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1 Alumni Newsletter No. 68, August 2015 Welcome to the sixty-eigth editon of our online newsletter, which will inform you about the highlights of the Kaiserslautern Graduate School Mathematics as a Key Technology. Admissions for the 2015/16 study programmes A total of 29 international students have been accepted to the graduate study programmes at the Department of Mathematics in the winter semester 2015/ FROM THE DEPARTMENT Summer School on Algebraic and Tropical Geometry On the occasion of the 50-year-long diplomatic relations between Germany and Israel, the project IMAGINARY Israel by the Mathematisches Forschungsinstitut Oberwolfach (MFO) was launched. It receives funding from the Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF) and is organized within the Research in Germany campaign of the BMBF, with the aim of strengthening the traditionally very good mathematical research collaborations between the two countries. The project consists of two mathematics exhibitions for the general public, a summer school and a conference mainly for young mathematicians from Germany and Israel. The summer school will be hosted at the Department of Mathematics at the University of Kaiserslautern from September 7-11, Please find the home countries of all the selected candidates below: Armenia 1 Bangladesh 2 China 3 Ethiopia 1 Ghana 4 India 3 Indonesia 1 Iran 1 Kazakhstan 1 Nepal 3 Nigeria 1 Pakistan 1 Sri Lanka 2 Syria 2 Tanzania 1 USA 2 The next table shows the admissions by programme and specialisation: WS 2015/16 (total) 29 Master (total) 25 Financial Mathematics and Statistics 8 Algebra 7 Industrial Mathematics 7 Analysis und Stochastics 3 PhD MIC 4 PhD theses successfully defended in June and July Programme The programme of the summer school consists of three series of lectures with accompanying example classes. The summer school aims at advanced graduate students, PhD students and young PostDocs interested in the subject. The participants are supposed to be familiar with the basics of algebraic geometry, say, in the form of an introductory course on algebraic geometry. Please find detailed information under: Conferences/ATG2015/index.html Ren, Yue ( ) Tropical Geometry in Singular Supervisor: Markwig Kobert, Maria ( ) Application of the Finite Pointset Method to moving boundary problems for the BGK model of rarefied gas dynamics Supervisor: Klar Jahnert, Florian ( ) Construction of a Mittag-Leffler Analysis and its Applications Supervisor: Grothaus

2 FROM THE DEPARTMENT Kleinert, Jan Lars ( ) Simulating Granular Material using Nonsmooth Time-Stepping and a Matrix-Free Interior Point Method Supervisor: Simeon Ishak, Norizarina ( ) Aspects and Applications of the Wilkie Investment Model Supervisor: Korn Staff Development Herr Dr. Marc Goerigk (AG Optimierung) hat einen Ruf auf eine Lectureship an der University of Lancaster, Großbritannien, erhalten. Wir gratulieren ihm recht herzlich und warten auf seine Entscheidung. Guests at the Department Dr. Hiep Tuan Dang from the University of Dalat, Vietnam, is a guest of Prof. Dr. Decker (Algebra) from June 12 to August 12, Professor Oleg Smolyanov from the Lomonosov Moscow State University was a guest of Prof. Dr. Grothaus (Functional Analysis and Stochastic Analysis) from July 1-31, Dr. Mandi Schaeffer-Fry from the Metropolitan State University of Denver was a guest of Prof. Dr. Malle (Algebra) from July 7-22, Henrike Häbel from the Chalmers University of Technology, Göteborg is a guest of Juniorprof. Dr. Redenbach (Statistics) from July 11 to August 7, Prof. Dr. Radha Kessar from the City University London was a guest of Prof. Dr. Malle (Algebra) from July 28-31, Herzlichen Glückwunsch Am 22. Juni 2015 wurde Dr. Mario Hefter, AG Computational Stochastics, für seine herausragende Dissertation vom Freundeskreis der TU mit einem Preisgeld von 800 Euro ausgezeichnet. Wir gratulieren ihm ganz herzlich und wünschen ihm weiterhin viel Erfolg. Graduation Ceremony The Department of Mathematics invites all former and present students as well as the staff to join the annual graduation ceremony. The ceremony takes place on 23 October 2015 at 4 pm, Building 42, Audimax At 6:30 pm dinner is served at Mensa II - if you wish to participate, please contact Beate Siegler 2

3 FROM THE UNIVERSITY 2. FROM THE UNIVERSITY Schülerinnentag Doing sport on the campus a good oppor- Am 1. Oktober 2015 findet der nächste tunity to relax Schülerinnentag Natur, Wissenschaft, Technik für Schülerinnen der Klassenstufen von 9.00 bis Uhr statt. Anmeldung ist vom 1. Juli bis 20. September Programm und Anmeldung findet sich unter: Skulpturen an der Uni It is a well-known fact that doing sport and being healthy correlate. Apart from that, sport is fun. So in the spring, the University of Kaiserslautern and Unisport decided to invent campusletics : a new course of exercises on the campus where all the students, employees and guests can burn off their energy. A course of different stages, which is similar to a keepfit trail, leads along the campus and through the neighbouring forest whereby modern gym equipment and urban trends like calisthenics can be combined with the quiet of nature. The word campuslethics is a compound consisting of the words campus and athletics. This new creation of strength training, coordination training and endurance training is supposed to be qualified for beginners and advanced people, which becomes obvious on the information boards close to the stations that show exercises of various levels of difficulty. To find out if this assumption is true, the secretary of the Graduate School, Mrs Roth, took the challenge of doing several exercises and reporting about her experiences. In her opinion, the different exercises are explained easily on the information boards. The exercises are interesting and challenging, but also fun. They are a good way to relax and to get away from the daily routine that is sometimes exhausting. Bitumenquelle Am Waldrand unter der Brücke, an der Gottlieb-Daimler-Straße, steht auf dem Gelände der Technischen Universität das etwa 15 Meter lange Kunstwerk Bitumenquelle, das Gerd Rappenecker aus Stuttgart im Jahr 1982 im Rahmen des internationalen Steinbildhauer-Symposions der Universität aus Sandstein geschaffen hat. Bei der Einweihung des Kunstwerkes schüttete der Künstler heißes Bitumen durch den Kopf des großen, stehenden Steines (links) und ließ es durch die leicht geneigte Rille des langen Steinbandes fließen. Mit dem Bitumen strich er den etwas versetzt stehenden Stein (vorne) schwarz an. Inzwischen ist der lange Stein mit der Rille teilweise so zugewachsen, daß man das Kunstwerk in seiner Gesamtheit nicht mehr richtig erkennen kann. Foto: (Karina Kuproth) 3

4 FROM KAISERSLAUTERN, GERMANY 4 3. FROM KAISERSLAUTERN DIE RHEINPFALZ Sommerredaktion DIE RHEINPFALZ hatte wieder ihre Sommerredaktion für eine Woche in der Fußgängerzone eingerichtet. Treffpunkt war das Paneo am Schillerplatz. Tische und Stühle samt Hollywood-Schaukel standen bereit für die zahlreichen Gäste aus dem öffentlichen Leben: Politiker, Unternehmer, Wissenschaftler, Sportler, Künstler... Sie ka men auf eine nette Plauderei mit den Redakteuren bei einer Tasse Kaffee oder erfrischenden Getränken. So machten es sich auch TU-Präsident Prof. Dr. Helmut Schmidt und Kanzler Stefan Lorenz auf der Hollywood- Schaukel bequem. In lockerer Atmosphäre erzählten sie über Forschung und Lehre an der Universität, von erfreulichen Perspektiven, von den bestehenden Sonderforschungsbereichen und von der Verbesserung der Studienqualität. 4. FROM GERMANY Asylum and refugee policy in Germany a late-breaking topic Within these last two years, the number of refugees seeking asylum in Europe has increased dramatically. Since the European countries disagree massively on the question of how many asylum seekers to accept, this topic is one of the mostly discussed issues in the media nowadays. Despite the sometimes critical attitude of the politicians, in our private environment we can notice a striking number of private initiatives to help the refugees. Article 16a of the Basic Law grants victims of political persecution an individual right of asylum. The fundamental right of asylum has high priority and expresses Germany s willingness to fulfil its humanitarian obligation to admit refugees. Therefore, people granted asylum status and those granted refugee status receive a temporary residence permit and are given the same status as Germans within the social insurance system. They are entitled to social welfare, child benefits, child-raising benefits, integration allowances and language courses as well as other forms of integration assistance. To fulfil its obligations, Kaiserslautern created the website to give information on facts and figures, emerging questions and other responsibilities. People interested in volunteering can help the asylum seekers in everyday life (e.g. visits to the doctor or authorities), teach the German language and culture or introduce the refugees to leisure activities. In this way, Kaiserslautern, like numerous other cities, tries to make sure that the asylum seekers and the locals get along well and they feel comfortable with each other. From January to June 2015, Germany received a total of 179,037 asylum applications compared to 77,109 applications in the same period of time in 2014, which means that the number of asylum requests has more than doubled (+132.2%). In 2015, one-fifth of the asylum applicants came from Syria, followed by the Republic of Kosovo (17.9%), Albania (13.6%), Serbia (6.3%), Iraq (5.4%), Afghanistan (5.0%), Macedonia (2.6%), Eritrea (2.2%), Nigeria (1.8%), Pakistan (1.7%) and others (23.4%). In 2014, Germany received the highest number of asylum applications compared to the other countries in the European Union, namely about one-third of all applications or a total of 172,945. In relation to the entire population of the countries, Sweden is number one with 7.8 asylum applications per 1,000 inhabitants, followed by Hungary (4.2 per 1,000) and Malta (3.0 per 1,000). In Germany, the rate is 2.1 refugees per 1,000 citizens. Other European countries do not receive so many asylum applications: France received 0.9, Finland 0.6, Great Britain about 0.5, Spain 0.1 and the Czech Republic all per 1,000 inhabitants.

5 FROM THE WORLD, DEUTSCH-ECKE, FCK 5. FROM THE WORLD Nepal Mathematical Society Last Saturday (1 August) the general assembly of Nepal Mathematical Society elected a new executive body of this prestigious academic organization. The body has given a great responsibility of the Presidentship to our alumnus Prof. Dr. Tanka Nath Dhamala. We congratulate him. Definitely, Prof. Dhamala is the right person to strengthen the academic excellence in the mathematical education and to popularise mathematics in Nepal. The Nepal Mathematical Society has great responsibility to enhance mathematical issues in Nepal and a wider networking around the world. It was founded in January 1979 by enthusiastic Nepalese mathematicians of that time, with the aim of enhancing the academic excellence in studying, teaching, research and applications of Mathematics. The Nepal Mathematical Society is an association of professional mathematicians dedicated to promote mathematical sciences in the country. The society edits various publications and holds conferences and talk programs at local and national level. Jemandem den Kopf verdrehen (machen, dass jemand beginnt, einen zu lieben) Ein Herz erobern / jemanden um den Finger wickeln (Erfolg haben, sodass sich jemand verliebt) Es hat gefunkt (sie haben sich verliebt) Wenn es nicht passt Jemandem die kalte Schulter zeigen (ablehnen, ignorieren) Jemandem einen Korb geben (kein Interesse zeigen) Jemanden versetzen (nicht zu einer Verabredung kommen) Jemanden sitzen lassen (den anderen verlassen) Jemanden abschießen (den Kontakt beenden) 7. FCK Neue Saison Nach dem erfreulichen Auftaktsieg in Duisburg mit 1:3 sind die Roten Teufel wieder auf dem Boden der Tatsachen gelandet und müssen sich mit einem 0:0 gegen Braunschweig begnügen. Impressum Alumni News 68, 2015 ************************ 6. DEUTSCH-ECKE Redensarten für Flirt und Liebe Schmetterlinge im Bauch haben (positives, nervöses Gefühl im Bauch haben) Auf Wolke sieben schweben (sehr glücklich sein, weil man verliebt ist) Graduate School Mathematics as a Key Technology University of Kaiserslautern Department of Mathematics P.O. Box Kaiserslautern Germany Fax : Web : Editors: Anna Maria Schwarz, Beate Siegler, Falk Triebsch Layout: Beate Siegler Next issue: October 2015 Deadline for contributions: September 15,