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1 JAN P. KRAHNEN Kreditwirtschaft und Finanzierung Abteilung Finanzen, FB 02 Goethe University Frankfurt D-60054, Mertonstraße Frankfurt am Main, Germany Tel.: Fax: Center for Financial Studies: Tel.: Fax: -77 Jan P. Krahnen is a Professor of Finance at Frankfurt University and Director of the Center for Financial Studies since He was the Chairman of the Jury of Deutsche Bank Prize in Financial Economics From 1991 to 1995 he held a full professorship of Finance at the University of Giessen. Prior to this appointment, he held teaching positions at the universities of Frankfurt, Cologne and Berlin since He obtained his doctorate from Frankfurt University and wrote his Habilitation at the 'Freie Universität Berlin'. Jan P. Krahnen is a CEPR Research Fellow and has been a visiting scholar at the Wharton School at the University of Pennsylvana and the Stern School of Business at New York University. He serves as an associate editor of the Journal of Banking and Finance and on the Editorial Board of the Journal of Financial Services Research and has served as an Executive Board Member of the European Finance Association. Jan P. Krahnen's research and teaching interests are in the area of banking and financial intermediation. His research has been published in the Journal of Financial Intermediation, the Journal of Banking and Finance, European Finance Review, the European Journal of Finance and Perspektiven der Wirtschaftspolitik and other scientific journals. He has recently edited a comprehensive monograph on the 'German Financial System' published by Oxford University Press. His research has been supported by the German Science Foundation (DFG) and the European Commission.

2 CURRICULIM VITAE JAN P. KRAHNEN Current Affiliation: present: Professor of Finance (C4), Goethe Universität Frankfurt (Main) Since 1995 Director, Center for Financial Studies, Goethe- Universität, Frankfurt Since 1998 Research Fellow, CEPR (Center for European Policy Research), London. Since 2001 Member of the Board, Bundesbank research foundation Monetary Stability. Since 2002 Steering Committee, European Central Bank - CFS research network initiative Capital markets and financial integration in Europe. Since 2003 Member of the Board (Kuratorium) of ILF Institute of Law and Finance at Goethe University, Frankfurt. Since 2004 Financial Intermediation Research Society (Founding Member and Officer) Since 2004 Member, European Academic Council, Standard & Poor s, London Since 2005 Member of Steering Committee, European Corporate Governance and Training Network (ECGTN) Past Positions: Teaching Positions : Lecturer (Hochschulassistent), Department of Economics and Business Administration (esp. Corporate Finance and Development Banking), Freie Universität Berlin : Lecturer, Ph.D. program (Graduiertenkolleg Mikroökonomik), Freie Universität Berlin : Assistant Professor of Business Administration, Universität zu Köln : Associate Professor of Business Administration (C3), Goethe Universität Frankfurt (Main) Professor of Finance (C4), Justus-Liebig-Universität Giessen

3 Postgraduate studies, research, appointments in academic institutions : Research Assistant, Economics Department, Freie Universität Berlin (Corporate Finance and Banking) : Visiting doctoral student, Ph.D. program, Graduate School of Management, University of Rochester, Rochester, N.Y Research Associate, IPC Internationale Projekt Consult GmbH, Frankfurt, Germany Coordinator, DFG research network (German National Science Foundation) in Finance: "Efficient Organization of Financial Markets and Financial Institutions" Advisory Board, BMZ (German Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development), Bonn 1996 Metzler Foundation Visiting Professor, Finance Department, Wharton School, University of Pennsylvania Executive Committee, European Finance Association. Since 1999 Editorial Board, Journal of Financial Services Research. Since 1999 Advisory Board, Executive Development Program, Center for Financial Studies, Frankfurt Steering Committee, Advanced Studies Program, Institut für Weltwirtschaft, Kiel. Since 2000 Associate Editor, Journal of Banking and Finance Member of Steering Committee, EU-Research and Training Network Understanding Financial Architecture: Legal and Political Frameworks, and Economic Efficiency, (with CEPR) 2002 (7-12) Visiting Scholar, Salomon Center, Stern School of Business, New York University Professional experience and appointments in non-academic institutions Since 1980: Consulting appointments development finance: German Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation (BMZ), German Development Agency (GTZ), German Savings Banks Association (DSBV), Swiss Development Agency (SBA), Inter-American Development Bank (IDB).

4 Since 1990: Consulting appointments corporate finance: Bersch, Lange und Partner, Bad Homburg; Price Waterhouse Corporate Finance, Berlin; Compunet AG, Kerpen/Munich: Deutsche Bundespost-Telekom, Bonn; KMW-Rating GmbH, Frankfurt Member of the Board, DTB and EUREX (European Futures Exchange), Frankfurt. Since 2004 Corporate Advisory Board, DZ-Bank, Frankfurt. Since 2004 Member of the Board, TSI True Sale Initiative (Kreditanstalt für Wiederaufbau KfW), Frankfurt. Education: 1976: "Bankkaufmann" (Certified Banker), BHF-Bank, Frankfurt 1980: "Diplom-Kaufmann" (MBA) - Goethe Universität Frankfurt 1984: "Dr. rer. pol." - (Ph.D.in Finance), Goethe Universität Frankfurt 1988: Habilitation - (Finance), Freie Universität Berlin Research Honors and Awards: DAAD fellowship (German Academic Exchange Foundation); Université de Paris-Dauphine (France), Economie Appliqué Doctoral fellowship awarded by "Studienstiftung des Deutschen Volkes" University fellowship, Graduate School of Management, University of Rochester, Rochester, N.Y. (USA) GTZ/IPC-grant (German Agency for Technical Cooperation, Eschborn): The financing of small-scale industries: An empirical investigation of the informal sector in Piura/Peru (with Manfred Nitsch) ILO-grant (International Labour Office, Geneva): Formal and Informal Financial Systems in Developing Countries (with Reinhard H. Schmidt) DFG grant (German National Science Foundation, Bonn): Experimental Capital Markets with Asymmetric Information DFG grant: Comparative experimental analysis of continuous and batched auctions CFS-project: Credit risk management of German universal banks.

5 DFG grant: Comparative empirical and experimental analysis of auction and dealership markets with specialists DFG grant: Liquidity and trading halts on auction and dealership markets CFS-project: The reinsurance industry and the capital markets, phase I DFG-grant: The marketability of bank loans, phase I CFS-project: Management, regulation and liquidity of CDOs DFG-grant: The marketability of bank loans, phase II NBER-grant: The role of CDOs for bank lending (joint with Günter Franke, Konstanz) CFS-program area Credit Mangement and Credit Markets (on bank disintermediation, and Germany s three-pillar banking system) Publications: I. Monographs, edited volumes, special issues German Financial System: Oxford University Press 2004 (Eds. Krahnen, J. and R.H. Schmidt) Globalization and Financial markets: Risks and opportunities, CFS-Kolloquium 45, Frankfurt: Knapp Publisher 2003 (Ed. Krahnen, J.) Finanzmärkte, e-commerce und Cross-border financial integration Trends, strategies and lesons learned, CFS-Kolloquium 44, Frankfurt: Knapp Publisher 2002 (Ed. Krahnen, J.) German Financial Market and Institutions, Schmalenbach Business Review 54, Special Issue 1 (2002) (Eds. Franke, G., Gebhardt, G. and J. Krahnen) Competition among banks Good or bad?, European Finance Review 5, Special Issue (2001), (Eds.Allen, F., Gersbach, H., Krahnen, J. and A. Santomero) Bankpolitik und Bankmärkte im globalen Umfeld, CFS-Kolloquium 43, Frankfurt: Knapp Publisher 2001 (Eds. Krahnen, J. and A. Weber) Zukunft der Universalbank, CFS-Kolloquium 42, Frankfurt: Knapp Publisher 2000 (Eds. Krahnen, J. and A. Weber) Globale Finanzmärkte und Europäische Währungsunion II, CFS-Kolloquium 41, Frankfurt: Knapp Publisher 1999 (Eds. Krahnen, J. and B. Rudolph)

6 Globale Finanzmärkte und Europäische Währungsunion I, CFS-Kolloquium 40, Frankfurt: Knapp Publisher 1998 (Eds. Krahnen, J. and B. Rudolph) Umbau der Finanzindustrie, CFS-Kolloquium 39, Frankfurt: Knapp Publisher 1997 (Eds. Krahnen, J. and B. Rudolph) Development Finance as Institution Building (with R.H. Schmidt); Westview Press, Boulder, Col., Sunk Costs und Unternehmensfinanzierung [Sunk costs and corporate finance]; Wiesbaden: Gabler-Verlag, 1991 (Habilitation). Kapitalmarkt und Kreditbank - Untersuchungen zu einer mikroökonomischen Theorie der Bankunternehmung [The capital market and commercial banking - Towards a microeconomic theory of the banking firm]; Berlin: Duncker & Humblot, 1985 (Dissertation). II. Working Papers (under review or in revision) 1. Does credit securitization reduce bank risk? Evidence from the European CDO market, Working Paper, current version: February 2007, (with D. Hänsel) 2. Subjective evaluation of delayed risky outcomes: an experimental approach, current version November 2006 (with Uri Benzion, Tal Shavit). 3. Risk transfer with CDOs and systemic risk in banking, Working paper, current version: June 2006 (with C. Wilde), revise and resubmit, Journal of Financial Intermediation 4. Monitoring credit risk transfer in capital markets: statistical implications, working paper September 2006, (an extended summary is published in: Financial Statistics for a Global Economy, Third ECB Conference on Statistics, ed. by Steven Keuning, ECB: Frankfurt 2007, pp ; (with Dennis Hänsel and Christian Wilde) 5. Lead and Lag Effects of Rating Action: The Case of Asset Backed Securities, current version: September 2004 (with A. Jobst) 6. Multiple lenders and corporate distress: Evidence on debt restructuring, Working Paper, current version: June 2006 (with A. Brunner). 7. Collateral, default risk, and relationship lending: An empirical study on financial contracting, working paper 2002, (with Ralf Elsas), under revision. 8. Information production in lending relationships: The role of internal ratings in commercial banking; CFS-Working Paper, (with A. Brunner und M. Weber), working paper III. Articles (published or accepted for publication) 1. Default Risk Sharing between banks and markets: the case of collateralized debt

7 obligation, forthcoming: Carey, M. and R. Stulz (Hrsg.) Risks of Financial Institutions, National Bureau of Economic Research, Chicago University Press (with G. Franke, 2007), pp (NBER working paper 11741). 2. Vertrauens schaffen durech Begrenzung systemischen Risikos: Das Beta-Verfahren, Zeitschrift für Wirtschaftspolitik Investment performance and market share: Evidence from the German mutual fund industry, (with Frank A. Schmid and Erik Theissen), forthcoming: W. Bessler (Ed.), Festschrift für Hartmut Schmidt, The Basel II reform and retail credit markets (Introduction to Special Issue, with Stijn Claessens and William W. Lang, Journal of Financial Services Research 28 (2005), Der Handel von Kreditrisiken: Eine neue Dimension des Kapitalmarktes, Perspektiven der Wirtschaftspolitik (5) 2005, pp.. 6. Universal banks and relationships with firms, (with R. Elsas), German Financial System, Oxford University Press 2004 (Eds. Krahnen, J. and R.H. Schmidt), Taking stock and looking ahead The German financial system at the crossroads? (with Reinhard H. Schmidt) German Financial System, Oxford University Press 2004, (Eds. Krahnen, J. and R.H. Schmidt), chapter 15, Introduction to The German Financial System: The purpose and the structure of the book, (with Reinhard H. Schmidt) German Financial System, Oxford University Press 2004 (Eds. Krahnen, J. and R.H. Schmidt), chapter 1, Market structure, intermediation, and liquidity: Schmalenbach Business Review 54 (1) (2002), Special Issue on German Financial Markets and Institutions: Selected Studies (with T. Freihube, E. Theissen). 10. The Organization of Global Financial Markets: Comment on F. Kübler, Journal of Institutional and Theoretical Economics, 158 (1) The anatomy of a call market, Journal of Financial Intermediation, 2001, Vol. 10, (with C.H. Kehr und E. Theissen). 12. Generally Accepted Rating Principles: A Primer, Journal of Banking and Finance 25 (2001), Vol. 25, Issue 1, 2-24, (with Martin Weber). 13. Marketmaking in the laboratory: Does competition matter?, Experimental Economics (2001) Vol. 4, (mit Martin Weber). 14. Internes Rating, Handwörterbuch des Finanz- und Bankwesens, Gerke, W. and M. Steiner (Eds.), Stuttgart, Schaeffer-Poeschel 2001, On the valuation of common and preferred shares in Germany: New evidence on the value of voting rights; Managerial Finance: Special Issue on International Corporate Control and Governance (2000), Vol 26, (with Ali Fatemi). 16. Where do we stand in the Theory of Finance? A selective Overview with reference to

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