Treehouse und NatWorks Partnerschaft by Hans-Peter Will (reprinted from the English version in Treetimes #6)

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1 Issue #7 March 2005 T r e e t i m e s A Publication of Treehouse Software, Inc. This Issue Treehouse und NatWorks Partnerschaft...1 Editor's Notes...2 Don't you have better things to do than documenting code and weighing electrons?...3 TSI European Events!...6 DPS X-Link is BPEL Friendly...7 Download der DPS X-Link Testversion...7 Treehouse und NatWorks Partnerschaft by Hans-Peter Will (reprinted from the English version in Treetimes #6) Why is this article in German? See the Beer Box to the left. Rundum-Sorglos-Paket für Adabas-Datentransfer Mit der langfristig angelegten Vertriebs- und Support-Partnerschaft mit der US-amerikanischen Firma NatWorks hat TSI hat einen wichtigen Schritt zur Konsolidierung ihrer Position im ADABAS- Datenextraktions- und Datenmigrationsmarkt unternommen. Vielleicht haben Sie bereits von NatWorks und deren ADABAS-Datenextraktionsprodukte NatQuery und NatCDC gehört. Vor einigen Wochen hat TSI mit NatWorks einen Vertrag zur weltweiten Übernahme von Vertrieb, Marketing und technischen Support für diese Produkte abgeschlossen. Dies ist eine interessante Entwicklung für uns. Es ist nicht nur der Erwerb der Vertriebs- und Marketingrechte für Produkte, die teilweise zu trelational/dps im Wettbewerb standen, sondern erschließt neue Möglichkeiten in weitere Schlüsselbereiche. Neue Produkte NatQuery und NatCDC Treetimes Articles In German?! You will notice that some of the articles in this issue of Treetimes are in German. Why? Because the Germans make great beer! Oh, there are also those many ADABAS/NATURAL sites in Germany, and the several Treehouse employees actively marketing Treehouse products in Germany. So, from this issue on, we will include some articles translated into German. For the most part, these will be articles that are already published in Engish in the current issue or past issues of Treetimes. Prost! NatQuery generiert auf intelligente Weise NATURAL Code. Es extrahiert ADABAS Daten effizient und effektiv. NatQuery wird als Natural-Anwendung lediglich geladen und erfordert keine darüber hinausgehende Installation. Es unterstützt sowohl End-User-Anforderungen, wie auch die Erfordernisse zum Laden eines Data Warehouses. NatCDC Ist ein Add-On zu NatQuery. Es extrahiert Daten aus dem ADABAS Protection Log (Plog) und stellt daraus Datenbankänderungen als Inserts, Upates und Deletes zur Verfügung. Damit lassen sich z.b. Data Warehouse-Bestände aktualisieren, ein erneutes vollständiges Laden aller Daten ist nicht erforderlich. NatQuery und NatCDC unterstützen sowohl Mainframe-Plattformen (z/os, BS2000, VSE) wie - und das ist neu für Treehouse Unix, Linux und Windows. NatWorks, ansässig in Vermont (USA), ist ein privatrechtliches Unternehmen. Chris Bradley gründete es 1998 und ist NatWorks Präsident. Manche Leser kennen ihn von Benutzergruppentreffen oder Konferenzen. Während eines Besuchs bei TSI in Sewickley, Pennsylvania, haben wir in enger Zusammenarbeit mit Chris Bradley und seinen Mitarbeitern ein komplettes (continued on page 5)

2 Editor's Notes by Joseph Brady Another DPSync Success Reported... The Brazilian Mercantile & Futures Exchange (BM&F) is benefi ting from their recent DPSync implementation, facilitated by TSI's affiliate in Brazil, 3CON. Sergio da Silva, BM&F Department Chief, says: "BM&F decided to acquire the DPSync product to reduce the delay for data replication between the mainframe and Windows platforms. The replication process for the database releases the information the following day. Today this process occurs every day, once during the night. For the databases that need real-time integration, BM&F needed to have a specifi c solution. BM&F has many systems running on the mainframe, and by using DPSync we expect to see a signifi cant reduction in replication time, making it possible to develop systems with greater integration and with only a single replication process. The first DPSync implementation will be the replication of our 'Cadastro de Participantes' subsystem s databases. After we have the technology fully established, additional databases will be replicated the same way." T r e e t i m e s Editing, Writing, and Design Joseph Brady Contributors Wayne Lashley, Heather Snyder, Michael Szakach, Dan Vimont, Hans-Peter Will Production and Distribution Terri Hammerschmitt Back issues available upon request. Documentation for all products is available in hard copy or on CD-ROM. Hard Copy Circulation: 8,000 With DPSync, BM&F w i l l r e a l i z e n e w opportunities, as the technology environment will be less susceptible to processing errors, freeing the development teams to concentrate more on business rules. For more information on DPSync, TSI's nearreal-time propagation product, contact us at New Faces at TSI We are pleased to welcome the following new TSI employees: Jonathan Kinberg has joined TSI as a Senior Technical Representative based in the Washington, DC area. Having spent over 20 years with Software AG (SAG), most recently as a System Engineer, Jon is well-known to many customers as an expert in ADABAS, NATURAL, EntireX, COM-PLETE, Tamino, and other products on mainframes and open systems. He has presented frequently at user group meetings and conferences, has had extensive involvement in pre- and post-sales consulting, and has given many technical classes and seminars. We expect that Jon s technical skills, training, presentation capabilities, and customer knowledge will help TSI continue market penetration with DPSync and DPS X-Link, further consolidate our leadership in the data transfer arena with trelational/dps and the NatWorks products, and open up new opportunities with other products and services. His broad knowledge of SAG product lines enhances our capability to offer integration services through middleware and XML. Jon is excited to be joining the leader in ADABAS replication, data transfer, and integration, and is looking forward to gaining skills not only in DPS X-Link, DPSync, NatQuery/NatCDC, and trelational/dps, but in the full line of TSI products. Rolf Vollmer of Germany has joined TSI to handle sales in Germany and around Europe. Rolf has considerable technical and sales background, having spent a total of 21 years with Software AG / SAG Systemhaus GmbH. For 15 years he held several positions, including system engineer, support person, and technical consultant. In 1996 Rolf moved to the sales department and became an Account Manager. We are sure that Rolf will be an excellent addition to the Treehouse European sales/technical team, along with Hans-Peter Will in Germany and Mark Jones in the U.K. George Szakach, President of Treehouse Software, says, Given their extensive knowledge of Software AG products and their reputation in the SAG community, customers will welcome a call or a visit from Jon and Rolf to discuss how TSI can help them with the diffi cult issues of ADABAS/NATURAL integration in today s technology environment. Linda Woodham has joined TSI as a part-time employee to handle front offi ce duties in our Sewickley offi ce. Linda handles phone/reception duties, product and marketing material mailings, and various clerical duties. -2- March 2005

3 Don't you have better things to do than documenting code and weighing electrons? By Wayne Lashley and Joseph Brady There are several constants in the universe, such as the speed of light; the mass of an electron; and the fact that people do not like putting comments in their code. We can t explain why universal constants are the way they are, but people have been able to fi nd ways to cope with many of them. After considering all of the universal constants that can be addressed, the Treehouse Software developers decided to leave light speed travel and weighing electrons to others and focus their energies on helping people cope with managing their NATURAL programming code. Yes, code comments could be very helpful to whoever has to fi x a problem in a program a year down the road. However, the desire to avoid extra work that might deliver future benefi ts doesn t get a program done any faster or make it run any better in the present. Human nature demands that you use any tools that you can buy, beg, borrow, steal, or write to generate documentation automatically and gain the benefi ts without the extra work. Treehouse Software markets two products that are designed specifically to provide cost-effective, automated code-management and documentation assistance: N2O and CHART for NATURAL. N2O is Treehouse s mature and reliable change management software. Besides all of its codemanagement features, N2O s Documentation Toolbox function provides utilities to print NATURAL objects, File Layouts, Descriptor X-Ref (Cross-Reference) Information, Object Flow Analysis, Object X-Ref, NATURAL SYSERR messages, and Archived 3GL Objects in local N2O environments. This screen shot shows how N2O s NATURAL Object Listing utility d i s p l a y s / p r i n t s NATURAL source code. Additionally, at the start of each object, NATURAL directory information and information about the archiving event (if applicable) is displayed/ printed N-2-O DOCUMENTATION TOOLS REPORT PAGE: 1 11:38:00 NATURAL OBJECT LISTING OBJECT PAGE: 1 Env Def: B1 Library: Paytest PROGRAM : FEDTAXP Mode: Struct BATCH Type Date Time User-ID Terminal Ver OS TP Mon Trans Src: :10:26 TREE06 TSI01D CMS VM/CMS NT316 Obj: :10:26 TREE06 TSI01D CMS VM/CMS NT Source Size : 452 Bytes User Area (USIZE) : 370 Bytes Buffer Pool Size : 1148 Source Area (ESIZE) : 10 Bytes Number Subroutines : DEFINE DATA 0020 GLOBAL USING PAYROLLG N 10 > 1 #TOTAL 0030 * 0040 LOCAL USING FEDTAXL > 1 #SALARY N 6 > 1 #TAX-RATE N.2 > 1 #DECISION A END DEFINE 0060 * 0070 REPEAT 0080 * 0090 INPUT USING MAP ʻFEDTAXMʼ 0100 WRITE ʻTOTAL TAXES DUE FOR SOCIAL SECURITY #ʼ #SS 0140 INCLUDE FEDTAXC > 0010 * > 0020 * WILL CALCULATE THE TOTAL TAXES OWED > 0030 * > 0040 COMPUTE #TOTAL = #TAX-RATE * #SALARY 0150 PERFORM FEDTAXS 0160 * 0170 IF #DECISION = ʻNʼ 0180 INPUT ʻFUNCTION TERMINATEDʼ 0190 ESCAPE BOTTOM 0200 END-IF 0210 END-REPEAT 0220 END (continued on page 4) -3- March 2005

4 Don't you have better things to do than documenting code and weighing electrons? (continued from page 3) CHART for NATURAL assists with the analysis and documentation of NATURAL applications by drawing the object-toobject calling structure o f a n y N A T U R A L application in an easy-toread, interactive graphical format. It includes comprehensive features to include/exclude NATURAL objects based on object name, object type or type of inter-object interaction (e.g., INPUT USING MAP or CALLNAT). CHART for NATURAL installs and runs right in the NATURAL environment, so there s no need to move your code over to another platform to generate documentation. CHART for NATURAL may be executed in batch to produce output natively formatted for importing into Microsoft Visio, including hyperlinked references using the Web-oriented features of Visio. Furthermore, in its charted output CHART for NATURAL resolves and correctly documents many dynamic transfer-of-control references, e.g., MOVE TESTMAP TO #MAP-NAME INPUT USING MAP #MAP-NAME Finally, objects that appear to be unreferenced in the application are listed/output to a work fi le by CHART for NATURAL. CHART reads the source code of your application (across your normal step libraries), builds an objectto-object calling structure, and presents the results. This example shows PRF3200P has been selected from the calling structure. The PRF3200P object is now expanded and can be browsed by the user, as seen above. Buy? Contact Treehouse. Beg? Contact Treehouse and ask for the "Treetimes price". Borrow? Contact Treehouse and ask for a 30-day free trial. Steal? Please don't. In Europe, you can discuss these products with Mark Jones of the U.K. Mark can be especially helpful in discussing PAC versus N2O issues. Please contact Mark at Write yourself? Why would you? You have better things to do, like writing, testing, and implementing NATURAL applications. Besides the desire to move at 186,000 miles per second, Treehouse Software has recognized another constant: the basic human desire to manage time and resources wisely. And to this end, documentation should be as automatic as possible. You have the desire, and Treehouse has the tools that make this a reasonable reality. More information is available at -4- March 2005

5 Treehouse und NatWorks Partnerschaft (continued from page 1) Datentransfer-Produktpaket geschnürt. Bemerkenswert war hierbei die hohe Qualität der NatWorks-Produkte und die Professionalität der NatWorks Mitarbeiter. umfassendes und plattform-unabhängiges Produkt für den ADABAS ETL/CDC (Exract, Transform, Load / Change Data Capture). Datenextraktions- und Transferprodukte für alle Anforderungen Die neuen Produkte NatQuery und NatCDC erschließen neue Integrationsszenarien. Extrahiert werden z.b. Daten aus ADABAS, DB und VSAM (Natural-Schittstelle vorausgesetzt) zu Excel-Arbeitsblättern Desktop- und Server-Datenbanken Adabas XML/Web Datenbanken. Die Architektur von NatQuery und NatCDC (Natural- Applikation, die Natural-Programme generiert) ermöglicht den Einsatz auf jeder Plattform auf der ADABAS/NATURAL ausführbar ist z/os, OS/390, VSE, VM, BS2000, Unix, Linux, und Windows. Das ist insbesondere interessant für die Anwender, die Ihre Applikationen vom Mainframe auf alternative Plattformen portieren oder neben dem Mainframe andere Plattformen für ADABAS/NATURAL einsetzen. Mit NatQuery und NatCDC bieten wir nun ein Die ausschließliche NATURAL-Orientierung von NatQuery ermöglicht, auch Daten aus DB2, DL1, IMS und VSAM zu extrahieren (Natural-Schnittstellen vorausgesetzt). Zudem wünschten Kunden in der Vergangenheit einen ADABAS-zu-ADABAS ETL/CDC Transfer. Nun bieten wir mit NatQuery und NatCDC auch die Möglichkeit, ADABAS Daten in ADABAS Datenstrukturen zu propagieren. Mit der Verfügbarkeit von DPS X-Link V3.0 (Adabas Lesen und Schreiben) steht Ihnen die häufi g gewünschte bidirektionale Datenübertragung (zwischen Adabas und RDBMS) zur Verfügung. Wir konzentrieren aktuell unsere Entwicklungsressourcen, um DPS X- Link zu einer Schlüsselkomponente eines mächtigen Datenintegrationspaketes zu erweitern. Die wird sowohl für unsere Kunden als auch für Softwarehersteller (OEM ADABAS Adapter) interessant sein. Mit diesem umfassenden Produktset an ADABAS ETL/CDC Werkzeugen stellt TSI jetzt seinen Kunden ein vollständiges ADABAS Extraktions- und Integrations-Produktprotfolio zur Verfügung für alle erdenklichen Kundenanforderungen. TSI ist stolz auf seine vielfältige trelational/dps Kundenbasis. Wir sind optimistisch, unsere Kundenbasis noch breiter und schneller auf europäischen und aussereuropäischen Märkten auszubauen. Dabei setzen wir u.a. auch weiterhin verstärkt auf BS2000- und Unix-Plattformen. TSI sieht keinen anderen Anbieter auf dem Markt, der ein solches umfassendes und vollständiges Angebot bereitstellen kann. Wir werden Sie über den Verlauf dieser interessanten Partnerschaft auch weiterhin unterrichten, schauen sie hierzu ebenfalls auf unsere Webseite ( -5- March 2005

6 Attention European Sites! Presents: Simplifying the Management and Sharing of Data ADABAS and more! You are invited to attend a special event that brings together top ADABAS/NATURAL product vendors and worldrenowned authorities in data warehousing, integration, business intelligence and disaster recovery. You will learn about the latest products and services that can help you maintain, protect and extend your investment in legacy ADABAS/NATURAL systems. You will also find out how you can easily integrate legacy ADABAS data into Service Oriented Architectures (SOAs), Web Services, and RDBMS-based platforms for use in Internet/Web-based and business intelligence applications. This event will be held at various customer locations within and near Germany. Please RSVP by March 15, 2005, and join us at the location closest to you! Presentations by: Chris Bradley President of NatWorks Tom Flesher Executive VP and CTO of E-Net Corporation Viktor Hubenow President of VersaTec IT Services Leen van Toor President of vta International more to be announced! Treehouse speakers: George Szakach President Wayne Lashley Director of Technical Operations Hans-Peter Will European Technical Support Rolf Vollmer European Sales Representative Dan Vimont Senior Software Specialist Mark Jones Senior Technical Representative Event Dates and Locations: April 7, 2005 Brussels, Belgium April 11, 2005 Wiesbaden, Germany April 12, 2005 Bonn, Germany April 14, 2005 Berlin, Germany Dates are subject to change and more locations may be added. Be sure to check the website for continuing updates! This will be an all day event. Refreshments will be provided and lunch will be served. Please choose the best location for you and RSVP by March 15, 2005 to: Hans-Peter Will European Technical Support Treehouse Software, Inc. Phone: +49-(0) Visit our website for the latest information! -6- March 2005

7 DPS X-Link is BPEL-Friendly by Dan Vimont Several sites that are looking at DPS X-Link, Treehouse s instant, read/write ADABAS-to-XML product, have brought up the not-so-new buzzword that seems to be gaining traction: BPEL. BPEL (pronounced BEE-pul [rhymes with people ]) stands for Business Process Execution Language. Some have mentioned that they are looking at BPEL-enabled servers/orchestrators to serve as central hubs of their Service Oriented Architecture (SOA). What is BPEL? BPEL is a language (XML-based) that was invented by a consortium of Microsoft, IBM, and BEA (a group that has since been augmented by other new members) and adopted as an open standard by OASIS (perhaps the second biggest source of open-standard proclamations outside of the W3C). In a nutshell, BPEL builds on SOAP/ WSDL (the primary facet of SOA architectures that allows XML-based RPC calls between distributed programs across networks) by allowing for the stringing together of multiple SOAP calls to constitute a business process. A BPEL document defi nes how a set of SOAP calls are to be strung together to constitute a business process (such as processing a customer s order for a sack of widgets), and a BPEL-enabled server/orchestrator (like the Oracle product BPEL Process Manager ) acts upon the instructions in a BPEL document to perform (or allow single-step invocation of) the defi ned business process. Here are a couple of links that give a nice overview of BPEL: hf&articleid= cfm?id=591 Big question: Can DPS X-Link plug into a BPEL scenario? Answer: Absolutely!! Our SOAP/WSDL capability drops us right into anybody s BPEL architecture immediately. Plug-n-play! Be sure to visit the Treehouse Web site (www.treehouse. com) and look for the link that allows you to download a free trial of DPS X-Link. DPS X-Link Download Announcement (reprinted from the English version in Treetimes #6) Besuchen Sie die Treehouse Web Site (www.treehouse. com) und folgen Sie dem Link zum kostenlosen Download der DPS X-Link Testversion, dem Remote- Data-Access Middleware Produkt, daß PC-basierten (oder Mainframe-basierten) Applikationen einen Realtime Lese-/Schreibzugriff auf ADABAS-Daten und Metadaten ermöglicht. Die Download-Sektion bietet drei Optionen: 1. Den DPS X-Link Server 2. Die DPS X-Link Remote API Komponenten 3. Das DPS X-Link Dokumentationsset Nach dem Download von DPS X-Link senden Sie uns eine kurze Nachricht, um Ihre Freischaltung zum kostenlosen 30-Tage-Test zu erhalten. Nachdem Sie DPS X-Link erst einmal ausprobiert haben, sind wir sicher, daß Sie von der Unkompliziertheit und Schnelligkeit der ADABAS- Datenbereitstellung im XML-Format überzeugt sind und sich fragen, wie Sie bislang ohne DPS X-Link auskommen konnten! Testen Sie die neuen Features der Version 3 Vollständige HOLD/UPDATE/INSERT/DELETE/ COMMIT/ROLLBACK Funktionalität Echte Dialogfähigkeit (erlaubt die Zusammenfassung mehrerer Anfragen (Queries) zwischen Client und Server zu einem Dialog-Prozeß, der im ADABAS einem bestimmten User ID zugeordnet ist) Die Möglichkeit der Defi nition von Verbunddateien (ein Set von physischen, hierarchisch angeordneten Dateien, die in der Art Parent-Child-Grandchildetc. verbunden sind) erlaubt es einer einzelnen Anfrage (Query) automatisch den Parent-Satz mit allen dazugehörenden untergeordneten Sätzen eingebettet in der Hierarchie eines XML-Dokumentes zurückzugeben. Unterstützt Groß-/Kleinschreibung der PREDICT Feldnamen und bietet optional First-Qualifier (Dateinamen) für Elemente, abgeleitet aus den Feldnamen. Die neue Option Include Schema erlaubt durch das Servlet getxml die Einbettung des XML Schemas in das Antwort XML-Dokument. Damit bietet DPS X-Link eine bessere Nutzung von Microsoft.NET Datasets. Anmerkung: Diese DPS X-Link Version ist mit ADABAS V7.4, PREDICT V4 und z/os V1.2 kompatibel. Diese DPS X-Link Remote API Version ist auf dem Betriebsystem Windows NT V4.0 Service Pack 6 oder einer späteren Version installierbar. Installieren Sie Framework V1.1, oder eine spätere Version, bevor DPS X-Link Remote API in der Windows Umgebung installiert wird. Der DPS X-Link Server kann auf jedem IBM 3090 oder kompatiblem Rechner unter dem Betriebssystem z/os (V1.2 oder höher) installiert werden. DPS X-Link setzt keine Änderungen im Betriebssystem oder in der ADABAS Loadlibrary voraus. All product names men tioned in TREETIMES are trade marks and/or products of their re spec tive holders. The mention of any non-tsi product or information provided by outside sources in TREETIMES should not be considered to imply support or endorsement by Treehouse Software, Inc., its employees, or affi liates. -7- March 2005

8 T r e e t i m e s Treehouse Software Products ADABAS-to-RDBMS Data Transfer: DPS - ADABAS-to-RDBMS data materialization (ETL), replication, and propagation (CDC) software DPS X-Link - Instant XML-based read/write access to ADABAS DPSync - Near-real-time ADABAS-to-RDBMS data propagation (CDC) software product set trelational - ADABAS modeling, mapping, and data analysis tool; DPS parameter generator trelationalpc - Windows-based graphical interface to make the tasks of modeling and mapping even simpler Treehouse Remote Access (TRA) - Middleware that allows trelationalpc to communicate with trelational on the mainframe. NatQuery - GUI-based tool that intelligently generates NATURAL code to handle all of the complexities of data extraction from ADABAS UNIX: NatCDC - Add-on to NatQuery designed to create immediately-usable data out of the ADABAS PLOG SEDIT - XEDIT and ISPF/PDF compatible editor for UNIX and Windows S/REXX - REXX-compatible language for UNIX and Windows S/REXX Debugger - Optional graphical debugger for S/REXX programs Software AG Related: ADAREORG - File reorganization tool for ADABAS ADASTRIP - Data extraction utility for ADABAS AUDITRE - Generalized ADABAS auditing facility AUTOLOADER - ADABAS fi le automatic unload/reload/dump utility CHART for NATURAL - NATURAL application analysis and documentation tool N2O - NATURAL application change management system N2O/3GL - 3GL support within N2O for PANVALET, LIBRARIAN, ENDEVOR, and PDSs PROFILER for NATURAL - NATURAL quality assurance and testing tool SECURITRE - ADABAS and NATURAL security interface to RACF, ACF2, and TOP SECRET TRIM - ADABAS and NATURAL performance monitor Phone: (412) Fax: (412) Web: TREEHOUSE SOF TWARE, INC. 409 Broad Street, Suite 140 Sewickley, PA USA PRSRT STD US POSTAGE PAID PITTSBURGH PA PERMIT No 1715 T r Tree times e e #1