Universal Discovery 10.x, Jython Adapter

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1 Universal Discovery 10.x, Jython Adapter Development Training The purpose of this course is to teach students how to develop Jython-based Universal Discovery (UD) Adapters. This three-day course enables students to understand advanced concepts and acquire knowledge and development skills of Universal Discovery Jython Adapters. Advanced topics are discussed and implementation methods and techniques are demonstrated using hands-on exercises. Jython scripting language is introduced in the context of UD and participants learn the most commonly used discovery methods. The hands-on lab environment uses UD version Upon successful completion of this course, you should be able to: Define the concepts and components of Universal Discovery Adapters Design and develop Universal Discovery Jython Adapters Customize and troubleshoot existing Jython Adapters ZIELGRUPPE Integration specialists implementing UD data population across the different business silos and software product families UD architects leveraging the power of the integrated CMDB across the BTO/BSM portfolio UCMDB consultants working with UD performing discovery and population tasks VORAUSSETZUNGEN General knowledge of IT operations, familiarity with business services and service management Familiarity with the ITIL V3 Foundations subject area and the Configuration Management System (CMS) in particular Background in network or enterprise application administration and knowledge of enterprise architectures in a production IT infrastructure Successful completion of UCMDB120 UCMDB 10.x Essentials and UD120 Universal Discovery 10.x Essentials At least 6 months experience with UCMDB & Universal Discovery Prior experience with scripting language such as Python, Perl, etc.

2 INHALTE Module 1: Course Overview Review course content and goals Recognize fellow participants Review administrationsmodule 2: CMS & UD Overview Define Configuration Management System (CMS) Define CMS architecture and features Define UD architecture and features Identify UD functional componentsmodule 3: Jython Scripting Describe Python and Jython programming languages Provide an overview of the basics of scripting with the Python and Jython languages Outline the different data types and structures used in the Python and Jython languagesmodule 4: Regular Expressions and Jython Define Regular Expressions (RE) patterns Create and work with RE patterns Use RE patterns in JythonModule 5: The Discovery Adapter Structure Describe the Discovery Adapter structure Describe how Adapter Management works Create different resource components using Adapter Management Create UD adapters Create discovery scripts Build discovery packagesmodule 6: Building Functional Discovery Adapter Describe how discovery components work together Look at factory-made adapters for cross reference Write a complete functional Discovery module Debug and troubleshootmodule 7: WMI Discovery Adapter Describe the discovery adapter workflow Describe the WMI discovery adapter workflow Create a new WMI discovery adaptermodule 8: SQL Discovery Adapter Describe the discovery adapter workflow Describe the SQL discovery adapter workflow Create a new SQL discovery adaptermodule 9: SSH Discovery Adapter Describe the SSH discovery adapter workflow Create a new SSH discovery adaptermodule 10: Configuration File Discovery Adapter Describe the Configuration File (CF) discovery adapter workflow Create a new CF discovery adaptermodule 11: Workshop Analyze a problem or use case from your work environment Use UD and Jython to resolve the issues presented in your use case Share strategies with other participants ABSCHLUSS & ZERTIFIKATE Teilnahmebescheinigung REFERENT Experienced professional Trainers straight from the market for your benefit. TERMINE

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