PBL Pick By Line PC Programmable Control PCC Process Control Computer PCC Pure Car Carrier PCR Part Control Record PCTC Pure Car/Truck Carrier PD per diem PDA Personal Digital Assistant PDA Production Data Acquisition PDCA Plan-Do-Check-Action PDES Product Data Exchange Standard PDI Predelivery Inspection PDM Product Data Management PDO Protected Designation of Origin PDT Programmierbarer Datenträger PDU Product Development Unit PDW Parts Data Warehouse PE Paletteneinheit PE Purchase Enquiry PECC Product Engineering Control Center PEN Pallet Exchange Note PH&T Packaging, Handling, and Transportation PhD Doctor of Philosophy PHST Packaging, Handling, Storage and Transportation PI Perpetual Inventory Piet Paketidentifizierungsetikett PIF Paid In Full PIN Personal Identification Number PIS Produktinformationssystem PIXC Persons In excess of Capacity PKG Package Pkgs Packages Pkm Personenkilometer PKW Personenkraftwagen PL Programming Language PL Projektleiter plc public limited company PLC Product Life Cycle PLC Programmable Logic Controller PLDB Parts List Data Base PLL Produktionslogistik-Leitsystem PLM Product Lifecycle Management PLR Produktionsleitrechner PLS Palletized Load System PLS Prozessleitsystem PLT Purchasing Lead Time PLU Price Look Up PLZ Postleitzahl PM Packaging Material PM Projektmanagement PM Produktionsmittel PmG Personenzug mit Güterbeförderung PMMS Plant Maintenance Management Systems PMR Parts Movement Report PN Part Number PN Performance Number PO Purchase Order POC Point Of Contact POC Port Of Call POC Proof Of Concept POD Proof Of Delivery POE Port Of Entry POI Point Of Information POI Point Of Interaction POP Point Of Production POP Point Of Purchase POP Paperless Order Picking POP Purchase Order Processing

14 Abbreviations Abkürzungen 456 POPS Paperless Order Processing System POQ Period Order Quantity POR Pick on Receipt POR Point Of Receipt POR Price On Request POS Point Of Sale POSD POS Database POSS POS Scanning PPB Part Period Balancing PPC Production Planning and Control PPD Prepaid PPM Periodic Preventative Maintenance PPS Planning Production System PPS Production Planning and Scheduling PPS Produktionsplanung und - Steuerung PPT Powered Pallet Truck PR Purchase Requisition PRE Proportionaler Rohertrag PRIME QR Product Replenishment and Inventory Management Edge for Quick Response PRM Partner Relationship Management PRM Precision Runway Monitor PSA Personenschutzanlage PSA Professional Services Automation PSI Preshipment Inspection PSMD Plan, Source, Make, Deliver PTD Produce To Demand PTI Pre-Trip Inspection PTO Package To Order PTP Point To Point PTP Profitable To Promise PTS Permission To Ship PTX Private Trading Exchange PW Planungswert PZ Prüfziffer QA Quality Assurance QAD Quality Assured Delivered QB Qualitätsbeauftragter QC Quality Control QCM Quality Control Management QCO Quick Change Over QFD Quality Function Deployment QLU Qualifizierung im Lager- und Umschlagsbereich QoE Quality of Experience QOTIF Quality On Time In Full QR Quick Response QRM Quick Response Manufacturing QS Qualitätssicherung QTW Quertransportwagen R&D Research and Development R&M Repair and Maintenance r. rechts RAM Random Access Memory RAMP Rapid Acquisition of Manufactured Parts RB Rollenbahn RBG Regalbediengerät RBWA Routing By Walking About RC Reserve Capacity RCCP Rough Cut Capacity Planning RCS Roll Cage Scanning RDA Remote Data Access RDBMS Relational Data Base Management System RDC Regional Distribution Center RDF Refuse Derived Fuel RDI Radio Data Interchange RDR Retail Delivery Record RDT Radio Data Terminal RE Rechnungseinheit REQ Requisition RF Radio Frequency RFB Request For Bid RFC Remote Function Call RFC Request For Comment RFDC Radio Frequency Data Communication RFID Radio Frequency Identification RFP Request For Proposal RFQ Request For Quote RFS Road Feeder Services RFS Readiness for Sea RFx Request for Information and Quotations RFZ Regalförderzeug RGA Return Goods Authorization RGB Regalbediengerät RIP Resources In Progress RK Raumkosten RL Reverse Logistics RLM Repair Loop Management RM Raw Materials RM Reference Model RMA Return Material Authorization ROA Return On Assets ROE Rate Of Exchange

15 457 Abbreviations Abkürzungen ROG Receipt Of Goods ROI Return On Investment ROIC Return On Invested Capital ROL Re-Order Level RoLa Rollende Landstraße ROM Read Only Memory ROP Re-Order Point ROR Rate of Return RoRo Roll-On-Roll-Off RP Repair Period RP Repairable Period RP Requirements Planning RPA Return Product Authorization RR Ready to Receive RRM Rapid Response Manufacturing RRP Resource Requirement Planning RRRP Resource, Recovery, And Recycling Program RT Real Time RTD Ready To Drink RTD Road Transport Directive RTE Refuse-To-Energy RTK Rate per Ton-Kilometer RTP Returnable Transit Packaging / Reusable Transit Packaging RTRT Repair Turn Round Time / Rapid Turn Round Time RTS rechnergestützte Transportsteuerung RTS Return To Stock RTV Return To Vendor RVS Rechnerverbundsystem RVZ Regionales Verteilerzentrum S Süd S&OP Sales and Operations Planning s.a. siehe auch s.o. siehe oben s.o.s. shipments on spares s.u. siehe unten S/R Storage/Retrieval Sa. Samstag SAD Sammel-Auftrags-Dienst SAD Single Administrative Document SAP Systeme, Anwendungen, Produkte in der Datenverarbeitung SAW Standardabweichung SB Selbstbedienung SBK Sonderbehandlungskennzeichen SBL Straight Bill of Lading SBO Sales Based Ordering SBT Scan-Based Trading SC Semi-Container Ship SC Supply Chain SCADA Supervisory Control And Data Acquisition SCC Supply Chain Council SCCI Supply Chain Council International SCE Supply Chain Execution SCEM Supply Chain Event Management SCI Supply Chain Integration SCIV Supply Chain Inventory Visibility SCM Supply Chain Management SCOR Supply Chain Operational Reference SCP Supply Chain Planning SCPM Supply Chain Performance Management SCQ Special Cargo Quotation SCS Security Container System SE Special Equipment SED Shipper s Export Declaration SEEDOS Seehafen-Dokumentations-System SEP Strategische Erfolgsposition SEQ Sequence number SET Secure Electronic Transaction SF Senkrechtförderer SFA Sales Force Automation SFC Shop Floor Control SFDC Shop Floor Data Collection SG&A Selling, General, and Administrative expenses SHM Shelf Management shpmnt shipment SHPR Shipper SHPT Shipment SHT Scherenhubtisch SIC Standard Industrial Classification SIG Special Interest Group SITC Standard Industrial Trade Classification SKD Semi Knocked Down SKU Stock Keeping Unit SLA Service Level Agreement SLA Software License Agreement SLC Shipper s Load and Count SLI Shipper s Letter of Instruction SLS Stapler-Leitsystem SLVS Speditions-, Logistik- und Lagerversicherungsschein SMART Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic, Time-Based

16 Abbreviations Abkürzungen 458 SMD Surface Mounted Device SME Small and Medium Enterprises SMED Single Minute Exchange of Dies SMS Short Message Service SN Serial Number SO Service Order SOL Ship-Owner s Liability SOP Sales Order Processing SOP Standard Operating Procedures SOP start of production SOW Statement Of Work SPC Special Purpose Company SPC Statistical Process Control SPM Standard Product Module SPM Space Management SPO Service Process Automation SPR Synchronized Production SPS Speicherprogrammierte Steuerung SQC Statistische Qualitätskontrolle SRA Strategic Rail Authority SRD System Requirements Document SRM Supplier Relationship Management SSCC Serial Shipment Container Code SSN Standard Shipping Note STC Said To Contain STR Storage Retrieval Truck Str. Straße SU Shipping Unit SWIFT Society for Worldwide Interbank Financial Communication SWL Safe Working Load SWOT Strength Weaknesses Opportunities Threats T&C Terms and Conditions T&P Transportation and Packaging T/S Terms of Sale TAC Total Acquisition Costs TAT Turn Around Time TBC Time Based Competition TBC To Be Confirmed TBL Thorough Bill of Lading TBM Time Based Management TC Temperature Controlled TC Traffic Control TCA Terminal Control Area TCA Transcontainer TCH Time Charter Hire TCO Total Cost of Ownership TCO Transport Chain Operator TCS Tracking Control System TCT Total Cycle Time TDACCS Transportation Division Automated Container Control System TDL Teiledifferenzierte Logistikoptimierung TDM tausend Deutsche Mark TE Transporteinheit TEN Trans-European Networks TERFN Trans-European Rail Freight Network TERM Terminal TEU Twenty Foot Equivalent Unit TF Teilefertigung TG Teleskopgabel TH Technische Hochschule THC Terminal Handling Charges THM Transporthilfsmittel TKF Tragkettenförderer TKS Tageskostensatz TKT Tonnen-Kilometer TL Technische Lieferbedingungen TL Truck Load TL Truckload Carrier TLC Total Logistics Concept TLM Total Logistics Management TLO Total Loss Only TLZ Textillogistikzentrum TM Trademark TMRS Traffic Measurement and Recording System TMS Transportation Management System TMU Time Measurement Unit TOA Terms Of Agreement TOC Theory Of Constraints TOD Terms Of Delivery TOFC Trailer On Flat Car TOL Temporary on Lease TOR Time Of Receipt TOS Terms Of Sale TP Teilprojekt TP Transshipment Point TP Transporter TPI Third Party Inspection TPL Teilprojekt Leiter TPL Third Party Logistics TPL Total Procurement Leadtime TPM Total Productive Maintenance TPM Total Preventative Maintenance

17 459 Abbreviations Abkürzungen TPS Transportation Planning and Scheduling TPT Transportation TQC Total Quality Control TQM Total Quality Management TREMcard TRansport EMergency card TSA Tonnage Sharing Agreement TSL Trans Sea Lifter TSP Transshipment Point TSS Teilsystemsteuerung TSS Transportsteuerungssystem TTO Through Transport Operator TUL Transport, Umschlag und Lager TUT Typen- und Teilereduzierung TÜV Technischer Überwachungsverein TW Tankwagen TW Tare Weight U Umleitung U U-Bahn u. und U/W Unladen Weight UBA Umweltbundesamt UBC Universal Bulk Carrier UCC Uniform Code Council UCP Uniform Customs and Practice UCS Uniform Communications Standard UCT Unikai Container Terminal, Hamburg UHF ultra high frequencies UL Unit Load ULCC Ultra Large Crude Carrier ULD Unit Load Device UMS Umwelt-Management-Systeme UMTS Universal Mobile Telecommunications System UN/CEFACT United Nations Centre for Facilitation of Procedures and Practices for Administration, Commerce and Transport UN/EDIFACT United Nations/Electronic Data Interchange For Administration, Commerce and Transport: UN/SPSC United Nations Standard Product and Service Code UNCTAD United Nations Conference on Trade and Development UNDG NumberUnited Nations Dangerous Goods Number UNECE United Nations Economic Commission for Europe UNESCO United Nations Educational, Scientific, and Cultural Organization UNLK United Nations Layout Key UNSM United Nations Standard Message UOI Unit Of Issue UOM Unit of Measure UPC Universal Product Code UPN Universal Product Number UPS Uninterruptible Power Supply UQM Umfassendes Qualitätsmanagement UR Umschlagrate USC Unit Shipping Container USP Unique Selling Proposition USPSC Universal Standard Product and Services Classification UST Universal Sales Tax USt. Umsatzsteuer USV Unterbrechungsfreie Stromversorgung usw. und so weiter UT Universal Time UVP Umweltverträglichkeitsprüfung UVV Unfallverhütungsvorschrift UZ Ursprungszeugnis UZ unser Zeichen üz Überseezentrum v.a. vor allem vor Steuer v.t. vom Tausend VA Value Analysis VAL Value Added Logistics VAN Value Added Network VANS Value Added Network Services VAP Value Adding Partner VAR Value Added Reseller VAS Value Added Service VAS Versand-Abwicklungs-System VAT Value Added Tax VBR Value Based Return VCA Value Chain Analysis VCI Value Chain Initiative VCM Value Chain Management VCN Virtual Commerce Network VDMA Verband Deutscher Maschinenund Anlagenbau e.v. VE Verkaufseinheit VE Verpackungseinheit VF Vertikalförderer VFC Very Fragile Cargo

18 Abbreviations Abkürzungen 460 vgl. vergleiche VIM Virtual Internet Market VIN Vehicle Identification Number VKE Verkaufseinheit VL Virtual Logistics VLCC Very Large Crude Carrier VMI Vendor Managed Inventory VNA Very Narrow Aisle VOI Vendor Owned Inventory VRS Voice Recognition System VW Verteilwagen VW Verschiebewagen VZ Verteilzentrum VZ Versorgungszentrum W West WA Wechselaufbau WA Wertanalyse WA Warenausgang WAB Wechselaufbauten WAB Wechselaufbaubehälter WAF Wechselaufbaufahrzeug WAM Work and Asset Management WAN Wide Area Network WAP Wireless Application Protocol WB Waybill WB Wechselbehälter WBF Wechselbehälterfahrzeug WE Wareneingang WE Währungseinheit WEEE Disposal of Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment WERC Warehousing Education and Research Council WFSC Week Forward Sales Cover WG Working Group WHS Warehouse WHSE Warehouse WiA Ware in Arbeit WICS Warehouse Inventory Control System WIGIG When It s Gone, It s Gone WIM Weigh In Motion WIP Work In Process WLC Whole Life Cost WMS Warehouse Management System WOF Warehouse Order Form WPC Waren Produkt Code WR Warehouse Receipt WS Wertschöpfungspartner WSSI Weekly Sales, Stock and Intake WTD Working Time Directive WTO World Trade Organization WVB Warenverkehrsbescheinigung WVZ Warenverteilzentrum WWW World Wide Web WZ Warenzeichen WzM Ware zum Mann XBRL Extensible Business Reporting Markup Language XML Extensible Markup Language XPS Expertensystem XRP Extended Resource Planning z.b zum Beispiel z.hd zu Händen z.t. zum Teil z.z. zur Zeit ZA Zahlungsauftrag ZA Zollamt ZAL Zentrales Außenlager ZAL Zentrales Lagerhaus ZAPP Zollausfuhrüberwachung im Paperless Port ZD Zero Defect ZE Zentraleinheit ZE Zugelassener Empfänger ZE Zeiteinheit ZEV Zero Emissions Vehicle ZIP Zone Improvement Plan ZL Zentrallager ZODIAK Zolldienstleistungssystem für die Importanwendung und Kommunikation ZOPP Zielorientierte Projektplanung ZV Zugelassener Versender ZVE Zugelassener Versender und Empfänger zzgl. zuzüglich

19 461 Measurement Shortforms Maßabkürzungen Measurement Shortforms* Maßabkürzungen* * -meter buchstabiert man in britischem Englisch -metre * in British English -meter is spelled -metre Ar are b.p. boiling point CBM cubic meter cc cubic centimeter cl centiliter cm centimeter cm² / sq cm square centimeter cm³ cubic centimeter cu cm cubic centimeters cu ft cubic foot/feet cu in cubic inch cu yd cubic yard cwt hundredweight ton dm³ cubic decimeter dwt pennyweight f fathom fl oz fluid ounce ft foot g gram gall gallon gr gram GW gigawatt GWh gigawatt hour ha hectare hl hectoliter hp horsepower hr hour imperial gallon in inch kg kilogram km kilometer km² square km kmh km per hour kn knot kph kilometers per hour kw kilowatt kwh kilowatt hour l liter lb pound long or gross ton m meter m² / sq m square meter mg milligram mi (US) mile min minute ml mile ml milliliter mm millimeter mm² / sq mm square millimeter mm³ cubic millimeter MT metric ton n.mi. nautical mile NM nautical mile oz ounce Pfd. Pfund ps Pferdestärke psi pounds per square inch pt pint pwt pennyweight q quintal qkm Quadratkilometer qm Quadratmeter qt quart RT register ton sec second short tons Sp Siedepunkt sq ft square foot sq in square inch sq ml square mile sq yd square yard st stone t metric ton TW terawatt US gal US gallon yd yard

20 Temperature Conversion Temperaturumrechnung 462 Temperature Conversion Temperaturumrechnung Kilometers and Miles Kilometer und Landmeilen Fahrenheit F Celsius C Siedepunkt Boiling Point Gefrierpunkt Freezing Point absoluter Nullpunkt Absolute Zero km mi Zur Umrechnung von Fahrenheit in Grad Celsius: 32 abziehen und mit 5/9 (fünf neuntel) multiplizieren To convert Fahrenheit temperature into Centigrade: subtract 32 and multiply by 5/9 (five-ninths) 5 C F 32 F Umrechnung von Celsius in Fahrenheit: mit 5/9 (neun fünftel) multiplizieren und 32 addieren To convert from Centigrade into Fahrenheit temperature: multiply by9/5 (nine-fifths) and add 32 9 F C 32 C