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1 Amt der Tiroler Landesregierung Abteilung Zivil- und Katastrophenschutz Digitalfunk BOS Austria BOS: Behörden und Organisationen mit Sicherheitsaufgaben ( System in Tirol, AT) L ESPERIENZA DEL TIROLO Trento Mag. Mail: Web:

2 Information -History -Network and Coverage in Tirol - User in Tirol in Austria

3 Digital Radio BOS Austria Projektinformation ( Tirol / AT) One Radio Network for ALL Services in Austria! No technical and tactical barriers Free of charge for all services Individual and joint communication high quality Coverage

4 Digital Radio BOS Austria Projektinformation ( Tirol / AT) One Network for ALL Services in Austria! 01/2004 Tender 07/2004 Contract signed (Motorola/Alcatel) Main client: Ministry of Interior (MoI) 130 Mio. Partner in Tirol: GoT / Dep. of Civil Protection 12 Mio. 09/ /2006 Network/Coverage planning Site construction Tactical work / Mobile devices/terminals 01/2006 Start Province of Tirol Province / Capital Vienna

5 Technical tasks Goverment of Tirol (GoT) (ongoing) Transmitter sites were acquired from the State of Tirol (GoT) Transmitter sites were planned and build from GoT Technical maintanance for all sites in Tirol 195 Transmitter sites in Tirol 19 Tunnel sites 1 Indoor site (Hospital Innsbruck) min. 24h emergency power supply

6 about 95% of Tirol total area is TERA covered


8 Coordination infrastructure (Switches / Base stations) Network connection Main switching office Alarm Monitoring Network planning (together with Provinces) Encryption / S&S Tasks Ministry of Interior & TETRON (ongoing)

9 Digital Radio BOS Austria Operation ( Tirol / AT) One Network for ALL Services in Tirol! 2 Tetra terminals (devices) were financed by the GoT for every emergency unit (total terminals!) -> Basic equipment 12/ /2006 Start /2008 Province of Tirol (Authorities Province/District/Community level) Rescue helicopter (14) Fire services (Innsbruck and Kufstein district) Ambulance services (Kufstein district) Military for Civil-Military Cooperation All other fires services (units) All other ambulance services incl. mountain rescue & water rescue Hospitals and many other services (energy & infrastructure suppliers)

10 Digital Radio BOS Austria Numbers / Figures ( Tirol / AT) Tetra devices/terminals 362 fire departments with volunteers Tetra devices/terminals 30 ambulance with volunteers & 500 professionals Tetra devices/terminals 63 mountain rescue units with volunteers 100 Tetra devices/terminals other ambulance services Tetra devices/terminals Authorities, Communities, Infrastructure units, Tetra devices Alert & Warning System (Pager/Sirens) Tetra devices/terminals Police units and departments in Tirol

11 Tactical tasks Goverment of Tirol (GoT) (ongoing) ISSI Management for Tirol (Fire 02 / Rescue services 06 / Authorities 08) GSSI Management for Tirol Terminalmanagement (orders / sytem integration) & eencryption System (Terminal Management & Programming) Tactical measures ( who to use how to communicate ) internal Software Certification (GoT Dispatch Centre) Servicedefinition (Status / GPS / SDS) Information

12 Tactical tasks Goverment of Tirol (GoT) (ongoing) TMO - Definitions

13 Newsletter: Infos & News Background Events / Missions Tactic Technical news Definition Network Coverage Next Issue: September 2012

14 One Network for ALL Services in Tirol! in Tirol (Summary) nearly perfect Coverage (> 95%) > than terminal in use (Tirol only!) high quality communication system Dispatch Centre Warning & Alert System - BOS Status and GPS (new services for our BOS) BOS: Emergency Services Network connection (transmitter MSO) No coverage around Tirol s provinces (V / S / K) No coverage/connection with GE No coverage/connection with CH and IT

15 Digitalfunk BOS Austria Coverage Austria

16 Grazie / Thank you / Danke Dep. of Civil Protection / Government of Tirol