June 2009 Nr Visit our stall at Presidents Hall, P3 A. Foto: Skeleton Coast Safaris

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1 June 2009 Nr. 172 Visit our stall at Presidents Hall, P3 A Foto: Skeleton Coast Safaris

2 Greetings to the Namibia Tourism Expo 2009 Partnership is a must As Minister of Environment and Tourism, it gives me great pleasure to welcome the Namibia Tourism Expo This event is widely considered as the most important event on the Namibian tourism calendar. It is therefore not surprising that since its inception in 1999, the Expo has gone from strength to strength, and the amazing growth that we all witness here over the next few days is testament to the commitment that the various partners and stakeholders have made towards growing this sector. In particular I would like to single out Democratic Media Holdings who have initiated and organised the Expo. I want to commend them for their dedication over the past ten years to contribute to this country s tourism industry. Namibia Tourism Expo 2009 is significant, since as a country we are preparing to strategically position ourselves for the FIFA World Cup and the All African Nations Cup to take place in 2010 in South Africa and Angola respectively, it thus provides the opportunity for networking and a platform for creating more awareness of tourism amongst Namibians. This Expo is not only an event for players in the tourism industry, but it also seeks to create awareness amongst Namibians on the importance of tourism. This is important, as tourism must play an everincreasing role in rural development, poverty alleviation and general contribution to the economic growth and development of Namibia. In the face of the current world financial crisis, the tourism sector in Namibia offers a ray of hope. I would like to point out that the Expo provides an excellent opportunity for developing partnerships and effective networks. A partnership between the government, private sector and the community is a must. We need to work together and support each other. Special attention has to be given to emerging tourism entrepreneurs. Namibia s tourism industry must be competitive in the world, I therefore hope that during the next few days of the Expo we will take time to know each other, share ideas and build effective partnership to take our sector to even greater heights. Hon. Netumbo Nandi-Ndaitwah, Minister of Environment and Tourism Fascinating aisles are beckoning Yes, it is tourism expo time again! This is the 11th Namibian Tourism Expo, the first having been in Over these years, the Expo has grown into a highlight on the Namibian calendar. For Namibia, it has evolved into a trade fair which does not only attract tourism stakeholders, but the wider Namibian public, because it has grown in diversity and magnitude. Potential clients, interested parties, suppliers, agents and tourism providers mingle, negotiate, inform and network during this event. Anybody, with a love for Namibia, will be entertained and intrigued with all the different products and services on display at the tourism Expo. To me, the Expo is a representation of the development and evolution of the Namibian tourism industry every year new partners enter the stage, products are improved, changed and diversified, services are adapted, new unique selling points created and most of these can then be viewed at the Expo, our tourism focal point. As someone, who has been in tourism for many years, it remains fascinating to walk through the aisles and absorb all the new developments, the vibe, the enthusiasm and the true Namibian hospitality. It makes one proud to be part of one of the most dynamic sectors of development in Namibia. Up to now, the global recession has only had a relatively small impact on Namibian tourism, while our neighbouring countries have experienced a substantial drop in business. Over the last few years, Namibia has become an increasingly popular long-haul holiday destination and it is vital for Namibia to maintain this momentum. We cannot allow ourselves to stagnate. The Namibian Tourism Expo plays a vital part in promoting Namibia as a tourist destination. International media representatives and an increasing number of international tour operators and agents visit the Expo, which is testimony to the growing importance of our tourism trade fair. In conclusion, the Namibian Tourism Expo can be compared in quality and professionalism, to any of the other regional and international tourism trade fairs, obviously not as big, but the event is a perfect showcase of what Namibia is capable of. Congratulations to Democratic Media Holdings, the event organisers, and Glenda Manthe-Grobler and her team, who coordinate the expo every year you have done a remarkable job once again. Herewith a warm Thank you for your efforts from the Tour and Safari Association (TASA) of Namibia. Nathaly Ahrens, Executive Director of TASA (Tour and Safari Association of Namibia) Tourism is Everyone s Business The entire Namibian Tourism Industry under one roof! - That is the aim of the annual Tourism Expo held in Windhoek in May each year, - and this year, the 11th Tourism Expo promises to be the Best Show ever, - a true reflection of the status and value of the Namibian Tourism Industry, being one of the pillars of the Namibian economy. HAN is very proud to be associated with this exciting annual event, having been involved at various levels in staging this colourful showcase of the tourism sector since its very beginning. This year, a particular emphasis at the Tourism Expo will be the promotion of tourism products and services for the domestic market, - thereby initiating more interest among Namibians in their own country s tourism attractions & services, and making these more accessible and affordable to our own people. The Hospitality Association of Namibia is convinced this will contribute to more and more people becoming aware of the value and status of this important sector of the Namibian economy, who will realise, that Tourism is Everyone s Business, in which every single citizen has a role to play in developing Namibia as an attractive, unique, friendly, safe and comfortable tourism destination, for everyone, local and international citizens alike. HAN s contribution to this endeavour will be the official launch of the HAN Tourism Awareness Manual, which over the next months and years will be taken to high schools throughout Namibia willing to expose their pupils to the basics of tourism, - and a brief insight into career opportunities in this spectacular industry. The 15 selected high school pupils of the City of Windhoek s Teens in Tourism initiative will be the first to be exposed to the HAN Tourism Awareness Manual. More information will be made available at the Tourism Expo and HAN wishes to invite all Namibians to visit the Tourism Expo 2009 for a colourful exhibition of this exciting sector! Gitta Paetzhold, CEO of HAN Expo is short for excitement Fenata, the umbrella association representing the private sector of the tourism industry, is a proud member of the Namibia Tourism Expo Steering Committee. We welcome all to our exciting annual tourism event! Tourism is on display once again at our Annual Namibia Tourism Expo and we have much to show! Our industry offers top quality tour operators, activities, accommodation facilities and a range of products for all budgets. Our main product on show: our beautiful country, Namibia! It is a winning product. With over 350 exhibitors and more than 15,000 people expected to enjoy the event this year, it is a grand testimony to the strength of the tourism industry in Namibia. Tourism arrivals to Namibia slightly decreased in 2008 compared to 2007 s high of 928,800. Some decreases are expected for 2009, due to the global economic crisis. In response to this, our tourism industry private sector is strengthening its position through more and innovative marketing, staff training programs for increased service delivery, and even greater efficiency in operations. At Fenata, we don t look down in challenging times; we look ahead and take it on! The Namibia Tourism Expo is happening at the right time to show our domestic tourists, regional tourists, outbound operators and visiting travel journalists that Namibia has a comparative advantage because of our unique niche products. Discount travel deals for domestic tourists are featured this year by the Namibia Tourism Board (NTB). Make sure you check out the Chef s Theatre during the Expo to enjoy celebrity chefs as they create mouth-watering meals and have fun competitions with delicious food. Fenata will close out the Expo once again with our Annual Fund-Raising Dinner to be held at the Windhoek Country Club and Resort, May 30, 2009, 19:00 for 19:30. Please come to the Fenata stand in the President s Hall on the Expo Show Grounds for ticket information. Jacky Asheeke, CEO of FENATA Fresh ideas for mutual benefit Exactly eleven years ago the windows of the Namibian Tourism industry opened its doors in Windhoek, the heart and pulse of this country with its wide open spaces. Yes, one can hardly believe it s going to be the eleventh annual Namibian Tourism Expo which takes place from 27 May- 30 May 2009, organised by Republikein with support from the many varied tourism organisations in the country. Although there are many tourism related businesses such as travel agents, lodges, hotels, restaurants, tour and safari operators, activity operators and new entrants such as tourism related SME s, all of them have one goal in common and it is to showcase their products and to view new developments in the tourism industry. This year a fully fledged motor vehicle show under the banner of Bank Windhoek- Republikein Motor Show is not to be missed. The Namibian Tourism Expo has grown tremendously in terms of exhibitions and visitor numbers, recording with a mere 5541 visitors in 2003 to a staggering visitors in The value of the Expo goes further than to provide a forum for tourism and its suppliers to market new and existing products and services, directly to the consumer and to the travel trade, both locally and internationally. It takes a lead in general public awareness of the importance of tourism and also encourages stakeholders in the industry to network and communicate with each other. The Namibia Tourism Board continues to support the organisers and invites international travel agents, guests and members of the media to the expo showing commitment towards their mandate of marketing the tourism industry locally and internationally. The true spirit of tourism in Namibia lies with its inhabitants and the land that they share with others to create a unique tourism product which draws repeating visitors every year. The Namibia Tourism Board remains committed to work with the industry, but the challenge is that such approach should be all embracing, including our partners in National, Regional and Local Government, as well as all groupings in the country, be it SME s owned by the Previously Disadvantaged Namibians to reflect our diverse nation or those who have been in the industry for a long time. The NTB therefore believes that it is right that all stakeholders, regardless how insignificant some may be considered, lead the way. This is their industry and injecting fresh ideas to activities of the Expo will only result in mutual benefit for everyone involved. The Namibia Tourism Expo is a showcase in terms of what the country has to offer, the NTB has therefore embarked on a domestic tourism campaign, especially with Fifa World Cup 2010 around the corner; at this prestigious event on Namibia s tourism calendar, Namibians can find out about affordable holidays in their own country. The 2009 Expo promises to be the biggest ever Tourism Showcase. Many Namibians will be spurred to explore their own country. Digu Naobeb, CEO of NTB 2 June 2009

3 Republikein, the sister newspaper of Allgemeine Zeitung is once more hosting the annual Namibia Tourism Expo. This will be the eleventh time the expo takes place. The Expo will be on from 27 May to 30 May While organising this prestigious event on the Namibian social calendar, Republikein gets wonderful support from all Namibian tourism organisations. In addition, the Namibia Tourism Board (NTB) works closely with the organisers by inviting international travel agents, guests and members of the media to the Expo. Networking opportunities are the backbone of the event. Since its inception in 1999, the Namibia Tourism Expo has consistently grown and has earned a superb reputation for offering the only centralised marketing platform for Namibia s hospitality industry. Apart from presenting a highly effective showcase for exhibitors active in tourism, the organisers have revitalized the exhibition year after year by expanding the showcase. The Expo hosts exhibits by local, regional and international establishments and also features interactive chefs demonstrations, arts & crafts exhibitions, food, beer and wine tasting and a host of other fun activities to attract travel enthusiasts, foodies, friends of tourism and the general public alike. A fully fledged motor vehicle show, complete with motoring accessories, is hosted under the banner of the Bank Windhoek - Republikein Motor Show. Eleven years of Namibia Tourism Expo Tour & safari operators, travel agents, lodges, hotels, restaurants, tourism-related SME s, all Namibia s major tourism support bodies and suppliers to the industry flock to the event to By Estelle de Bruyn introduce their products and catch up on the latest developments in tourism. The Namibia Tourism Expo has enjoyed a steady increase of visitors each year. In recent years the Expo has seen an even more marked growth. In 2003, people visited the Expo; in 2004 it grew to 7 100; in 2005 the figure was up to 9 373; in 2006, visitors entered through the gates; in 2007 visitors numbers had swollen to and last year a new record was set with visitors. This represented a growth of 14% on 2007 attendance.: According to the chief organiser of the Tourism Expo, Ms. Glenda Manthe-Grobler, the organisers embrace the challenges of 2009 and will stay ahead of the game by introducing fresh elements and including innovative ideas to attract an ever changing market. The Namibia Tourism Expo aims to provide a forum for the tourism industry and its suppliers to market new and existing products and services directly to the consumer and to the travel trade, both locally and internationally; create a public awareness of the importance of tourism and foster a sense of pride for our country amongst Namibians and encourage stakeholders in the industry to network and communicate with each other for the benefit of the tourism trade at large, Ms. Manthe-Grobler said. The Namibia Tourism Expo attracts visitors who are actively seeking information about the various industry suppliers, new products and recent developments in tourism. The event presents an ideal opportunity to those who wish to network with the industry and make face to face contact to identify new business prospects, she added. n AfriSerenity African Day Spa is the ultimate fusion of tradition and modernity, marrying the wisdom of the ancients with the savvy of contemporary Innovation. Let us revitalize you with time-honored African rituals and relaxation secrets, passed down through generations of caregivers. Luxuriate in the serene atmosphere of the unspoiled African bush, as our trained therapists ease away the stresses of modern living. Our unique combinations of traditional oils, creams and aromas are composed of Namibia s finest indigenous natural resources, mixed with loving care to Soothe the soul, relax the body, and ease the mind. We are located mere minutes away from the city of Windhoek, but our serene Surroundings offer a calming sanctuary from the city s adrenalin rush. Gain Peace of mind, body, and soul in the tranquil setting of the AfriSerenity Day Spa. COME EXPERIENCE A SPA WITH A DIFFERENCE AfriSerenity Your soothing sanctuary in the heart of the African Bush For more information and bookings, contact us on: Tel: Tourismus Namibia now available as E- Paper Explore Namibia at your own PC! Click Riot & Strike Burnt-out cars, raided homes, damaged property, loss of income, trauma. These are the realities of riots and strikes. Finding yourself and your assets in the wrong place at the wrong time, holds devastating consequences. Protect your assets against the costly damages of other people s actions. Acquire NASRIA s riot and strike cover. It has become an essential part of business and personal insurance portfolios. Contact your broker/agent or insurance Company today. For more information visit us at the Expo. Tourism & Lifestyle Hall TL P.O.Box 417 Windhoek Tel: Fax: Website: 3 June 2009

4 expo Tourism s a ational sset By Estelle de Bruyn epublikein has always viewed tourism as a national asset. Always committed to the development of a strong amibian economy, it was therefore natural or Republikein to get involved in supporting he tourism sector in the country, says chairerson of the board and managing director f Democratic Media Holdings, Ms. Chrisna reeff. We see the tourism sector as one of the most mportant providers of job opportunities to loal communities. It also plays a major role in he development and upliftment of rural comunities. Tourism by its nature is vulnerable to negaive reporting in the media. Although we have duty to report objectively on events as they nfold, we also see it as our duty to project ll that is positive about Namibia as a tourism estination, Ms. Greeff said. he acknowledged concerns about the curent negative trends in the global economy, ut added that Republikein strongly believes Chrisna Greeff that at the same time new opportunities are created, that did not exist before for the promotion of tourism facilities in the country, especially amongst the local Namibian community. We hope that Namibians will use the opportunity this year to visit the Namibia Tourism Expo and to explore the possibilities local tourism offers, especially in the light of the wide variety of promotions and specials on offer from the industry at the show. The Namibia Tourism Expo is now well established as a showcase for the local tourism industry and tourism related products. In this regards it goes from strength to strength every year. The expo is still growing because it provides quality exhibitions across a broad spectrum and has become entrenched as a worthwhile attraction on the annual calendar for the Namibian public. The vision the organisers had when creating the Namibia Tourism Expo, was not only to create a showcase for Namibia but for the whole Southern African Development Community. This dream is coming to fruition with Botswana Tourism participating this year for the first time. In the past the Expo also played host to Zambia, Zimbabwe and South Africa tourism. We hope that in the near future we will also be able to welcome Angola to the Expo. To all the loyal exhibitors over the past years as well as those present for the first time this year, we wish great success. We trust that they will always experience Namibia is the country of opportunities. We would also like to thank each and every organisation and institution for playing a substantive role in presenting and developing of the Namibia Tourism Expo, Ms. Greeff said. n KALAHARI WILD SILK MANUFACTURERS FROM ADVERSITY TO OPPORTUNITY Until recently, the moth Gonometa Postiga was seen as a threat to livestock and game farming on the fringes of the Kalahari in the Omaheke and Hardap regions. The moth hatches from cocoons which are spun by larvae on Camel thorn and blackthorn including prosopis trees upon which the larvae feeds before pupating. The animals feed on the dry cocoons, which cannot be digested, resulting in severe rumen impaction and sometimes even results in death. In 1999 the Namibian Agricultural Union (NAU) requested the then Ministry of Agriculture, Water and Rural Development (MAWRD) to declare the moth species known as Gonometa Postiga a national pest after a particularly high number of livestock and wild game losses attributed to ingestion of the cocoon of this moth. Following the call by the farmers, MAWRD convened a meeting to investigate means of eradicating the moth. Chemical eradication was deemed too expensive and could have been hazardous to the environment. Processing the cocoons into silk and producing wild silk products was agreed upon as an alternative to chemical eradication. The Centre for Research Information Africa Action (CRIAA SA-DC) was assigned the responsibility of providing technical advice in processing cocoons into silk while Oxfam (Canada) agreed to provide the necessary funding for the pilot phase of the project. Thus, a pilot production plant was established in Leonardville approximately 129 km south of Gobabis in the Omaheke Region. Local personnel were employed and trained in the production process. The Omaheke Regional Council (ORC) took over the project in 2006 when the Directorate of Rural Development was transferred from the MAWRD to the Ministry of Regional and Local Government, Housing and Rural Development (MRLGHRD). SILK FOR INCOME The ORC took over a project with plenty of potential and an urgent need for investment to increase capacity so as to ensure commercial viability. According to the Regional Poverty Profile published in 2006, Omaheke is the third poorest region in Namibia and the Aminuis Constituency where the project is situated is one of the poorest areas within that region. Close to 95% of the local population of approximately 1,600 people living in Leonardville are unemployed and live in poverty. Considering this alarming situation, the project was presented to the National Planning Commission s (NPC) Rural Poverty Reduction Programme (RPRP) with the overall objective being to contribute to the reduction of rural poverty and create a secure means of livelihood for the people in and around Leonardville. The collection of wild silk and processing it into various silk yarn and silk products provides employment and income to members of the community, mostly women in Leonardville. A secondary objective is the reduction of the mortality and morbidity of cattle and game by harvesting the empty cocoons before they are eaten by animals. The NPC s RPRP has thus provided European Union (EU) funding to the tune of N$ 2.4 million while the ORC contributed N$ to secure the 37 existing jobs and create several more. Manual collection of the cocoons also creates additional income to farm workers and their families. UNIQUE AND NATURAL PRODUCTS Production of unique naturally woven products is taking place at the project factory in Leonardville. The products include a wide range of scarves, shawls neck ties, bed covers, cushion covers and many more REMEMBER TO VISIT THE KALAHARI WILK SILK MANUFACTURERS STALL AT THE UPCOMING WINDHOEK TOURISM EXPO ON MAY OUTLETS: Casa Anin Embroidery Namibia Craft Centre, 40 Tal Street Tel.: , Windhoek Swakop Info Woerman Haus, 10 Bismark Street Tel: , Swakopmund Okahandja Project Site in Leonardville Tel./Fax: For more information contact: Itah Tel.: Cell: Fax: Denise Tel./Fax: Cell: June 2009

5 expo Two big names in culinary circles will be visiting the Namibia Travel Expo s Chef s Kitchen this year: the well-known Cape Malay queen Cass Abrahams and the Nando s Mamma Mimi Jardim. Proud granny Mimi Jardim trained at the Johannesburg Teachers Training College in Home Economics and taught for ten years before turning her hand to lecturing. While her training and experience covers an extensive culinary range, she found that there was a lack of awareness regarding Portuguese cuisine in particular. This is what led to the establishment of her own cookery school, Jardim s, which ran for 10 years. After a stint at lecturing, Mimi joined Pick n Pay School of Cooking as principal Home Economist. During this time she also wrote her first book, Cooking The Portuguese Way in South Africa, in 1991, which sold extremely well, emphasising the importance of Portuguese cuisine in the South African market. People s Food followed in She joined Nando s as a product consultant in 1992, testing and developing new products and recipes, and was the principal at their School of Cooking. During this time she was invited to participate in various events revolving around Portuguese cooking at the Berjaya Beau Vallon Hotel in the Seychelles and the Polana in Maputo. Mimi has been a guest presenter for various radio and television shows about cooking, including South African stations Radio 702, Radio Today and SAFM as well as international shows like Cooking on Air (UK and Scotland), and Chef for a Week for the Carlton Food Network (UK). Cass has been a guest demonstrater at the Gourmet Food Show in Cape Town on various occasions and regularly judges at cookery competitions. Cape Malay Queen and Nando s Mamma cook up a storm By Gerine Hoff Mimi Jardim Interspersed with having her children, the stint with Nando s and travelling to anywhere where there is good food, she has cooked for the likes of Anton Mosimann, Billy Gallagher, Anthony Worrall Thompson, Prue Leith, Raymond Blanc and various European chefs, ambassadors and even for princes. Cas Abrahams Photos: Gerine Hoff Where Mimi Jardim is situated there is good food to be found and this versatile cook, lecturer and personality is the energy behind Portuguese food in South Africa. She has also, practically single-handedly, taken Portuguese cooking to all the corners of the world, thus continuing the voyagers of discovery begun by her ancestors so many centuries ago. Cass Abrahams is another culinary star that needs just about no introduction. Above and beyond her books, The Culture and Cuisine of the Cape Malays and Cass Abrahams Cooks Cape Malay: Food from Africa, Cass is a wellknown host of cooking programmes on radio and television, including appeareances on SA productions Pasella and Top Billing, and abroad for BBC Food, Channel 4 Australia, Victory Gardens (USA) and many more. Cass holds a B.Sc (Botany and Zoology), a BA (Sociology and Psychology), a Higher Education Diploma as well as diplomas in Marketing Management and Public Relations. She has recieved various awards, including an award by Chaine des Rotisseurs, as well as honorary diplomas by the Culinary Aft Institute of Africa, the Chef s Assocation of South Africa and by Silwood Cordon Bleu. After spending 17 years teaching Physical Science and Biology and being a school psycholigst, Cass was a home economist for Tastic rice for eight years, and a freelance caterer for 16. Cass was a consultant for the establishment of various restaurants including eateries like Jonkershuis at Spier, The Cape Malay Kitchen at Cellars Hohenhort, The Cape Kitchen at Lanzerac and De Waterblommetjie Restaurant at the Castle of Good Hope. Currently she s helping to set up a restaurant at the historic Zomerlust in Paarl. She also devised menus and trained staff at all these establishments. Cass was involved with the development and promotion of various Cape products locally and abroad. She has represented South Africa and showcased South African cuisine overseas on many occasions, including in Thailand, Malaysia, Sweden, Denmark, Germany, the USA, France and the United Kingdom. Don t miss these two culinary masters in action at the Namibia Travel Expo. Tourism Radio will tell you what you need to know, everywhere in Namibia you want to go! 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6 expo Antoinette Stills her Hungry Heart By Gerine Hoff Antoinette de Chavonnes Vrugt Photo: Gerine Hoff Things will really be cooking at this year s Namibia Travel Expo, no doubt in part because local food fundie, Antoinette de Chavonnes Vrugt, will be launching her recipe book, My Hungry Heart Notes from a Namibian Kitchen, filled to the brim with local is lekker and a bit of other worldy cuisine. Antoinette is a master at making the best of what s available. Her sense of humour, flavour and adventure forms the basis of her recipes. It may not always be obvious, but everyone who has ever fallen in love with Namibia will recognise in these recipes: the red sand of the Kalahari, thorn trees covered in plush yellow blossoms, the textures of dunes, of camel-thorn bark, the happiness of a braai and a beer on a sultry summer evening and the smell of the first rain. Says Antoinette: This book is a dream come true! My three biggest passions are my husband and children, food and to travel with friends. Wherever I travel, I collect cookbooks because I feel that you can truly get to know the people of a country through their food culture. I realised that visitors to Namibia might also be browsing through bookshops in search of something that will translate our own food traditions and passions, which is why I compiled this book: it reflects how I live my life and how I cook, she says. Namibian cooking, like life here in general, is a matter of making the best of what you have. We always have a lot of meat. We mostly have fresh produce from the sea when at the coast. The rest is always a brilliant basket of possibilities and surprises. If it does rain and life hands you a wild mushroom, you make a magical omajova pasta. If you re hundreds of kilometres away from civilisation, camping out in the open air and your child asks you for bread, you dig a hole in the ground, fill it with fire and bake one! says Antoinette. In Antoinette s view Namibian recipes have a strong taste of history based on old South African Afrikaner food traditions, that resonate with the unique tastes from other influential visitors German, Cape Malay, Dutch, French, Chinese, Indian, African, Portuguese, and so on. In this book I tried to embrace the culture of Namibia as well as that of other countries, which is why you will also find recipes from many other countries, she adds. The book boasts beautiful photos taken by well-known Namibian photographer, Hentie Burger. He says that he used to eat food without giving a thought to photographing it. My culinary expertise in the outdoors is restricted to canned bully beef and long-life bread, washed down with a beer! He adds that he cannot lay claim to any stylist experience either. So why become a food photographer? Simply put: You do not argue with a fiery, redheaded chef who is convinced that your destiny lies in outdoor food photography, especially with the irresistible offer that you may eat all the food once photographed! To get your hands on a copy of Antoinette s book, visit the Gourmet Hall at the Namibia Travel Expo. n Conference Accommodation Team-building Tel Fax Parsival Street, Southern Industrial Area, Windhoek Tel: or , Fax: Only: N$ Copper Street, Windhoek Contact: J.C.Nel (T) (F) Site Engineers, travelling or recreation, the Tiny caravan caters for all! Abenteuer in namibia SAfAriS JAgen Angeln Besuchen Sie uns auf der Namibia Tourism Expo in der Präsidentenhalle. 6 June 2009

7 expo Motor show bigger and better than ever By Estelle de Bruyn A motor show was introduced at the Namibia Tourism Expo for the first time 2007 in conjunction with Bank Windhoek. It has proved to be a runaway success. Over the last two shows more than 200 vehicles to the value of more than N$30 million were sold. This provided a significant injection into the local economy with vehicle traders smiling all the way to the bank. The Bank Windhoek / Republikein Motor Show provides a platform for both Bank Windhoek, to promote its Vehicle and Asset Finance branch, and the motor vehicle industry that can benefit from the unique selling opportunity presented by the show. Mr Chris Matthee, Divisional Executive: Specialist Finance at Bank Windhoek, said at the launch of this year s show: Our involvement in the Motor Show demonstrates Bank Windhoek s commitment to building and strengthening our relationship with all stakehold- ers in the motor vehicle industry. The feedback received from motor dealers on the previous two events has been very positive and the general feeling is that the Bank Windhoek / Republikein Motor Show creates an important marketing platform for all participating parties. Mr Matthee further commented: At Bank Windhoek s Vehicle and Asset Finance Branch, we understand the excitement around purchasing a motor vehicle and therefore, it is of utmost importance to enhance this experience for our clients. We pride ourselves in delivering quick and reliant service to clients. During the 2009 Bank Windhoek / Republikein Motor Show, staff from Bank Windhoek s Vehicle and Asset Finance Branch will be available to provide assistance and information on vehicle financing. The Vehicle and Asset Finance branch has an excellent team of sales advisors with many years of experience in the motor vehicle industry. The sales advisor team will analyse clients needs and help them to choose the best finance solution that will satisfy their financing needs. Bank Windhoek s special offer, only valid during the 2009 Bank Windhoek / Republikein Motor Show, will be announced on 26 May 2009 at a motor dealer function. The special offer is expected to facilitate the positive outcome of the previous two Bank Windhoek / Republikein Motor Shows and thereby give the motor vehicle industry a much needed financial boost. More information on vehicle financing can be obtained by visiting the Bank Windhoek Vehicle and Asset Finance Branch at the WKH Building, Ausspannplatz, in Windhoek, or by phoning (061) The organiser of the Bank Windhoek / Republikein Motor Show, Jan Grobler, is available on should any further information on the Motor Show be required. Last year boats, motorcycles, quad bikes and everything the 4 X 4 enthusiast can dream of, was introduced at the show and this continues this year. Bushwackers will this year exhibit a very unique socalled Bass Boat, imported from the United States of America. Mr. Grobler, is excited about this year s show. All availa- ble space has already been fully booked. Motor dealers see this show as a platform to display their latest models and see this event as a unique marketing opportunity, Grobler added. Feedback from participants of previous motor shows has been extremely positive. They are impressed with the type of visitor the show attracts and sees it as a wonderful networking forum and a place to make contact with new potential buyers. New exhibitors this year include Namibia Commercial Vehicles that will be exhibiting Iveco; Zimmermann Garage with a range of Volkswagen vehicles; Wespa scooters will show a variety of these popular vehicles for the younger generation and KTM motorcycles will also be on display. The motor show at the Namibia Tourism Expo is the motor show in Namibia and all car dealers realise this. More than 40 brands of vehicles will be respresented at the Expo and many will exhibit several models, Grobler said. Only new vehicles will be represented at the show. n some *Awe ecial Sp Expo rs!! Offe HEAD OFFICE & WAREHOUSE WINDHOEK SWAKOPMUND 15 Newcastle Street 60 Mandume Ndemufayo Ave. Tel: (064) PO Box 726, Windhoek Tel: (061) Tel: ( ) KATUTURA WALVIS BAY Tel: (061) Tel: (064) OTJIWARONGO Tel: (067) OSHAKATI Tel: (065) LÜDERITZ Tel: (063) TSUMEB Tel: (067) RUNDU Tel: (066) ROSH PINAH Tel: (063) & S.M.B.A accepted * Special offers only valid for the duration of the Travel Expo 2009 or while stocks last 7 June 2009

8 advertorial House of Wine This year s Namibia Tourism Expo promises to be a treat for wine lovers and connoisseurs with the House of Wine taking over the whole Karakul Hall! Various wines from 15 different wine estates in South Africa will be represented. Wine lovers will get the opportunity to sample wines from Backsberg, Cabriére, Delheim, Ernie Els wines, Lutzville, Muratie, Nico van der Merwe Wines, Ridgeback, Anthony Rupert, Rust en Vrede, Schalk Burger & Sons, Saxenburg, Springfield Estate, Tokara and Villiera. According to the directors of House of Wine, Ernest Dukes and Dieter Jentsch experts will be on hand to give advise on the various wines. Informative presentations will also be hosted by experts on the various intricacies of wine and a variety of wine related topics. Dieter Jensch (left) and Ernst Duke (right) will be the hosts at the House of Wine exhition at the Namibia Tourism Expo. By Estelle de Bruyn Our slogan at this year s Expo is: We are here to meet you, giving customers the opportunity to meet with the various wineries and winemakers. Eight of the estates will be represented by their wine makers giving Namibians a unique opportunity to really get some inside information on the wine industry. Jazz music will help create the ambience for a very special wine tasting and learning experience. In addition olives and olive oil from Tokara will be on sale. Customers who fall in love with a particular wine, will also be able to purchase wine at market related rates. Traders will be able to taste for free, but for the general public a small fee of N$20 for five tastings or N$40 for 10 tastings will be charged. n AfriSerenity African Day Spa Experience Imagine being able to hear the ancient echo of African drum beats pounded on the rich soil of the motherland whilst indulging in a scrumptious breakfast as your eyes wander towards a sparkling pool. Welcome to AfriSerenity. A bush haven just fifteen minutes outside Windhoek where the spa treatment experience is not only authentically African but includes rituals used by the local tribes since the very dawn of the nation. Join us for a lingering hand and foot ritual then suspend your imagination as you immerse yourself in the country s staple food and feel the nourishing effects of mielie meal exfoliation. And then just when you think your senses couldn t be more a-tingle douse yourself in the healing waters of a Vichy Shower topped with a hot stone or calabash full body massage whilst overlooking the proud flora of the Khomas. Once your senses have been subtly soothed and sated, a three course gourmet lunch is the order of the day just before a spine tingling head and shoulder massage. Time ticks timidly to a stand still at AfriSerenity and should you choose an all day package you will be treated to no less than 7 treatments, two scrumptious meals and drinks of your choice throughout this heavenly experience. A day of pampering, perfecting and pleasure. But wait there s more! AfriSerenity Intimate Villa If you are celebrating an anniversary or looking to spoil that special somebody in your life why not book into one of our luxurious villas and have your loved one waited on like the Queen she is in this tranquil oasis of opulence. Sounds wonderful doesn t it. But you re too busy and you can get away? Introducing AfriSerenity Mobile Bringing all the joys of the day spa right to your doorstep all in a mobile and malleable, massage experience. Sparties: Girls Nights In, Baby and Bridal Showers. The AfriSerenity Mobile Spa is just a phone call away to turn your big day into an unforgettable experience of sea salt scrubbed skin with the lingering scents of marula. Corporates Treat your trusted and tired staff to a hearty hand massage and watch the week s stress wash away in a whisper of marula oil, sea salt and lemon grass. AfriSerenity An exceptional experience from the very heart of our heritage, Due to zoning issues, we were unable to open as planned, but we will be re-launching and opening on the 4 th July Join the amazing team of therapists in the Main hall; stall M5 at the Tourism Expo, from the 27 th -30th May to sample their rejuvenating massage mastery for the introductory price of N$50. Just 1½ hours from Windhoek Airport. The closest Kalahari gets to Windhoek. Experience pure Namibian hospitality in a timeless African setting. Relax in our delightful chalets and charming rooms. Enjoy a rustic yet peaceful & artistic atmosphere with a Karakul carpet weavery, farm gallery & jewellery studio. Beautiful gardens & pool offering breathtaking Kalahari views. Just taste our classic, mouth-watering Namibian cuisine. Take a refreshing sundowner on our evening game drive. Understand & appreciate how real Namibian farm operates. Enjoy our spectacular hiking trails across mountains and veldt and a stargazing visit to private observatory. We ll be your first, your last, your memories for ever. The ideal place to begin or end your holiday! T Guest Farm Kiripotib Claudia & Hans Georg von Hase Tel/Fax: Cell June 2009

9 expo Cape Minstrels are back at the Namibia Tourism Expo By Estelle de Bruyn One of the highlights to look forward to at this year s Namibia Tourism Expo, is the performance of Dsix Ghouma Entertainers, one of the reknowned groups of Cape minstrels. D6 Cape Town Ministrels like to entertain people with colourful faces and a spectacular performance by their brass band and minstrel singers. Each year this group performs at Green Point Stadium in Cape Town in front of around people and every New year s day they parade through the streets of Cape Town. Beyond their performances, D6 Cape Town Minstrels also takes care of their social responsibility by working closely with the Cape Town police who identifies troubled youths and refer them to the minstrels for guidance. With the South African rugby team s triumphant return to the country after winning the Rugby World Cup in France, the minstrels accompanied the Springboks with a 50 member brass band during the victory parade through the streets of Cape Town. The band has also performed at the opening of the Cricket World Cup; at the opening of the South African Parliament; at the Klein Karoo Arts festival as well as at various other festivals throughout South Africa. This is the second year the minstrels will entertain Namibians at the Tourism Expo and those who witnessed their performance last time, can testify to the sheer joy and entertainment they bring. n advertorial Grow Namibia Grow Namibia is a recycling project based in the sleepy town of Omaruru, in the Erongo Region. The project, initially discussed between four friends, became the reality of Michael and Bryony van der Merwe. Inspired by the numerous clean-up operations at the quirky town, ways of sustaining the environment by recycling waste were discussed. They decided to start recycling paper into new, fortified (with products ranging from field flowers to elephant dung) paper, waste metal and glass, from old, used bottles of liquor into beautiful drinking glasses. Some ideas were thrown around and Grow was finally formed in early They feel they have found their ideal location on Omaruru s Wilhelm Zeraua Street which is the town s main road. The new location is a large warehouse with paper and glass recycling operations on-going at the back. All the employees are from the community and mostly female. They have also employed a disabled man. Perley Kavela, who works for Grow Namibia has seen how the project has grown and come to employ more and more people. I am always surprised by all the different things we can do with litter, I have really seen some creative things come from the back there, she said. The front of the building houses a shop where all their wares are displayed. This area is manned by Wendy Christiaan, receptionist and handy paper maker. She has not been at Grow long and yet she seems to love her job. I enjoy the administrative side of the job and I also enjoy making my cards with my own designs and I am always busy which is good for me, she beamed. Christelle Maasz, Floor Manager at Grow says that they produce a maximum of 300 textured and lined paper per day. I really enjoy everything I do here at Grow. I like learning to design cards and boxes, I enjoy my admin work, l really just like everything I do here, I know that I am appreciated. I am excited about the future too, she said. She continued saying: I hope we sell lots, get lots of orders so that we can expand and open branches in other towns. Christelle informs us that there they have quite a variety of paper styles that they are introducing this line at the expo. The paper range includes A4 and A5 varieties of paper fortified with dung, flowers and herbs. We also produce unique hand made cards, envelopes boxes, gift bags and dried flowers. We also make tea lights made from old beer bottles and glasses made from beer bottles cut in half. There are chandeliers, which are made with the waste metal. Waste metal is transformed into desk pads with recycled paper in them, candle holders, holders for flyers, desks and chairs, pen holders, CD case holders etc. To get more feet into the shop, Grow is repainting the shop front to reveal an impressive logo and contact numbers and they will start serving home made lemonade to passer s by. n 9 June 2009

10 Namibia Tourism Expo 2009 We have a large bird life for the Bird Lovers We have the following available for your convenience: Open Bar facilities and an A la carte restaurant. Visit Ondangwa Rest Camp and Tours to enjoy the peace of Nature in the Town of Ondangwa! 5 Camp Sites with electricity and water points. N$50.00 per person per night. Africa a continent as real as Those who dare to explore it 2 Permanent Tent sites with electricity and water points. N$ per person per night. N$ Double per night. ERONGO PLATEAU CAMP im Erongogebirge Ideal für Naturliebhaber mit Freude am Wandern. Ein Campingplatz, an dem Sie Ihre Seele baumeln lassen können. Natur pur! Atemberaubende Aussicht Tel.: / Fax: T Contact Cecile Liebenberg for your bookings at Cell: or June 2009

11 Namibia Tourism Expo 2009 Impala Tours cc Individuelles Reisen leicht gemacht Selbstfahrer und geführte Rundreisen Flug Safaris Namibian Nature Camps Naturerlebnis Namibia Geführte Zeltsafaris com Impala Car Hire Aus Freude am Selbstfahren Tel.: +264 (0) Fax: +264 (0) , Handy: +264 (0) June 2009

12 Tourismus Namibia jetzt als E-Paper Wir sind wieder auf der NAMIBIA TOURISM EXPO und haben viel Neues zu bieten! Besuchen Sie uns in der Main Hall (Stand M21) und erkundigen Sie sich bei uns nach den Spezialangeboten für Namibier. Für Nachfragen stehen wir gern zur Verfügung: Nesi, Steffie oder Vida Tel: Frans Indongo Lodge Gelbingen Lodge Hohenstein Lodge Kaisosi River Lodge Living Desert Adventures Lüderitz Nest Hotel Mesosaurus Fossil Camp Mola-Mola Safaris Namtib Desert Lodge Nubib Nature Camp Okahandja Country Hotel River Guesthouse Rostock Ritz Desert Lodge Ruacana Eha Lodge Sandune Lodge Sandwich Harbour 4x4 SeaSide Hotel & Spa Zelda Game & Guest Farm Namibia bequem am eigenen PC entdecken! Klicken Sie einfach auf MW June 2009

13 13 June 2009

14 journey The road less travelled: Namib Naukluft Park offers a rewarding detour to the coast The fascinating Welwitschia Mirabilis occurring along the popular Welwitschia drive. A lone quiver tree rises from the plains in the vicinity of Blutkopje. Photos: Marc Springer View from the top of Blutkopje with the Langer Heinrich Mountain in the background. By Marc Springer It is a recurring and distinctly Namibian phenomenon: As soon as a public holiday presents the chance for some relaxation over a long weekend, thousands of vacationers flock to the coast. Feeling pressed for time most of these travellers use the main tarred road (B2) connecting the central areas of the country to the popular seaside towns of Swakopmund, Henties Bay and Walvis Bay, thus depriving themselves of the much more scenic, albeit slightly more time consuming routes through the northern section of the Namib Naukluft Park. Holidaymakers who resist the collective rush to the coast and want to reward themselves with a leisurely journey through unspoilt nature can choose between three picturesque mountain routes being the Bosua, Us and Gamsberg Passes leading over the central plateau of Khomas Hochland and descending westwards towards the coast through the Namib section of the Naukluft Park. These three public roads (C28, D1982 and C14) don t require a permit and offer a relatively direct, if comparatively slow route to the coast. For people wanting to explore this unique part of the Namib desert nestled between the Kuiseb and Swakop rivers it is, however advisable to get a permit at Namibia Wildlife Resorts (NWR), required to drive on the various restricted gravel tracks traversing the park and allowing them to spend a night at one of the eight campsites in the area. Flora and fauna Such an overnight stay is virtually a must in order to fully appreciate the vastness and isolation of the northern section of the Naukluft Park which may seem like a barren wasteland at first glance but has much to offer and warrants a closer look. After all the true magic of the desert often reveals itself in small details which are not readily apparent to the hasty traveller hoping to reach his destination at the coast in the shortest possible time. People who pause to take in their surround- World of Hygiene cc 63 Calcium Street Prosperita Tel: Cleaning Detergents SABS & HACCP approved products Washroom dispensers Cleaning trolleys Industrial vacuum cleaners Floor cleaning machinery & equipment Full hygiene colourcoded range Full hotel amenities, accessories & hotel linen Guestroom interior designing We also do food hygiene management systems, hygiene auditing & staff training Come and visit us at the TOURISM EXPO in the Lifestyle Hall, B Namibia Expo Ad.indd 1 5/19/09 9:21:12 AM Tourismus im Internet: Do you have relatives visiting? Offer them a chance to see Namibia with short trips to the dunes or Etosha starting from N$2600 pp for 3 days. Wild Dog Safaris 14 June 2009 Tel: Fax:

15 ings will be richly rewarded by this section of the Namib which features few dunes commonly associated with deserts. Instead the area is characterized mostly by expansive open plains which seem flat and featureless except for a few rocky outcrops and occasional quiver trees and camel thorns. After a rare rain shower this granite escarpment is transformed into rich grasslands attracting herds of springbok, gemsbok and even Hartmann s mountain zebra that often gather around artificial waterholes like Gemsbockwater, Hotsas and Zebrapan. Campsites Fittingly for the surreal landscape they are located in, the campsites have alien sounding names like Ganab, Bloedkopje, Kriess-se-Rus and Mirabib. And like their desolate and inhospitable surroundings they offer no facilities to speak of so visitors need to bring there own firewood, water, fuel and provisions. But then these secluded sites are not designed for the demanding camper expecting luxury but rather for nature lovers wanting to enjoy the solitude and tranquillity of a night under the stars. The most popular of the campsites is the one at Bloedkopje (or blood hill), a large granite inselberg named after the dark red colour it assumes in the glowing sunlight during early morning or late afternoon. The outcrop rises from the Tinkas Flats near the Swakop River and offers the chance to explore the many bizarre rock formations in the immediate surrounding of the camp site. A climb on top of the granite protrusion provides a panoramic view over the plains below, dotted with large quiver trees and aloes with the prominent Langer Heinrich Mountain rising in the distance. Two other interesting inselbergs where campers can spend the night among the fascinating rock sculptures carved out by the wind are located at Mirabib and Vogelfederberg. At the former there is evidence that this rock overhang was used as a shelter by nomadic people as early as 9000 years ago. The latter of the two sites, being the closest to the ocean, receives the most moisture from oceanic fog, sustaining a A rare thunder storm brewing over the arid northern section of The Namib Naukluft Park. whole range of fascinating succulents. Kuiseb River Another interesting campsite is the one at Homeb, in relatively close proximity to the abandoned Hope Mine and Gorob Mine. Situated at the banks of the Kuiseb River this area is home to a settlement of the Topnaar. The Kuiseb divides the dune belt and the gravel plains of the Namibib and acts as a natural boundary to the shifting sands to the South. Though dry throughout most of the year, the Kuiseb comes down in periodic floods preventing the dunes from moving further North. Positioned directly at the bank of the Kuiseb and shaded by big acacia trees, the camp site offers visitors the chance to climb the dunes on the other side of the ephemeral river and see how it separates the two different environments to the North and South of it. The unique convergence of these vastly different landscapes and their distinct ecosystems has generated much scientific interest and is one of the reasons why Namibia s Desert Research Centre Gobabeb (see story elsewhere) is situated on the Kuiseb to the West of Homeb. The Kuiseb is not just exceptional on account of being a natural barrier to the dune belt, but also by virtue of having created the famous Kuiseb Canyon. A picnic site located at the top of a vantage point overlooking the canyon provides a spectacular view over the rugged canyon beneath with the distinctive shape of the Gamsberg in the background. From the view point a footpath leads to a nearby overhang where geologists Henno Martin and Hermann Korn found refuge for three years during World War II as recounted in Martin s book The Sheltering Desert. Welwitschia Drive Apart from the lagoon at Sandwich Harbour near the coast which is fed by fresh water and serves as a sanctuary for a large number of coastal birds, the most popular attraction in the park is the Welwitschia Drive. This round trip, which takes about three hours to negotiate is mostly used for short excursions by day visitors from Swakopmund and features 13 numbered stone beacons indicating particular points of interest. Among them are the otherworldly Moon Landscape, the famous Welwitschia Plains, the astonishing lichen fields and the oasis of Goanikontes. Some sections of the picturesque route follow the course of the Swakop River which has carved out the lunar Moon Landscape best seen in the slanting light of early morning or late afternoon. It came into existence as the river cut through the softer surface deposits which were laid down some 460 million years ago when the area s climate was wetter than today. The scenery is characterized by dark strips of dolerite rock which were formed when lava welled up through cracks in the existing grey granite. After cooling it formed dark, hard bands of rock which resisted erosion more than the granite and thus formed the spine of many ridges in the area. Equally fascinating are the extensive lichen fields which cover some areas along the route and consist of small plants which are in fact the result of a symbiotic relationship between an alga, producing food by photosynthesis, and a fungus, providing a physical structure. Some of the lichens that look like fragments of dead plant material that lie loose on the surface are thought to be hundreds of years old, and all are exceedingly fragile. They grow excruciatingly slowly, something an old ox wagon track attests to which was left decades ago and is still clearly visible because the lichens that were destroyed at the time have not yet fully re-established. Since they grow less than 1 mm a year it is extremely important for the ecology of the area that motorists should keep to the existing roads at all times. The lichens survive by extracting moisture from fog in the air and change colour very rapidly if sprinkled with water. A similarly fascinating plant found along the way is the Welwitschia Mirabilis which is endemic to the Namib and grows on the expanse of gravel and sand in the area. The oldest specimens of this celebrated plant are thought to be between 1500 and 2000 years old. Most of these plants, among them the big Welwitschia which is fenced in are concentrated east of the confluence of the Khan and Swakop Rivers. The Welwitschia consists of only two leaves which are broad and flat and usually split into several different sections. The leaves can grow to a length of between 2 and 4 meters, keeping the soil under them cool and moist. The plant survives the arid conditions by absorbing moisture from fog condensing on the leaves and from underground water it extracts through roots that can grow up to 30 meters deep. Like the Welwitschia the northern section of the Namib Naukluft Park is unique and well worth a visit. So the next time you take a trip the coast, consider using the road less travelled and go on a journey of discovery through this exceptional environment. n For further information: Namibia Wildlife Resorts Tel: (0) Fax: (0) Web: In unserem Kopierwerk kopieren wir Auflagen ab 10 Stück im Expressdienst. Wir bedrucken CD/DVD in Farbe. Für die Verpackung bieten wir an: 1. Die Jewel Box mit Standard Tray, die Verpackung für Musik CD und DVD. 2. Oder die Slim Box 5,2 mm mit schwarzem Tray, für CD,1 Covercard oder Booklet, schön flach und sicher. 3. Die große DVD Video Box für 1,4,oder 8 DVDs mit A4 Papiereinlage und Booklet. Entwürfe für CD / DVD Aufdrucke und A4 Papiereinlage tätigen wir Inhouse und kostenlos. Erkundigen Sie sich über unsere Sonderangebote für Musiker CDs und DVD Pakete. Weitere Dienste des Buschkino Studios: Digitalisieren von Videobändern auf DVD High Definition Videoschnitt, BLU RAY DVD Mastering HD Namibia Video Archief und High Res Namibia Bilder (Bitte beachten: Keine Kopien von kommerziell erworbenen Datenträgern oder Datenträgern von denen das Kopieren ausdrücklich verboten ist). Nachfragen an Gert Keding Buschkino Namibia cc Tel (061) , Fax: June 2009

16 Travelling to the Waterberg Plateau Park resembles a journey back in time. This holds true both in a geological sense and in the context of Namibia s history. From a scientific perspective a visit to Waterberg feels like a trip to the past, providing a rare glimpse into the genesis of the earth. The birth of the ancient sandstone formation can be traced to the Triassic period up to 200 million years ago, when dinosaurs ruled the planet. Some of these prehistoric reptiles left their legacy in the form of foot impressions embedded in the sandstone above the surrounding plains remains as a relic of the sedimentary rock that was raised above the landscape below. The product of the seismic forces that gave rise to the Waterberg is imposing and visible from afar: The table mountain is about 48 kilometres long and between 8 and 16 kilometres wide impressive measurements by any standard. The most striking feature of the formation is the vertical cliff that surrounds the plateau like a halo and divides it into two separate and clearly visible strata. These two layers comprise a reaches the impervious clay layers beneath and emerges further down the slopes in form of various fountains. It is this steady flow of water which supports the seemingly subtropical flora on top of the highland giving it a lush green appearance contrasting sharply with the acacia savannah at the bottom of the plateau. Animal sanctuary Another trait of the unique crown of cliffs surrounding the mountain is that this natural barrier makes the plateau virtually inaccessible and In addition the park harbours many other common antelopes, including kudu, impala, gemsbok, klipspringer and steenbok as well as predators like leopard, cheetah, brown hyena, caracal and black-backed jackal. Of particular interest to ornithologists are the over 200 species of birds, including the only colony of the rare and endangered Cape vulture in Namibia who benefit from a feeding programme near Okarakuvisa. In 1984 the plateau was proclaimed a wilderness area ensuring that it retains its pristine cha- journey A journey back in time: View from the plateau of the Waterberg showing the vertical cliff that surrounds the mountain. Discover the secrets of Waterberg Plateau Park By Marc Springer on top of the plateau, a permanent testimony to the millions of years the massif has endured. Geology Created when pressure in the earth s crust lifted the so called Karoo layers millions of years ago, the plateau owes its elevated position to the resistance of the hardy sandstone against the forces of weathering. As a result the table mountain towering about 200 meters lower one of about 350 meters consisting of a conglomerate of various sediments and a top section of sandstone which forms the perpendicular cliffs of between 70 and 75 meters encircling the plateau. This characteristic Geology is generally considered to be responsible for the name Waterberg. It refers to the phenomenon that the permeable sandstone of the plateau absorbs rain water which seeps through the porous rock until it thereby creates an ideal haven for animals. This attribute was one of the reasons the area was declared a national park in 1972 creating a protected area of 405 square kilometres that serves as a sanctuary for rare and endangered animals. In the following years several artificial watering places were set up on the plateau and some rare species released, among them sable, white and black rhino, eland, and buffalo. racter. The untouched nature of the park is what attracts most visitors, who can explore the area on foot using one of the many nature trails that meander around the Waterberg Rest Camp situated at the foot of the mountain and named after the first director of Namibia s Department of Nature Conservation, Bernabé de la Bat. Hiking trails Among those trails the one winding to the roof Tourismus Namibia now available as E- Paper Explore Namibia at your own PC! Click Tagestouren zu den Delphinen Imbiss mit Sekt und Austern Cruises zum Sonnenuntergang Party Cruises NAMIBIAN RESIDENT SPECIAL Enjoy breathtaking views over an unspoilt Private Nature Reserve and surrounding mountain vistas Enjoy the natural and unspoilt beauty of the Namibian bush by joining our experienced game rangers on a Nature and Game drive in the 6000 hectare Private Nature Reserve. Enjoy being pampered to perfection at the GocheGanas Wellness Village. N$ 985, 00 per person per night including a full English breakfast, lunch and dinner. Valid from 1 June 31 July 2009 Normal terms and conditions apply Call Tel: or HoffAd Gerne machen wir für Sie spezielle Arrangements Bitte buchen Sie unter Tel oder 0819SCAT 16 June 2009

17 of the mountain is the most popular, leading to a viewpoint on top of the plateau which rewards the hiker with a magnificent panorama of the surrounding area. For adventurous visitors there are unguided hikes available on the plateau. Some of these walks require several days and lead past basic huts where hikers can spend the night. Furthermore nature lovers can accompany an armed game warden on one of the guided hikes on top of the plateau offering a perfect opportunity to explore the diverse flora and fauna of the area. The hikes have to be booked in advance and participants need to bring and carry their own provisions and sleeping bags. For less energetic travellers who are unwilling or unable to investigate the plateau on foot, park rangers offer game drives to the top of the highland. While endangered species roam freely in the natural enclosure created by the cliffs en-circling the plateau sightings of rare animals are not guaranteed as the vegetation is rather dense and the shy animals often elusive. Game drives leave in the early morning as well as mid afternoon and can be booked at a fee at the camp office. Private vehicles are not allowed to drive to the top of the plateau. The old cemetery serves as a painful reminder of one of the darkest chapters in Namibian history. Photos: Marc Springer Camp Site Nestling at the foot of the plateau lays the Bernabé de la Bat Rest Camp, managed by Namibia Wildlife Resorts (NWR) and considered by many to be one of the most attractive in Namibia. The camp huddled directly beneath the towering cliffs above was designed to blend in with the surroundings. As such little of the natural vegetation was disturbed and reddish brown sandstone bricks were used during construction of the facilities that echo the colour of the rocky outcrops guarding the camp. The recently refurbished lodgings can accommodate over 200 people and offer 69 chalets sleeping between 1 to 4 people that are equipped with a hotplate, refrigerator and kettle. There are also shaded camp sites with communal ablution facilities as well as a petrol station and a shop available where frozen meat, tinned goods and curios can be bought. The restaurant, bar and kiosk are housed in what used to be a Rhenish mission station, constructed in 1873 and later destroyed. In 1891 the historic structure was rebuilt and in 1908 converted to a police station before being turned into a restaurant when the rest camp was established in Other amenities include an open air swimming pool with a spectacular view of the plateau. Because the camp site is not fenced and there are various paths extending from the site through the bush, guests regularly come into contact with game wandering around freely in the environment. While this offers the chance of viewing animals like the diminutive Damara Dik-Dik foraging around the camp it does pose some danger as well. This is particularly true for the many baboons that frequent the bungalows on a regular basis looking for food. Turbulent history In close proximity to the camp an old graveyard can be seen as a testament of one of the most tragic events in Namibian history occurring at the Waterberg. It was here at the foothills of the mountain that in August 1904 about Herero were surrounded by troops of the German colonial forces and almost annihilated. OSHAKATI GUEST HOUSE PO Box 15585, Oshakati Tel: Fax: En-suite rooms with Air conditioner, Mini Bar and DSTV MW2009 (RK) üfully operational Restaurant with A-la-carte menu..!! üfully operational bar facilities with Big Screen Television üwalking distance from Oshakati High Court üdaily lunch specials One of the 69 chalets of the Bernabé de la Bat Rest Camp. Single Room incl. breakfast N$395 Double Room incl. breakfast N$595 Platters on Request..!! Secure parking with night watch The old Rhenish mission station now houses the restaurant of the rest camp. The surviving men, women and children were forced to flee eastwards in the direction of the British protectorate Bechuanaland (today Botswana). During their retreat thousands of Herero were killed by pursuing soldiers of the Schutztruppe and many others perished due to a lack of food and water while crossing the Kalahari Desert. While the old cemetery serving as the last resting place of more than 70 soldiers of the Schutztruppe is a painful reminder of one of the darkest chapters in Namibian history there are other more uplifting remnants of the past to be found at Waterberg. These are the inheritance of the San people who were the first human inhabitants of the area and left rock engravings believed to be several thousand years old concentrated around a large waterhole at Okarakuvisa on top of the plateau. Being situated between Windhoek and Etosha the Waterberg Plateau Park is often treated as a mere stopover between these two destinations. Considering its diverse flora and fauna and its rich natural history the park is however a most rewarding attraction in its own right and deserving of a more prominent position among the many places of interest Namibia has to offer. n For further information: Namibia Wildlife Resorts Web: Waterberg Wilderness Lodge Web: Expo Special: Book and pay for a 2 night stay at our Hotel and be in with a chance to win your stay for free. Also up for grabs, discounts ranging from 10% - 25% and vouchers for dinner in our restaurant. Everyone walks away a winner, valid for bookings up until 15th December 2009 Visit our stand in the Presidents Hall, Balcony Level B7-B Besuchen Sie den Stand von Tourismus Namibia auf der Namibia Tourism Expo in der Präsidentenhalle. 17 June 2009

18 activities escending into nother world: ave diving n Namibia By Marc Springer Being an arid country aptly named after a desert, Namibia is not generally associated with recreational diving. hough the country boasts a coastline exending over 1500 kilometres the oceanic onditions are mostly unfavourable for divng due to strong currents, rough seas and oor visibility. Equally unsuitable for underater excursions are the few artificial storage ams, which are predominantly shallow and urky. So what does Namibia have to offer ivers looking for adventure? The simple answer is cave diving, says tephanus Viljoen, owner of Otjikoto Diving nterprises (ODE). His company is named afer Lake Otjikoto, a sinkhole located near the ining town of Tsumeb about 450 kilomeres north of the capital city Windhoek. While t is not the only one of its kind, it is a lot more ccessible than similar sinkholes like Harasib, ake Guinas and Dragons Breath and thus he premier site for cave diving in Namibia. ake Otjikoto is situated en-route to the Etoha National Park and derives its name from he Herero language which loosely translated eans the place too deep for cattle to drink. The popular tourist attraction was formed when the roof of an underground dolomite cave collapsed leaving a steep cylindrical hole with a diameter of about 102 meters and a surface area of 7075 square meters. As was the case with nearby Lake Guinas the cave evolved when subterranean dolomite rock was dissolved over millions of years by carbonic acid contained in water that slowly percolated through cracks in the rock formation. This lead to an underground grotto filled with water that was partially exposed when a section of its roof caved in. Believed to be part of an underground river system, the lake tapers into a lateral cave system making it impossible to determine Ammunition boxes dumped into the lake by retreating German soldiers. Divers ascending to the surface of the lake. Underwaterphotos: Stephanus Viljoen SOLITAIRE GUEST FARM DESERT RANCH W. PROBST BAKERY BOULEVARD café WALVIS BAY Konditorei und Restaurant Walter & Simone Swarts Tel.: Fax: oder Website: T Hotel Pension Rapmund bietet Ihnen 25 Standard- und 2 Luxuszimmer mit Bädern zu erschwinglichen Preisen. Geniessen Sie ein üppiges Frühstück in gemütlicher Atmosphäre und mit Blick aufs Meer. Strand und Zentrum befinden sich in unmittelbarer Nähe. Tel Fax Postfach 425, Swakopmund, Namibia MW Wir verwöhnen Sie gerne mit unserer leckeren Hausmannskost sowie mit echter Sahnetorte, Käsekuchen und erfrischenden Eisbechern. Tel.: Postfach am Fuße des Gamsberges (Central Region)... zu schön um nur zu schlafen... 7 Zimmer mit Bad + Terrasse großes Schwimmbad geräumige Lapa Campsite auf dem Berg unter den Klippen Familiäres Farmleben mit Lore & Frans und allen unseren Tieren, Farmrundfahrten, Mitfahren zu Arbeiten auf der Farm oder zur Jagd, Wandern, Radfahren und vieles mehr. Tagestouren oder Komplett-Urlaub von/bis Airport Windhoek Informationen & Buchungen: Tel ; Fax ; P.O. Box Windhoek/Namibia MW June 2009

19 Lake Otjikoto is the premier site for cave diving in Namibia. Photo: Marc Springer The silhouette of old German cannon takes shape under the spotlight. WALVIS BAY its exact depth, estimated to be in access of 142 meters. Many legends surround Otjikoto among them the myth that it is either bottomless or connected to other inland lakes and contains a safe filled with Millions of gold coins deposited there by retreating German soldiers during the First World War. Other stories tell of the ghost of a German soldier who drowned in the lake haunting the site and of whirlpools dragging swimmers and divers down. While these rumours are most likely little more than fairy tales what is true is that the lake contains weapons, artillery and ammunition wagons dumped into the water by German soldiers on the brink of surrender to Union troops in Some of this material the German Schutztruppe didn t want to fall into enemy hands was retrieved and a few of the recovered and restored field guns are now exhibited at the museum in Tsumeb. These relics are the main drawing card attracting divers to Otjikoto, says Viljoen. But he is quick to point out, that diving in the lake is potentially dangerous and requires special skills learned through advanced technical training. While this kind of tuition is offered locally by certified diving instructors like Viljoen, he stresses that it is very intensive and time consuming. For a novice with no experience in deep diving it takes several weeks of theoretical and practical training before being able to decend to a depth of beyond 30 meters. Scuba diving in Otjikoto is thus not geared to the ordinary tourist who only stays in Namibia for a short period and has no prior experience in deep diving Viljoen emphasizes. Being classified as a type III sinkhole by the World Underwater Federation (CMAS) all qualifications are closely scrutinized prior to allowing an applicant to descend into the chasm. In addition a qualified diving instructor is required to accompany each dive for safety reasons. Applicants need to be at least 12 years old, should have some experience of cave diving, and ought to have completed at least 75 to 100 dives of which 50 should be below 40 meters. Practice in buoyancy control is of particular importance at Otjikoto as the entire bottom of the lake and walls of the overhangs are covered in fine sand and silt which can reduce visibility to zero when churned up by divers. Other than the required diving qualifications clients need to submit a medical fitness test certifying that s/he is not suffering from Asthma or Diabetes. Furthermore they ought to have some experience in decompression diving and be in possession of DAN insurance to cover all medical and evacuation expenses in case of an accident. Otjikoto is classified as an underwater museum and managed by the Namibian Underwater Federation (NUF) on behalf of the National Monuments Council, explains Viljoen and continues: For that reason the lake is not accessible to the general public for diving but only available to people that are assisted and accompanied by members of the NUF. Since being declared a national monument it is illegal to add or remove anything from the lake. This rule is strictly enforced by the three organisations allowed to use the lake for diving purposes being Otjikoto Diving Enterprises, Windhoek Underwater Club and Skeleton Coast Divers. Because the site is kept undeveloped for aesthetic reasons divers need to carry their full equipment down to the edge of the lake. From there they have to climb down a ladder for six meters or jump down with full kit to enter the water. The NUF has a small piece of land available at the site that is used for camping purposes during diving expeditions SAIL THE BAY WITH CATAMARAN CHARTERS NAMIBIA NIGHTS - for your next luxury safari event - We specialise in luxury tented camps and events all over Namibia VIEW THE MARINE BIG 5 2LUXURY CATAMARANS Hansie Gerhard For affordable prices you can enjoy: Enjoy peace and tranquility at Dolphin & Seal Cruises Marine Desert Adventure Fly in Safaris Game/Sunset drives Quadbike drives Horse riding and bush walks Sundowners Camping is possible In a family friendly atmosphere you can experience a holiday of a lifetime! Surrounded by the red Kalahari dunes lies Farm Georgia West, just 2 hours drive from Windhoek. MW WALVIS BAY Tel: Fax: Reservations & Information: Andries & Annegret Binnemann Tel: Fax: June 2009

20 and features basic sanitary facilities as well as electricity connections. Except for the historical weaponry a further point of interest for divers are the eight different species of fish that occur in the lake, among them the critically endangered Tilapia guinasana, which is endemic to and was discovered in nearby Lake Guinas and introduced to Otjikoto to aid in its conservation. The fish in Otjikoto, many of which are brightly coloured, have attracted much scientific attention by virtue of having evolved in such a closed environment and having adapted their behaviour accordingly. When asked to describe a dive in Lake Otjikoto, Viljoen pauses for a while and says: When you dive down into the abyss it s like submerging in a world of absolute peace, silence and tranquillity. You leave all your problems at the surface and immerse yourself in a weightless environment where you feel suspended in space and time. Though I have dived in Otjikoto on many occasions it is a thrilling and unique experience every single time. For safety reasons divers have to follow a line into the lake leading to various points along the way, among them the `reef at 28 meters depth, the kudu horn` (38 meters) and the `toilet` (at 42 meters). These orientation points were named by divers and refer respectively to a natural sand and silt formation, a well preserved kudu horn and a ceramic toilet that was dumped in the lake. Except for these signposts divers use another landmark 55 meters below the surface that they refer to as the `shopping mall. The shopping mall is situated directly beneath the overhang from where divers enter the water, Viljoen explains and adds: Because many divers prefer to jump into the water with full kit rather than use the ladder, some of them loose items like torches or watches that accumulate on the ledge we started referring to as the shopping mall. So what makes Otjikoto different and special compared to other diving sites in Namibia? The most obvious advantage is that Otjikoto offers good visibility compared to the rather gloomy conditions prevailing along the coast and in local storage dams, Viljoen explains. Because Otjikoto is an isolated lake, fed mostly by water seeping through the surrounding limestone it is not muddied by sediment introduced through rivers. As a result, the water in the lake is usually clear with visibility reaching 15 meters on good days. While the water level in the lake has fluctuated and risen by 2.5 meters in recent months what is constant is its temperature which remains steady at between 22 degrees near the surface and 18 degrees in the lower layers. Coupled with the complete absence of any currents this makes Otjikoto an ideal place for diving something the 80 to 100 clients hosted there annually by members of the Namibian Underwater Federation can attest to. When asked what fascinates his clients most about diving in Otjikoto the reply from Viljoen is prompt: I think most of them are particularly captivated by the old armaments situated at a depth of between 45 and 55 meters. Due to a lack of oxygen in the water the relics are very well preserved and their presence elevates a regular dive into a journey into the past. In order to share this unique experience with as many people as possible, Viljoen also offers customized diving excursions for individuals and makes the required equipment available which can cost up to 8000 Namibian Dollars, excluding wetsuit, snorkel, An old Kudu horn is one of the attractions for divers. fins and mask. While it is more lucrative to take several clients on a diving excursion simultaneously Viljoen offers a simple explanation for considering individuals as well: For me it is not about the money but about the love for diving that I want to share with as many people as possible. n PO Box 755, Grootfontein Telefax: Website: Besuchen Sie den Stand von Tourismus Namibia auf der Namibia Tourism Expo in der Präsidentenhalle. Bird and Game viewing information leaflet available. Swimming pool and lounge deck Walking trails km and 2.5 km Farm and Game drive Shuttle service for day trips to the traditional San (Bushman) Village with a guide can be arranged from Roy`s Camp. Bookings must be made prior to arrival. San activities are directly payable to the community. Namibia is a country of primeval and unspoilt beauty. SWA SAFARIS can introduce you to its spectacular variety of landscapes, rich treasures of wildlife and unique flora. Enjoy the hospitality and friendliness of the Namibian people. Let SWA SAFARIS, one of the most experienced Tour operators in Namibia, that has been in operation since 1954, make your stay in Namibia an unforgettable one. MW SWA SAFARIS NAMIBIA Since your tour operator with experience Tel: / , Fax: PO Box 20373, 43 Independence Avenue, Windhoek, Namibia June 2009

S E C A Swiss Private Equity & Corporate Finance Association. SECA Yearbook 2007

S E C A Swiss Private Equity & Corporate Finance Association. SECA Yearbook 2007 SECA Yearbook 2007 I. Report from the President 3 II. SECA, Switzerland and Private Equity 11 III. Chapters and Working Groups 31 Reporting Innovation & Venture Capital 32 Reporting Private Equity 47 Reporting


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It s Warm Inside These Walls NEWSMAGAZINE OF THE GERMAN-AMERICAN FULBRIGHT COMMISSION THE FUNNEL WINTER 2005 NUMBER 1 VOLUME 42 It s Warm Inside These Walls Life in little Luckau FROM THE DIRECTOR 3 Dear Friends and Alumni of the


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Peer Review on Sustainable Development Policies in Germany. Peer Review der deutschen Nachhaltigkeitspolitik Peer Review on Sustainable Development Policies in Germany Peer Review der deutschen Nachhaltigkeitspolitik Björn Stigson (chair), Suresh P Babu, Jeroen Bordewijk, Pamela O Donnell, Pekka Haavisto, Jennifer


Sustainability Made in Germany

Sustainability Made in Germany Sustainability Made in Germany The Second Review by a Group of International Peers, commissioned by the German Federal Chancellery Berlin, September 2013 texte Nr. 44, September 2013 Sustainability Made


Main Topic: Going Global : International Opportunities for Young Sport Scientists

Main Topic: Going Global : International Opportunities for Young Sport Scientists Jahrgang 15, Heft 1 (ISSN 1438-4132) Informationen für den sportwissenschaftlichen Nachwuchs Sommer 2008 Main Topic Going Global : International Opportunities for Young Sport Scientists dvs-kommission


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Hearings. Les menaces, l Union européenne, l OTAN et la rationalisation de la défence européenne Bericht des Bundesrats an die Bundesversammlung über die Sicherheitspolitik der Schweiz, 2015 Hearings Lars Nicander Cyber risks Julian Harston Peacekeeping and Peace Support Dr. Emmanuel Kwesi Aning UN


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Grüezi Shanghai Newsletter of the Consulate General of Switzerland in Shanghai Grüezi Shanghai Newsletter of the Consulate General of Switzerland in Shanghai February 2010 Word from the Consul General Xin Nian Kuai Le! The Tiger Year is the EXPO Year. The Tiger wins by its boldness,


Bulletin luxembourgeois des questions sociales. 2012 Volume 29

Bulletin luxembourgeois des questions sociales. 2012 Volume 29 Bulletin luxembourgeois des questions sociales 2012 Volume 29 WORLD CONGRESS ON FUTURE NURSING SYSTEMS NEW APPROACHES - NEW EVIDENCE FOR 2020 12TH IOS WORLD CONGRESS, MAY 10-13, 2012 LUXEMBOURG Editors:


ema FESH Executive Master of Arts for Family Entrepreneurship BRAZIL SUMMER ACDEMY 30 th July -12 th August 2011

ema FESH Executive Master of Arts for Family Entrepreneurship BRAZIL SUMMER ACDEMY 30 th July -12 th August 2011 ema FESH Executive Master of Arts for Family Entrepreneurship BRAZIL SUMMER ACDEMY 30 th July -12 th August 2011 global markets growth development expansion opportunity investment family entrepreneur BRAZIL


AMITA. Mahabodhi Residen al School Magazine Mahabodhi Heim-Schulzeitschri Magazine de la Mahabodhiécole. Compassion in Ac on

AMITA. Mahabodhi Residen al School Magazine Mahabodhi Heim-Schulzeitschri Magazine de la Mahabodhiécole. Compassion in Ac on AMITA 2013 No. 14 Mahabodhi Residen al School Magazine Mahabodhi Heim-Schulzeitschri Magazine de la Mahabodhiécole Compassion in Ac on Mahabodhi Maitri Mandala, 14, Kalidasa Road, Gandhinagar, Bangalore


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Eidesstattliche Erklärung Can a Paths Catalogue in European High-Speed Rail Operations enhance Competition? Master Thesis University of Zurich Executive MBA Prof. Dr. Schenker Degree Program: Executive MBA Authors: Eric Cosandey


DIPLOMARBEIT. Titel der Diplomarbeit. The International Relocation of Corporate Employees: Overview and Terminology. Verfasserin.

DIPLOMARBEIT. Titel der Diplomarbeit. The International Relocation of Corporate Employees: Overview and Terminology. Verfasserin. DIPLOMARBEIT Titel der Diplomarbeit The International Relocation of Corporate Employees: Overview and Terminology Verfasserin Nicole Insanally angestrebter akademischer Grad Magistra der Philosophie Wien,


INDUSTRIE archäologie

INDUSTRIE archäologie INDUSTRIE archäologie SHIFT-X Compendium on effective industrial heritage management structures and options for their interregional transfer SÄCHSISCHES INDUSTRIEMUSEUM IWTG/TU BERGAKADEMIE FREIBERG INDUSTRIE


n d & s o i l Booming / Shrinking Cities and Surroundings Wachsen / Schrumpfen von Stadt und Umland

n d & s o i l Booming / Shrinking Cities and Surroundings Wachsen / Schrumpfen von Stadt und Umland l o c a l a E L S A e. V. n d & s o i l n e w s 46/47 Booming / Shrinking Cities and Surroundings Wachsen / Schrumpfen von Stadt und Umland Project-Reports: URBAN PLUS Integrierte und nachhaltige Stadt-Umland-Entwicklung


Social Dimensions of the German Energy Transition

Social Dimensions of the German Energy Transition Faculty of Natural Resources and Agricultural Sciences Social Dimensions of the German Energy Transition On the issue of social justice in a technological transformation process Verena Gröbmayr Department


SwissBanking Annual Report 2012/2013

SwissBanking Annual Report 2012/2013 Annual Report 2012/2013 2 Annual Report 2012/2013 Contents Chairman s Foreword 4 Reports from the Commissions 40 The Swiss financial centre What the future holds for banks more 8 Financial Services Act


Annual Report 2010/2011

Annual Report 2010/2011 Annual Report 2010/2011 University of Paderborn Academic Year 1 October 2010 to 30 September 2011 Department 1 Management Department 2 Taxation, Accounting and Finance Department 3 Business Information


iwmpost How s Democracy Doing? An Interview with Charles Taylor Nader Hashemi Arab Secularism Marc F. Plattner Media s Yesterday

iwmpost How s Democracy Doing? An Interview with Charles Taylor Nader Hashemi Arab Secularism Marc F. Plattner Media s Yesterday iwmpost Magazine of the Institut für die Wissenschaften vom Menschen / Institute for Human Sciences www.iwm.at How s Democracy Doing? An Interview with Charles Taylor Nader Hashemi Arab Secularism Constantin


Contents. 34 Consolidated Financial Statements. 100 Management Report and Annual Financial Statements of Mayr-Melnhof Karton AG (German Version)

Contents. 34 Consolidated Financial Statements. 100 Management Report and Annual Financial Statements of Mayr-Melnhof Karton AG (German Version) Contents Management Report 2 Positioning of the MM Group and the Divisions 6 Development in the Year 2012 17 Human Resources 20 Research and Development 22 Risk Management 29 Environmental Protection 33



THE USE OF XING AND LINKEDIN FOR RECRUITMENT IN ENTERPRISES THE USE OF XING AND LINKEDIN FOR RECRUITMENT IN ENTERPRISES 22nd June 2012 Carlo Colicchio Iso Demirkaya Alex Hächler Project 1 / FHNW Master of Science in Business Information Systems Introduction Title:


UNIVERSITY OF TWENTE. Master Thesis. Cultural influences on the use of effectuation in entrepreneurship. The case of German student entrepreneurs

UNIVERSITY OF TWENTE. Master Thesis. Cultural influences on the use of effectuation in entrepreneurship. The case of German student entrepreneurs UNIVERSITY OF TWENTE Master Thesis Cultural influences on the use of effectuation in entrepreneurship The case of German student entrepreneurs Michael Drecker 17.02.2012 This thesis was written and handed


Annual Report 2014 The State Economic Development Agency of Mecklenburg-Vorpommern

Annual Report 2014 The State Economic Development Agency of Mecklenburg-Vorpommern Annual Report 2014 The State Economic Development Agency of Mecklenburg-Vorpommern Annual Report 2014 The State Economic Development Agency of Mecklenburg-Vorpommern 2 3 Annual Report 2014 07 Our Team


Inequality and Health

Inequality and Health Inequality and Health Basic document on the relation between social inequality and health Commissioned by Health Promotion Switzerland Hanspeter Stamm and Markus Lamprecht Lamprecht and Stamm Social Research


Ausgewählte Veranstaltungen

Ausgewählte Veranstaltungen European Structural and Investment Funds 2014-2020 Selected Events Edition Summer 2015 Ausgewählte Veranstaltungen Edition Sommer 2015 Event preview Veranstaltungsvorschau 1 Contents 3 The European Academy


Annual Financial Report

Annual Financial Report 20 13 Annual Financial Report Contents Management Report 2 Positioning of the MM Group and the Divisions 6 Development in the Year 2013 17 Human Resources 20 Research and Development 22 Risk Management


Welcome 5 Background 6 The DBFZ in profile 7 Our mission 7 Ownership and decision-making structure 8 Research Advisory Council 9 Legal form and

Welcome 5 Background 6 The DBFZ in profile 7 Our mission 7 Ownership and decision-making structure 8 Research Advisory Council 9 Legal form and Annual Report 2012 Welcome 5 Background 6 The DBFZ in profile 7 Our mission 7 Ownership and decision-making structure 8 Research Advisory Council 9 Legal form and financing 10 Workforce trend 10 Representation


Master Thesis. Submitted to: Reykjavik University School of Business. International Business

Master Thesis. Submitted to: Reykjavik University School of Business. International Business Master Thesis Submitted to: Reykjavik University School of Business International Business Stakeholder Management On the Example of Accreditation for the FIS Alpine Ski World Cup Doris Lintner January


SIS News Switzerland Fall 2014 Music & Arts Table of content Editorial _3 Success Stories _4 In Memoriam _5 News _6 Alumni Page _8 On Learning _9 SIS Basel _10 SIS Männedorf-Zürich _12 SIS Rotkreuz-Zug


Stephanie Pongratz (Red.) Johannesburg. Stadtentwicklung im Spannungsfeld sozialer Bedürfnisse und innovativer Ideen

Stephanie Pongratz (Red.) Johannesburg. Stadtentwicklung im Spannungsfeld sozialer Bedürfnisse und innovativer Ideen Stephanie Pongratz (Red.) Johannesburg Stadtentwicklung im Spannungsfeld sozialer Bedürfnisse und innovativer Ideen Mit Beiträgen von Phil Harrison, Peter Fattinger, Anna Lindner, Katharina Zerlauth und


Die DISP im neuen Kleid

Die DISP im neuen Kleid Martina Koll-Schretzenmayr DISP 136/137 2 1999 Die DISP im neuen Kleid Nun halten Sie sie also in Händen: Die erste DISP-Ausgabe nach der Umstellung unserer redaktionellen Abläufe auf das Herausgeberbeirats-