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1 On bibliogrphy lte eighteenthcentury Germn work nturl hry n erly record Leuccus meidgeri Heckel, 1852 (Pces, Cypride) river system Upper Dnube 6th APRIL 1786 S.J. de Groot Nerls stitute for Fhery vestigtis, IJmuiden, Nerls Abstrct 1964). ctlogue mentied tht it hd proved impossible trce ny lrger bibliogrphy hir ccurtely described work, but tht references hd been nymous eighteenthcentury populr Germn work fo ctlogue Brith Museum nturl hry given, delg mmmls, birds, fhes, mphibins reptiles. As n ddendum th work publher hs given n engrvg n unknown fh from river Lech, river system Upper Dnube. fh could be identified s cyprid Leuccus meidgeri Heckel, obser (An., ), Den (1916) Keynes (1951). difficulties I encountered my serch for bibliogrphy se books hs led present publicti. vti species ws mde 66 yers before its recogniti s new species Heckel. ACKNOWLEDGEMENTS INTRODUCTION I wh thnk Mrs. Fl. PeetersPieters, M.Sc., sprg 1969, n ntiqurin bookshop, I cme cross collecti 28 engrved, lrge oblg folio; copies miture figures fhes from works Ry (Willough), Bloch Suvigny. legend re ws no dicti s book which y belged, ly tht y formed prt lrger work nturl Germn hry, lnguge, which ws lso sid ct tble ctents Lt, Germn, French Englh. publher, engrver yer publicti were given first plte. publher Gemeschftlichen Hlung derkerlichen privilegio frnzcchen Reichskdemie F.K.V.W. (Freyer Kunste Und Wsenschften) Augsburg, engrver Friedrich Kirschner yer publicti However, bout six mths lter text turned up sme booksho Th text proved be third lrger eighteenthcentury Germn work nturl hry. I lso fo first, out however. My curiosity ws roused when I red Germn book ucti ctlogue ferg for sle 35 hcoloured fhes reptiles, prted Akdemche Hlung t Augsburg 1786 (An., librrin Art Librry Amsterdm, for her terest subject persevernce trcg "msg copy" Art Librry. I lso wnt thnk friend my Mr. B. Loose, ntiqurin, Hgue, for brgg "Geschenk" my ttenti.. Geschenk fiir Jugend (Gift young People) Th populr Germn work nturl hry ws never completed s fr s I cn scert. populrity works Buff, which were lso trnslted Germn, be my respsible for th fct. formti Germn work given much more thorough even selftuiti propgted; text, however, not hlf s redble s Buff's works. first ppered 1783 t Augsburg, secd third s were lso prted t Augsburg, were sent respectively Leipziger Autumn Sprg Firs (Leipziger Messe) yers formt three publicti. s qur. IA. Bibliogrphy Volume I. Angenehmes Lehrreiches Geschenk fur Jugend (hlftitle, fig 1.) ils

2 BIJDRAGEN 42 DIERKUNDE, DE TOT (2) Fig. kung ees nerlichen Nturhrie lsdenn je mehr grosserer gebrcht, Privi llergndigstkerlichen hs sted unter eer Angenehmes Nturhrie it reds Die N.. different orthogrphy Herzberg. mly drwn I VII picture I 23 horses Augsburg, fig. 3). diverse ly J. E. Pltes groups pter exmples (mmmls, sects, worms). however, re hs represent kgdom niml XXIII represent Plte VIII,, engrved Gottlieb Friedrich Pltes whole uses troducti (Dresden ch). Th fhes, mphibins, (pper Nutzen it Nuzen mmmls. troducti prefect cts first dels Riedel sted turgeschichte, copy Ridger. birds, VIII mmmls. Riedel pges numbered I XXXV, uf 1785 messe men Fortsetng lehrreichen des Geschenks fur hs secd 24 Riedel. peculir. 5th 6th hedgs Clss Plte V Seco show 10th sive hedg Clss, Plte mrsh birds. works two Pltes Borowsky, Leske Riedel. pges II re Sece X: exhibens. species copied Buff, re or hedgs twice Grlls Brs, ex woodpeckers show different Pennnt times Sece see re 4th, different XIXXXI However, we sive gener, number qurtum Ordem, However, Frch, 11th X V: complectens. different species Leip three number woodl birds. sted hedgs Pics, der N engrved observe we niml: regni de Avium three some sted different birds drwn mly Ju oder fig. 5)., dels title fur 1785 numberg ngeneh eer llgemeen (pper different des Vogeln. v ils HerbstMesse wor llezeit Herbst Leipziger Geschenks I. befdlich sd. slightly Tbellen Versuch XII, 133, Volume II. Erste 24 Tbellen Feldern, Fortsetng lehrreichen Fortgesetzter hs fig. 4.). (titlepge, Erste Mit gend. 384 Auf eer llgemeen neuen Tbelle pper Vogel eer turgeschichte. llgemeen dem Titel: 753 Herusgegeben ziger somewht different title Versuch Nturgeschichte. privil. F.K.V.W. Felder begng ge der v der kerl. uf mehr ls eig Nuzen Herusgegeben Hlung : begng mit (titlepge, fig. 2) pper gepriifte ReichsAkdemie Mit Augsburg. selbst mit 24 Nturgeschichte, 16 Vollkommenheit Vorfllenheiten gemeschftlichen Un je lnger brucht werden knn. frnzcchen uch eigne durch oder weitere Versuche nur ds selbe erlernte uch ds Erwec sdern Erlemen, Jhren nicht Antriebs, helfen, ern legio. reiferen tersuchungen nen ils nuzlichen Zeitvertreib m hlftitle not from Ebert, signed numbered I IIII. ngenehmen Jugend. Volume III. Zweite Fortsetng des ngeneh

3 158 S. Fig. (left), 2 titlepge, J. DE GROOT fig. 18THCENTURY (right), 3 pper I. WORK Jugend, lehrreichen bren te. nicht nur Les generl Regter gives hlftitle reds: nmlich Fche, 88 Leipziger fig. 6). cheshe 28 Zweite neuen Os hlftitle ryche 332 Fortsetng Feldern, blochche deren sd, lle vorge third Friedrich Pltes IX Willough XXIII pper identicl dels Kirschner re copies h XXVII nomche fhes Hri re hs from 27 Ry Pcium; copies from Nturgeschichte Th prt der ls Pltes XXIV XXVI + s titlepge. engrved 1. given Pltes XI Bloch's Oeco Fche re Deutsch copies from Hire Suvigny's collecrs. Romnus Lzrt fh rticle. cled river Lech. ll. I suppose were m from vertement secti or tht we see y tht ny ws reptiles, prted publher bo should be re for hve s 1786 Kirschner. He d n Generl dex lrge folio mmmls, suggested fourth no possibly surus. different sectis be trce re third fhes. should III engrved Seb's mentied which sheets mstery On it would Th prted birds copy drwg IXII. unble ws 8 s fourth m, re mphibins copied Fr Romnus. pges delt from 1209, dex. Generl formti bout t will receive full ttenti secd th It plte publher coloured Lech cught plte ner given origl n numbered IVI, fore, stellet werden. Thierhupten rre for plte extr n Kirschner Tbellen woruf zeit 16 uf eer Tbelle befdlich Mrtetfrom numbered not Fr Nturgeschich Auf Jugend, mit eem dditil formti bout number. 789 der (titlepge, fur sdern uch sicht us Herusgegeben termesse Geschenkes oder weitere Versuche llgemeen drwgs HISTORY nturelle des Dordes de l Che. 28th men ON NATURAL vrious bo ger tht s

4 1972 BIJDRAGEN TOT DE DIERKUNDE, 42 (2) 159 Fig. 4 (left), titlepge, fig. 5 (right), pper II. mphibins reptiles. " complete s bought publher Augsburg or t Leipzig Fir th dex ws lredy corported", s he stted. It not cert wher th dex sme dex four lnguges mentied first plte third. IC. Review work reference which Geschenk mentied. Dryer (1796) h ctlogue librry Joseph Bnks vol. 2 17, Ices Animlium, er hedg Anymous first secd s,, er title: "Angenehmes lehrreiches geschenk fur IB. generl jugend". Bnk's librry presumbly lcked third. Crus & Engelmnn (1861) were prted pper t lest two ir Biblioc Zoologic, vol. I 130 refer different qulities. copy three s work er cpti: "Geschenk, Angenehmes lehrreiches, fur Art Librry (former Librry Royl Zoologicl Society) re prted ordry pper. third copy my Jugend". However, y. do not menti own collecti re prted royl pper. I could Jnse (1881), h ctlogue librry trce three different editis. (Nerls) Royl Zoologicl Society er two copies mentiedbove lso those which re collecti Brith Museum (Nturl Hry) re pl (An., ). collecti Rijksmuseum number Heryberg (Herzberg!) "Angenehmes lehrreiches Geschenk fur Jugend..., Augsburg three s ", ctlogue Brith Museum vol. 1 vn Ntuurlijke Hrie, Leiden, re mutilted set fhes sepi. (1903) 72 er hedg Augsburg fhes fered for sle Huswedell (An., 27 ( 1 fhes ) were hcoloured. mphibins reptiles Kirschner. vol.

5 160 2 S. (1904) re lso (27 j 8) he "rre fh" plte (sic!). sme yer citti 1 vol. IX, 139 fh menti gives 3 publicti, Bloch he er IX however ctlogue note he 331 g correct tht Brith th Mu seum. er (1931) 85 bout er funnily yer. Riedel G. 69 mentis h 342 He cert bout ed he s texts. ger yer He ech plte numbers, however, F. Kirschner, uncert gives [1750] Riedel secd prtg Ry extence bibliogrphy system se which two yet number three s er number: Art which hedg Heryberg crddex book system referred ws who mde evidently ws (!). old go eer sme er hwritten Society Herzberg. s mentied re referred Amsterdm, Zoologicl lg or crddex Th... (1881) Jnse e "Versuch 204:13. corported, "Geschenk" llgemee Nturgeschichte copy Librry Librry Art eir engrvers. University not ll strt menti no observe signed re four s. gives but fils some Kirschner, or Buch mentis re gives [1780] lckg Zoologche Kirschner, F. 83 er number 3421 extence not Ry secd. He lso ttributes ll He h F. like e fered for sle. 1 rr tht "rre fh" y (1968) illustrti vol. th if s G. F. publicti Bloch. It obvious collecti or (1951) uthors origl Riedger, ctlogue (goldfh) d'ordes F. (G. (An., 24 item 125 hcoloured 35 reptiles. F. Kirschner, bo copy Nsen sle correct 86. Keynes ctlogue hedg fhes Huswedell re fered for 1964) Ld. Hry Museum, h troducti 538 hedg Riedel, (sic!) HISTORY Nturl hedg Wood NATURAL ucti publicti he Willough 1786, from mentig yer fhes, now s bibliogrphy Ill er Kirschner ON Librry rre no er Pltes er (F.) WORK Riedel!) vol Pltes vol. Willough 1789 re out. Lech. 35 fourtimes h texts. Kirschner sme plte 18THCENTURY texts. (1916) fhes GROOT extr river three Den DE hedg reference cptured 986 er J. some mtke sstnt unfmilir Germn wy writ ws g letter Z. Summrizg schenk" we menti An. pplied II. 6. titlepge re titlepge identicl. III; pper As n (1931) Fig. system University Accordg n.d.). librries, must rre fh from "Ge wy: own (Crus & En 1881); Versuch ly Amster rules correct re now referre six le. correct number Nsen (1968; 23, 24, given Wood mtke. ddendum publher its Librry Engelmnn. ly given be reference bibliogrphic number 85 27,1, 8). 1861); Heryberg (Jnse, references 83 ech Geschenk (Dryer, 1796); tht Crus & ence four works texts, (crddex dys bove given tht ly see gelmnn, dm, dt river Lech "Geschenk" (fig. 7). prted fh, copy en

6 TOT BIJDRAGEN 7. Fig. rre P. Bvri, editis, pl : "E den 6 fr from "Dieser v Fch, Fchen Knopfchen, v e 1786). hedg Reihen jeder wie mit een kleen ser nur Seite Perlen, b Ende beyden vor Zwey, den Schweif oder ds Am or (An th den den Flossen welche sich Flossen Seiten ee etws 161 glnzt. geht grossere Hut, ht ohne gleichfls lnglichtes goldgelber schwrz wo brun gezckten n Die Riickgrd, stehen 3 v b den m Kopf. Lie Um sich nch Seite 4 dem t Auge bwrts, der Perlen iiber Mitte schwrz, Auge weses t e Fleckchen, Hut bekomt wes Die Perlen uf dem Auf Mul, so gehen Quere nch gehet schnurgerde Nse Kopf dv bermhl eben der m dem hlben Perlen, Perlen Der ber Wsser wie mit schwrz Auge reichen, unter ds ber ee bios t Auge welche im egesumet. liber Quere der ern sd ere Strichen. den brunen Flossen b der Anzhl sd Abilungen, ds Tiefer grulichte Frbe, Fden etws iibrigen Schweif n schwrzen usgezcktes egefst. sdern Schuppen, mit sechseckigte glnzet. b Holzfrb, Pfhl lnglichtes usgedehntes Netz, Efssung, verliehret wes, Riicken Schuppen, Gold stehet Perle. Leib etws dn Schweifes Netzformige untere helles Fches erstrecken. des kee es brun vorus, Leibe untern vom Perlen t e sd ht, b Hut wren versehener steht neigend dem n roth, sich Es sd beynhe Flossen Stcheln mit vielen Stchel dem Riicken not : Perlen besetzt, spitzigen des 1972 uf riickwrts doch ee uf dem Riickgrde, Ende (2) hrter mit Reihe extremely t mit sehr e th Lech, plte Flossen two welcher Thierhupten, legend worden, gleichsm welche ber Fch, river im Wsser wie ds feste Silber 5 due welcher bher noch keem Werk gefen jedes km ohnweit Kloster mstery April 25 river plte sgle rrer worden." cught ws "Geschenk" Lechflusse, gefngen fh which 6th th coloured im April mde Lzrt) ner bout sold usserordentlich Thierhupten rre Romnus Thierhupten y 42 DIERKUNDE, Lech. origl drwg n Germny, Augsburg. ger river (Fr mstery north plte Romnus Lze from Lech from Kirschner grved fh DE bey nhe b uf iiber ee m

7 S. J. DE GROOT 18THCENTURY 162 WORK ON NATURAL HISTORY Leuccus Mul, 9 n der Zhl, iiber dem Auge fngt ee meidgeri Heckel, 1852 (Perlfch, Fruenfch, sich krum schwgende Lie v 7 Perlen n. der untern Lie iiber dem Leib, wo ds sechseckigte Gitter uf der Hut nfngt, beluft sich Fruennerflg). (See Heckel & Kner, 1858; Heuschmnn, 1957; Buch, 1963; Ldiges & Voigt, 1965.) From Germn vernculr nmes we cn see tht both species re very similr, Zhl der Perlen letzte m Schweif mitgerechnet uf 22. der obern Lie bey dem Netz s identificti field seems be rr difficult. 22 n der Zhl. Der Kopf t 3 zoll lng; vom Kopfe b n Flossfedern des Schweifs betrgt Both species spwn April My, mles both species re known for ir nuptil rry. 11 % Zoll, nch Byrchem Msse gerechnet, wie lles nch der Ntur colorirte Zeichnung Th remrkble illustrti did not rem unobserved ichthyologts lst century, s usweset, welche P. Romnus Lze im Kloster Thierhupten selbst nch der Ntur verfertigt for stnce Schrnk V Siebold. (Schrnk cited V Siebold, 1863: 195). Schrnk ws gemhlt. Diese Zeichnung t der nemlichen not ble determe fh or even its fmily. However, V Siebold ( ) identified Grosse ils wegen der Seltenheit, ils um Nturforschern Gelegenheit weitern Untersuchungen illustrted fh s Leuccus virgo. Yet, I believe geben, ws vor e Geschlecht, Gttung it be L. meidgeri, for followg ress. Klsse solcher Zhlen, wie er den Fluss Du gekomen seyn mochte, uch wo welchem Werk sch vom ihm Nchricht fden Kupfer gebrcht, ls ee Seltenheit (1) L. virgo hd lredy been known for centuries regi Augsburg. Gessner (1563: 167A) L. virgo s Orfus, Orff or Norfflg s beg cught ro Augsburg Nuremberg. der kdemchen Smlung v Fchen ever Aldrovi (1638: 605) lso Orfo leibt, so wohl schwrz ls illumirt mit oder Germnorum, Orff or Norflg hbitg ohne ubrigen Thiertbellen fden wters ro Augsburg. (2) legend hben bey der gemeschftlichen Akdemchen Hlung Augsburg plte sttes tht no descripti fh represented could be trced. "Geschenk" III: 118 Orfe (Nerflg, Fruenfch) mit llergndigster Freyheit Verbot nicht nchstechen. F. Kirschner sc. Plte XVII no. 90 it gives n illustrti biologicl dt my be summrized s follows. fh which y could not fd ny th V Siebold species. (3) Akdemche Hlung note 1, 196, but re descripti hs nuptil rry. dorsl f no menti "Geschenk". It, refore, possible tht he ws unwre fct tht wooden brown; re dorsl spe; pecrl, ventrl, nlf re reddh; sk chequered hs blck stripes. eye fh plte Geschenk belged ger. (4) It resble ssume tht n rtt, how blck, ir yellow; ro eye sk ever dputble h rttic vlue my be, will l white, but more lterl greyh brown hemmed wys try drw most outspoken fetures blck white. length hed h object. Hence we my suppose tht tl 3 ches, tl length out length hed 11% ches. length body firly ccurtely. depth fh reproduced best illustrtis I could fh given t nturl size, so we re ble fd literture L. virgo L. meidgeri derive from drwg tl length re those Buch (1963: 108, figs ) cm gretest depth body 6.5 cm. gretest body depthtl length rtio derived Owg nuptil rry, fmily which from se illustrtis for L. virgo 1:4.4 fh belgs identified s cyprid. And s for L. meidgeri 1:5.8. Heuschmnn (1957) even th phenomen ly observed mles, our fh belgs tht sex. dorsl spe gives for L. virgo rtio 1:3.5. I hve lredy mentied tl length body depth ctully first spe dorsl f, which "rre fh", th gives us rtio 1:6.3. ws rn presumbly durg ctchg process. Csiderg ll se pots I believe, ctrry If we tke ccount body V Siebold, tht "rre fh cught form colourg, geogrphic regi, river system Upper Dnube, re re ly two species river Lech" Leuccus meidgeri Heckel, Buch (1963) work Wgler L. left s possible cidtes, Leuccus virgo Heckel, 1852 (Fruenfch, Fruennerflg) meidgeri gives dt from th work, which enble us determe our fh s 5yerold specimen.

8 Verzeichns Aukti BIJDRAGEN TOT DE DIERKUNDE, 42 (2) REFERENCES ANON., Angenehmes Lehrreiches Geschenk GESSNER, C., Fchbuch: 1404, (Froschuer, Zu fiir Jugend..., 1 : ixxxv, 1100; 2 : ixii, 133, iiii; 3 : iiv, 1209, ixii; 83 (Gem. Hl. d. Kerl. privil. frnzcchen ReichsAkdemie F.K.V.W., Augsburg). ANON., Ctlogue books, mnuscripts, mps drwgs Brith Museum (Nturl Hry), 1 (= AD): 72 (Ld, 1903); 2 (= EK): 986 (Ld, 1904) Fchbiicher us fif Jhrherten Anti, quritsktlog, : 132. (Dr. E. Huswedell, Hmburg). ALDROVANDI, U., De Pcibus libri V et de Cet liber 1: (N. bldi, Bie). BAUCH, G., Die Eheimchen Siswsserfche, 4e Aufl.: (Neumn & Rdebeul, Berl). J. Crus, V. & W. Engelmnn, Biblioc Zoologic der Schriften Uber Zoologie, welche den periodchen Werken enthlten vom Jhre selbslig erschienen sd, mit Eschluss der llgementurgeschichtlichen, periodchen plelogchen Schriften, 1: 130. (W. Engelmnn, Leipzig). DEAN, B., A bibliogrphy fhes, 1: 139; 2: 634; 111, 331. (Amer. Mus. Nt. Ht., New York). 3: DRYANDER, J., Ctlogus biblioc hriconturl Bnks, 2: 17. (Zoologi). (Bulmer, Josephi rich). HECKEL, J. & R. KNER, Die Siswsserfche der Ostreichchen Mrchie mit Riicksicht uf Angrnzenden Ler: 1388 (W. Engelmnn, Leipzig). HEUSCHMANN, O., Die Wesfche (Cypride). : Hb. Bnenfcherei Mitteleurops, 3 B (18): (R. Demoll & H. N. Mier, Stuttgrt). JANSE, G., Ctlogus der biblioek vn het Kklijk Zoologch Genootschp Ntur Art Mgtr te Amsterdm: 144, 506 (Scheltem & Holkem, Amsterdm). KEYNES, G., John Ry, bibliogrphy: 1163 (Fber & Fber, Ld). LADIGES, W. & D. VOIGT, Die Siswsserfche Europ's b m Url Kspchen Meer: (Pul Prey, Hmburg). NISSEN, C., Die zoologche Buchillustrti. Ihre Bibliogrphie Geschichte, 1. Bibliogrphie, 5 (: , Mi 1968): 342. (Ann Hiersemnn, Stuttgrt). SIEBOLD, G. TH. E. VON, Die Siswsserfche v Mitteleurop: (W. Engelmnn, Leipzig). WOOD, C. A., An troducti literture vertebrte zoology: (Oxford Univ. Press, Ld). Ldi). Received: 3 Februry 1972