Overview. Überblick. Prof. Dr.-Ing. habil Thomas Magedanz

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1 Overview Überblick Prof. Dr.-Ing. habil Thomas Magedanz Technische Universität Berlin Fakultät IV Elektrotechnik und Informatik Institut für Telekommunikationssysteme Fachgebiet Architekturen der Vermittlungsknoten Sekretariat FR5-14, Franklinstr , D Berlin, Germany Internet: 1

2 AV Education and Research Focus Evolution toward NGN, Future Mobile Networks and Future Internet Convergence of Telekommunications, Internet, Entertainment and IT is fueling the innovation in Service Delivery Platforms and underlying networking infrastructures IP-based Next Generation Networks (NGNs) and Next Generation Mobile Networks are forming the technical foundation for new communication and media services within the next 5 years Future Internet (FI) is regarded as technical foundation for these services in 5-10 years from now AV provides education and applied research in the above domains, looking at key technologies, architectures, protocols, and standards for prototyping multimedia applications above NGNs, Future Mobile Networks and the emerging FI. A key target is excellence and sustainability of research Education of young talents prepared for challenges in a world of convergence 2

3 AV Curriculum WS Optional Grundlagen Offener Kommunikationssysteme (GOKS) SS AV VL: NGN Technologies & Services (NGN) AV VL Future Internet Technologies FIT) WS AV Projekt NGN - I AV IV: Hot Topics in NGNs & FIT SS AV Projekte NGN - II AV SE MA/DA &PhD Seminar WS Master- / Diplomarbeit 3

4 Lectures at AV Sommer Semester NGN FIT NGN Projekt I / NGN Projekt II Winter Semester Hot Topics NGN Projekt I / NGN Projekt II 4

5 AV VL NGN im SS Next Generation Network Technologies & Services (NGN) Dozent: Prof. Dr. Thomas Magedanz 2 SWS Vorlesung, Freitags Uhr MA 042 Im Rahmen dieser 2 stündigen VL werden die wesentlichen Architekturen, Komponenten und Protokolle für Next Generation Networks (NGN) und Service Delivery Platforms (SDPs) und deren Anwendungen vorgestellt. Wesentliche Schlagworte der VL umfassen: all-ip Netze, ETSI TISPAN NGN, VoIP, SIP, Diameter, Intelligente Netze /CAMEL, Offene Dienst APIs, 3GPP Open Service Access, Parlay, Parlay X, JAIN, SIP Servlets, IP Multimedia System (IMS), PSTN Emulation, Fixed Mobile Convergence, IPTV, SOA, Web 2.0, Telco 2.0, Evolved Packet Core (EPC), Open Source IMS, NGN Testbeds Weitere aktuelle Informationen zur VL finden sich auf den AV Webseiten unter 5

6 AV VL FIT im SS Future Internet Technologies (FIT) Dozent: Dr. Tanja Zseby 2 SWS Vorlesung, Freitags Uhr MA 041 In der Vorlesung werden Konzepte und Technologien für das Internet der Zukunft (FI) vorgestellt. Es werden Probleme und Herausforderungen im derzeitigen Internet analysiert und sowohl revolutionäre (clean slate) als auch evolutionäre Ansätze für das Internet der Zukunft vorgestellt. Die Themen umfassen u.a. Alternativen zum Schichtenmodell, Autonomic Communications/Self-x Konzepte, innovative Dienstarchitekturkonzepte (Kooperationsmodelle/P2P), FI Sicherheitskonzepte, sowie eine kritische Betrachtung von IPv6. Weitere aktuelle Informationen finden sich auf den AV Webseiten unter 6

7 Agenda AV VL NGN im SS 2010 Raum MA 042, Freitags Uhr: Prof. Dr. T. Magedanz Einführung: fixed & mobile NGN, IMS, SDP, SOA, Network APIs, Telco Intelligente Netze (IN) IN in Mobilen Netzen - CAMEL SDPs und Network APIs: Parlay / 3GPP OSA / JAIN SLEE Web 2.0 und Web Services APIs: Parlay X Parlay REST / GSM One VoIP Basics & IETF Protokolle: SIP & DIAMETER IMS Standards Überblick / 3GPP IMS Core GPP IMS Application Layer und IMS Applikationen (PES, RCS, IPTV) SDPs und Web 2.0 AV/FOKUS Open SOA Telco Playground Mobile NGN: 3GPP Evolved Packet System (LTE und EPC) Evolved Packet Core (EPC) im Detail und FUSECO Playground Große Übung & Exkursion zu den AV/FOKUS Playgrounds Klausur (Blockprüfung ist voraus. am ) 7

8 Hot Topics in NGN and FIT Wintersemester 2009/ SWS (VL mit UE) - Wahlpflicht für E-Techniker, TI, Info, WiIng sowohl Diplom / Master Donnerstag 16:00-18:00 Raum : FR 0027 Details on topics https://www.isis.tu-berlin.de/course/view.php?id= : OSTP Komponenten und Protokolle (N. Blum) 1. Service Composition for real-time Services 2. Service Clouds : Identity Management in Telecommunications (F. Deinert) 3. OpenID - Overview, relevance and future enhancements 4. Near Field Communication (NFC) - Technical Overview, Potential und Security issues : Security and Emergency (Y. Rebahi) 5. NGN Emergency Services 6. NGN Security : Evolved Packet Core (M. Corici) 7. Evolved Packet Core Evolution 8. Handover Strategies in EPC 8

9 Hot Topics in NGN and FIT Wintersemester 2009/ : P2P & Anonymous Internet (J. Fiedler) 9. P2P Standardization: P2PSIP 10. Alto : FI Functional Composition Service / Network (S. Wahle/C. Henke) 11. Infrastructure as a Service, Cloud Computing, and Virtualization 12.Functional Composition Approaches on Network Layer : Cooperation Models in Computer Networks I (Zseby/Kleis) 13. Cooperation Basics in Computer Networks 14.Routing Games : Cooperation Models in Computer Networks II (Zseby/Kleis) 14. Cooperative Packet Forwarding in Mobile Ad Hoc networks : Cooperation Models in Computer Networks III (Zseby/Kleis) 15. Incentive Models for Filesharing in P2P networks 16. Incentive Models for Routing in P2P networks 9

10 Hot Topics in NGN and FIT Wintersemester 2009/ : Advanced Network Security I (Zseby/Kleis) 17. IPv6 Security 18. Attacks in Mobile Ad Hoc Networks : Advanced Network Security II (Zseby/Kleis) 19. Security in P2P networks Abschluss / Ausblick Mündl. Pruefung 10

11 NGN Projekt I / NGN Projekt II Sommersemester SWS Projekt Wahlpflicht für Etechniker, TI, Info, WiIng sowohl Diplom / Master Details on projects https://www.isis.tu-berlin.de/course/view.php?id=1019 Integration of Sensor Networks into SOA based NGN infrastructure A shared data center Service Broker Service Broker Sandbox Converged service registry for a SOA based Service Broker Aktive Monitoringsysteme für die NGN Dienstplattform Passive Monitoringsysteme für die NGN Dienstplattform Live tracking of IP packets Delay monitoring based on multipoint measurements Smart Cities & Data Federation Network Emulation With Emulab Large Scale Overlay Networks With PlanetLab Mindmap 11

12 NGN Projekt I / NGN Projekt II Sommersemester 2010 Details on projects https://www.isis.tu-berlin.de/course/view.php?id=1019 Infrastructure as a Service, Cloud Computing, and Virtualization Policies Modeling Tool Policies Conflict Resolution for Service Broker Semantic based Service Capabilities' Discovery Late binding services flows execution Flash based real-time communication JavaFX multimedia extension Rich Communication Suite Multi Protocol Messaging Mobile Location-based Coupon Engine Policy Enhancements for the Future Mobile Networks Core A security enabler for the Future Mobile Networks Dynamic Mobility anchor selection for the Future Broadband Mobile Networks 12

13 AV Team Prof. Dr. Thomas Magedanz Käte Schlicht Sekr. FR5-14 Franklinstrasse Berlin (8-12uhr) (13-16uhr) FOKUS Team Dr. Tanja Zseby Sebastian Wahle Niklas Blum 13

14 Prof. Dr. Thomas Magedanz Thomas Magedanz (PhD) is professor in the electrical engineering and computer sciences faculty at the Technical University of Berlin, Germany, leading the chair for next generation networks (Architekturen der Vermittlungsknoten AV) supervising Master and PhD Students. In addition, he is director of the NGNI division at the Fraunhofer Institute FOKUS, which also provides the national NGN/IMS test and development centre in Germany. Since 2006 he is also extraordinary professor at the University of Cape Town in South Africa. Prof. Magedanz is a globally recognised technology expert, based on his 20 years of practical experiences gained by managing various research and development projects in the various fields of today s convergence landscape (namely IT, telecoms, internet and entertainment). He acts often as invited tutorial speaker at major telecom conferences and workshops around the world. Prof. Magedanz is senior member of the IEEE, editorial board member of several journals, and the author of more than 200 technical papers/articles. He is the author of two books on IN standards and IN evolution. 14

15 Dr. Tanja Zseby Tanja Zseby is head of the Competence Center Network Research (CC NET) at the Fraunhofer Institute FOKUS. She received her degree in Electrical Engineering and her Ph.D. degree (Dr.- Ing.) from Technical University Berlin. Dr. Zseby leads various national and international research projects in the area of Future Internet research with focus on novel concepts for network protection and network management. She has many years of experience in the field of network measurements and traffic analysis for network security and quality assurance and is active in Internet standardization (IETF) since

16 AV Team Scientific Staff Julius Müller Florian Deinert Christian Henke Irina Boldea Tran Quang Thanh Konrad Campowsky

17 Contact Prof. Dr.-Ing. habil Thomas Magedanz TUB Chair Next Generation Networks / Director FOKUS NGNI Division ❾