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1 Sankt Johannes Summer Sommer Été 2015 Saint John's Lutheran Church Église Luthérienne Saint Jean newsletter gemeindebrief bulletin Jeanne Mance Montreal, Quebec H2X 2K3, Canada pentecost pfingsten pentecôte

2 Gospel Choir from germany Gospel Choir from Germany gives concert Thursday, September 17 Known as GOSPEL UNITY, a Gospel Choir from Bockenem in Northern Germany will be touring Eastern Canada and performing at St. John s Lutheran on Thursday evening, Sept. 17 at 7:30 p.m. The concert is free with a collection at the door. The idea to visit Canada arose after a German pastor moved to Toronto two years ago to serve in the Canadian Church. Expanding their cultural experiences has always been of interest to the members of the choir. Previous international trips have included Norway and South Africa. The repertoire includes English and African songs, traditional and international Gospel Music, and spirituals; all with powerful themes and positive messages. With their singing, the choir wish to reach out to their audience and offer encouragement as they uplift their listeners. GOSPEL UNITY is under the direction of Ulrike Bourehil and will have both piano and percussion accompaniment (Niko Schlenker, piano). It was formed in 1999 by a small group of dedicated singers, who are thrilled to think that their enterprise will be bringing them to Montreal. The Choir has participated in various workshops with international Gospel songwriters and producers including Hans Christian Jochimsen from Denmark, Joakim Arenius from Sweden, and Northern Harmony Choir from Vermont. The choir also tours in Germany, invites guest conductors, and in-between rehearses new repertoire. The choir also sings at wedding services, charity events, Gospel festivals, and at church congresses, e.g. Dresden and Hamburg. Gospelchor aus Deutschland Gospelchor aus Deutschland gibt am 17. September ein Konzert Bekannt als GOSPEL UNITY wird ein Gospelchor aus Bockenem in Norddeutschland eine Tour durch Ostkanada veranstalten und am Donnerstag, den 17. September um 19:30 ein Konzert in der St. Johannes Kirche geben. Der Eintritt ist frei, um eine Spende wird gebeten. Die Idee, Kanada zu besuchen, kam auf, als ein deutscher Pastor vor zwei Jahren eine Gemeinde in Toronto übernahm. Die Begegnung mit Menschen aus anderen Ländern, das Kennenlernen unterschiedlicher Kulturen und deren Austausch ist den Chormitgliedern wichtig. Vorherige internationale Reisen führten den Chor nach Norwegen und Südafrika. Das Repertoire besteht aus englischen und afrikanischen Liedern, traditioneller und internationaler Gospelmusik und Spirituals alle mit einschlägigen und positiven Themen. Mit seinem Gesang strebt der Chor an, die Zuhörer aufzumuntern und ihnen Mut zuzusprechen. GOSPEL UNITY is under the direction of Ulrike Bourehil and will have both piano and percussion accompaniment (Niko Schlenker, piano). GOSPEL UNITY wird von Ulrike Bourehil dirigiert und durch Klavier und Percussion-Instrumente begleitet (Pianist: Niko Schlenker). Der Chor wurde 1999 von einer kleinen Gruppe engagierter Sänger gegründet, die nicht im Traum daran dachten, dass ihr Weg einmal bis nach Montreal führen wird. Der Chor hat bereits an verschiedenen Gospel- Workshops unter der Leitung von internationalen Komponisten und Produzenten teilgenommen: Hans Christian Jochimsen aus Dänemark, Joakim Arenius aus Schweden oder dem Northern Harmony Choir aus Vermont. Durch Chorfreizeiten werden zusätzliche Proben mit Gastdozenten organisiert. Der Chor singt auch bei Trauungen, Benefizveranstaltungen und tritt bei Gospelfestivals und Kirchentagen auf, wie z. B. in Hamburg und Dresden. 2

3 Luther Table-talk Pub Night a bit of Mediaeval table talk A Friday evening, October 16 A great way to prepare for Reformation Sunday Luther and friends at the Stammtisch Your inn-keeper and host: Pastor Eric Dyck, joined by Luther experts Drs Gordon Jenson and Jarett Carty Welcome Lutherans from St. John s and all Lutheran congregations and Anglicans and your friends! Students especially welcome! Not just Beer and Wurst, but learning about Luther A 16th century feel made real with authentic reformation-era pub music and table-talk by our Luther experts, Jenson and Carty. A chance to ask questions, play the question game, and hear authentic Luther insults (to those who dare criticize). When we say authentic, we mean AUTHENTIC: In 1522, on his way to Wittenberg, Luther stopped at the pub known as the Bären (the Bear) and held discussions with students. The event was turned into a legend by the painting seen here. The story has it that Luther disguised himself so that the students wouldn t recognise him. Imagine their surprise the next day in Wittenberg when they realised that their drinking buddy was the Revd Dr. Martin Luther, their professor! Luther was a frequent guest of the Bären in Jena and held many discussions there with reformation theologians and the locals. (The painting depicts Luther in the Bären engaging students in discussion -by Master Otto Schwerdtgeburth in 1522) The pub opens at 6:00pm First table-talk at 7pm; Question game at 9:15 p.m. Admission Ticket includes: -First fill of beer, limited edition souvenir Luther beer mug, platters of Bockwurst (boiled sausages) and bread, soft-style large German pretzels, live entertainment (Mediaeval Music ensemble playing period instruments) Adults: $20 in advance ($25 at the door) / Students: $10 (Contact the office) The support of the Montreal Ministry Area, St. John s Student Ministry and the Dean are gratefully acknowledged. 3

4 SUNDAY School confirmation class student ministry Children Welcome! Sunday School this year is being planned to start-up Sunday, September 13th at 11am. Just come into church with your children, sit with your children, and the children will leave together from the church with their teachers. Of course you can register later, but it really is the best to be here for the start up on the 13th. For more information, feel free to contact the office: Come join the new Facebook group! St. John s Lutheran Sunday School Teenagers Welcome! Confirmation Class If you are parents or know youth ready for confirmation class in autumn, please let Pastor Dyck know. Youth must be 13 years of age, as of September 1st. All who are registered will be contacted for an organisational meeting on a Saturday later in September. Confirmation will be held on Pentecost 2016 (May 15). Registration deadline Sunday, September 13, 2015: Sunday School already thinking of september Church Council wishes to thank Suzanne Rey for a great season of Sunday School in We had a great team of teachers who rotated and wonderful co-ordinator in Martina Thiel. Thanks to all for caring about our youngest members and sharing with them the love of God. We thank those who over the summer will take turns giving children s lessons and doing activities with children who are attending church. Our thanks to the many volunteers who have signed up for a Sunday during the summer (May-August) and prepare an informal learning opportunity for the children who are at church that Sunday. Thanks for your flexibility and creative preparation. Great teaching, activities, and learning has been taking place for children at church. Martina Thiel co-ordinates the schedule and makes sure there is a teacher in place for each Sunday. Interested teachers and volunteers for the formal, curriculum based classes which begin Sept. 13 have been meeting to plan out the classes, scheduling, and structure for autumn. In discussion is also the Christmas Pageant presented by the children. Teachers, chairperson Martina Theil, and Pastor Dyck welcome your input; please suggestions, reflections, or questions to Come join the new Facebook group! St. John s Lutheran Sunday School Rally Day Sunday, September 13, 11am. Never taking a break: Children s Ministries at St. John s. 4 Students & Faculty Welcome! St-John s Student Group meets regularly, and welcomes all souls at all times and in all places in search of good food, good conversation & spiritual edification. Activities will get rolling with harvesting vegetables from the rooftop garden (one box is dedicated to the students). The harvest will give students organic vegetables grown on our roof to take home and eat. There is also Oktoberfest (Sept. 26) which has a special student price, learning about the Reformation at the Table-Talk Pub Night on Friday, Oct. 16. Students also receive sponsored tickets to the Reformation Dinner (Oct. 25). In the new year there is also the Easter Party. But throughout the year opportunities for community. Our new Student Ministry co-ordinator, Adam Smith took over last September and we re thankful that he s back for another year. Let us know you are here by sending an to or sign up on our Facebook page: St.-John s Student Group Looking for Confirmands to help with Sunday School. Write to:

5 prayer Group Gebetskreis You are invited to leave written requests in the plate at the baptistery, anonymously if preferred, or to send requests by to: Sie sind eingeladen, Gebetsanliegen in Schriftform am Taufstein im Teller zu hinterlassen, wenn bevorzugt auch gerne anonzm, oder er an spaghetti Dinner A great evening with great community, held on June 19, A fundraiser in support of ministry to others. Saturday, September 26th, 2015 (open at 6 pm) COME IN ANY TIME! Premium Craft Beer on Tap & Sausages & Sauerkraut served until 8:30pm Professional DJ for music and dancing into the night! More beer and sausage for sale. Souvenir Beer Mugs for sale *New Editon*! ($10 each; 6 for $50) ADVANCE TICKET PURCHASE: $20 per person* Tickets at the door: $25 Students: $10 or see Adam Smith Youth: $10 Children under 16: Free *Includes glass of beer and sausage plate. TICKETS available from the secretary in the office, after Sunday Services and at all Church Meetings & Events. 5 Tel: (514)

6 R oof-top vegetable garden Council member Anna-Liisa Aunio has again organised the roof-top garden on the lower roof, over the kitchen. Preparations were a little easier this year with the planters already installed and one more year of experience behind us. Our thanks to Urban Seedlings for donating the seedlings for this year s planting. The first harvest provided salad for the Farewell potluck on May 31. Sunday School children got active with the planting and have been keeping an eye on things. G EMuSE-DACHGARTEN '' Vorstandsmitglied Anna-Liisa Aunio hat wieder einen Dachgarten angebaut. Dieses Jahr war es etwas einfacher, da die Pflanzkästen schon bereit standen. Wir danken Urban Seedlings, die die organischen Setzlinge gestiftet haben. Die erste Ernte gab einen Salat beim Abschieds»Potluck«am 31. Mai. Die Kinder aus der Sonntagsschule haben die Pflanzen gesetzt und halten sie im Auge. Es ist auch zu sehen, daß manche Senioren hochklettern, um zu kucken, wie der Garten wächst. It is also nice to see seniors climbing up to check out the growth of the vegetables. Organic seedlings were set in neat rows: peppers, melons, beans, lettuce, beets, etc. Some needing to be shaded behind the climbing plants. We will need volunteers for watering throughout the summer, so please let Anna-Liisa know if you can help. The beans are climbing and the melons spreading their leaves. Lots of vibrant growth. And all this without the use of fossil fuels to ship the to- Organische Setzlinge Paprika, Melonen, Bohnen, Salat, Roterüben, usw. - wurden in ordentlichen Reihen eingepflanzt. Einige Pflanzen mußten hinter die Kletterpflanzen gesetzt werden, um dann in deren Schatten zu wachsen. Dank der freiwilligen Helfer, die die Pflanzen regelmäßig gießen, wächst das Gemüse schnell. Die Bohnen ranken und die Melonen haben große Blätter. Und das Wachstum geschieht ohne fossile Brennstoffe zum versand der Tomaten an uns. Sollten wir nicht alle so handeln? (viele mato across the continent to us! Shouldn t we all be doing this? (Like many of our immigrants remember doing in their youth.) The issue of producing our own food locally has far reaching consequences environmentally and in regards to wisely using energy resources. Feel free to ask Anna-Liisa for a tour any Sunday. Contact the office to sign-up for watering (your name will be passed on to Anna- Liisa). Of course, we are thankful when it rains and God takes a turn at doing the watering! Immigranten erinnern sich an diese Art von Gemüseanbau). Der lokale Anbau von Gemüse hat weitreichende Konsequenzen für die Umwelt und unsere Energiequellen. Bitten Sie Anna-Liisa, Ihnen am Sonntag den Dachgarten zu zeigen. Tragen Sie sich im Büro ein zum Gießen. Natürlich sind wir dankbar, wenn es regnet und Gott für den Wasserhaushalt der Pflanzen sorgt! 6

7 B U L L E T I N B O A R D noodle making $ CanaDian tire $ August 18, September 29 YES, we now accept CANADIAN TIRE Money. All helpers welcome. Contact Margaret Ringel or Mary Felde for information. Do you have Canadian Tire money you never get around to using? St. John s would gratefully accept it as a donation. Noodles are sold at the Bazaar and contribute to the funds available for the Ladies Aid to pass on to the congregation. ConfirmanDs WanteD! Looking for Confirmands to help with Sunday School. The money will be put to good use, buying supplies for maintenance and repair of the church. Simply pop it into the offering plate (in addition to your cash donation) or leave it at the office. (Unfortunately, no tax receipt!) Write to: CounCil executive Council Executive elected at first council meeting following the Annual Meeting: Martina Thiel (Chairperson) Peter Schleicher (Vice-chairperson) Anna-Lissa Aunio (Secretary) Carol Meindl (Treasurer). Amongst various Areas of Responsibility, council member Ewald Stranzl continues as Property Manager. annual bazaar Saturday, November st-jean WeihnaChtsmarkt Serenata Concerts return for a new season! Watch for it at the beginning of Advent. More exciting, more authentic, more to enjoy. It was wonderful to have Serenata back again this past year. The Bach cantatas were a highlight and there is an exciting season being planned for Check the St. John s webite events calendar for dates or sign up at the Serenata Facebook page. Merken Sie sich schon vor: Der WEIHNACHTSMARKT wird im Advent stattfinden noch besser, authentischer und froehlicher. First Sunday in Advent/Erster Advent: 29. November 29 One Service, German-English, at 10 (ten) am. Ein Gottesdienst um 10 Uhr. always ONlINE! NOW ONlINE! Always available on line: this Newsletter! An jedem Ort dabei: der Gemeindebrief on-line! Click on Newsletter unter Newsletter The Montreal Lutheran Council is now online. Check it out! 7

8 Gemeindebrief / Newsletter All addresses end For up to date service times, event info and articles on our website, check the Sunday bulletin each week! Published by St John s Lutheran Church All changes of address and returns should be sent to: 3594 Jeanne Mance Montreal, Quebec H2X 2K SUMMER SERVICE schedule JUNE 28 JULY 05 09:30am German Eucharist / JULY 12 July 19 09:30am German Eucharist / JULY 26 August 02 august 09 August 16 09:30am German Eucharist / August 23 11:00am Joint Lutheran Service (Outdoor service and picnic) August 30 September 06 september 13 09:30am German Eucharist / *Sunday School resumes!* General Editor / Chefredakteur: Pastor Eric Dyck Translations / Übersetzungen: Jutta Schirdewahn NEWsletter Team Lay-out & Design / Design und Aufmachung Nicholas Pang SOMMERGOTTESDIENSTPLAN 28. JUNI 05. JULI 09h30 Deutsches Abendmahl / 12. JULI 19. JulI 09h30 Deutsches Abendmahl / 26. JULI 02. August 09. august 16. August 09h30 Deutsches Abendmahl / 23. August 11h00 Gemeindepicknick 30. August 06. September 13. september 09h30 Deutsches Abendmahl / *Die Sonntagsschule fängt wiede am 13. September an* Finishing and Mailing / Fertigstellung und Versand: Katherine Heidrich, Allan Forsythe, Carol Meindl, Helen Bartsch & volunteers