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1 Impran upgrade and feaure Thee inrucin are cnanly being mdified and updaed. The g webie i wrh referring fr he lae inrucin dwnlad. German, ecnd half f hi manual Pr Ba Ulra - Baery Baery Charger USERS MANUAL. Cde: BB260 BB2270 BB23670 BB2870 BB2235 BB2235 BB23670 BB2870 2V-2V 60A inpu 2V-2V 70A inpu 2V-36V 70A inpu 2V-8V 70A inpu 2V-2V 35A inpu 2V-2V 35A inpu 2V-36V 70A inpu 2V-8V 70A inpu Cde: BB230 2V-2V 30A inpu BB220 2V-2V 0A inpu Te Repr Shee Each prduc ge uniquely eed and a repr i generaed. Thi unique e repr i preen inide hi bx. Yu mu keep hi e hee in hi bx and keep hi bx afe. Thi hee huld be preen when he charger i being warraned. Abrpin Cnd. H Charge Fla g Pwer Prduc V 2.2 In / Uni Audible alarm n/ff Ou / Rem Ba. hld > 3 ec Fr her Eurpean language refer webie: Eurpe / RW: Nrh America: baery emp enr Vl Selec On / Off hld>3 ec Temp Menu Change Faul Opinal Reme Inrucin inide Neg Main Pwer MUST READ Fr he va majriy f uer (90%) reading hi paragraph huld Terminal P P be ufficien fr inallain. The uni can be inalled by imply u in cnnecing i beween an inpu and upu baery a depiced. The fue uni, by defaul, hall ar charging when he inpu vlage exceed fue 3.2V and wiche ff when he vlage drp belw 3.0V fr mre han 20 (adjuable). Ging abve 3.2V fr 5 ecnd hall ree hi imer. The defaul charging prfile i.v ab. and 3.6V fla Sarer fr ealed lead acid baerie (x2 fr 2V x3 fr 36V x fr 8V). Thi Hue / Dmeic / Aux / Bw hruer mean ha he va amun f inallain can be fied u f he bx Engine Ba. *defaul mde de n require igniin feed* wihu any adjumen. Pleae read he legal and afey There i al an igniin feed pin - Uni n when igniin i n, uni ff infrmain fir befre prceeding when igniin i ff. Pleae read he manual fr addiinal infrmain. and we rngly advie hiring a prfeinal fi. : D UR A echnlgy E : DESIGN AMIC : DIG YN AL IT BL D Cpyrigh 207 g Pwer V60 July 207 PrDigial RHS cmplian Regeneraive Braking Friendly R.B.F

2 Cnen Page Legal and Safey Infrmain Page 3 Frce Opin - Device pin Hw ue he inrucin Facry Ree Cpyrigh and Plagiarim Frce perain w ihu upu vlage Mainenance and Repair Safey and Precauin Diplay annain Frce Uni n / ff Page - 5 Baic w iring diagram Sleep imer / Off imer adju. Page 6 Cumie Abrpin ime facr Page 7 Page 8 Baery Chemiry vlage value able Cumie Operainal Vlage Page 3 Cmprehenive breakdw n f reme funcin Faul Finding Trublehing Wiring he crrec perainal mde Changing he Baery Chemiry Prfile Cumie minimum and maximum abrpin ime Reme Cnrl Operain Ching he crrec perainal mde Fir Turning he uni n Cumie Cndiining vlage Cumie Fla vlage Operainal m de 2 3 Inallain diagram Page - 2 Cumie B / Abrpin vlage Baic perainal mde 2 3 Guide Bun Deailed Inallain guide Frce Uni half pw er mde Cum Baery Prfile Selecin Recmmended cable and fue ize Quick Inallain guide Page 0 Frce Fla mde Frn Label diplay annaed Under he lid annain 2 Page Fundamenal faul rublehing Page 9 LED diplay w / meaning and luin g' Warrany Saemen Page 5 Cumer ervice and w arrany declarain Frn panel meer reading / meaning Seie 6 Deuch Page 6 fr German Prduc Specificain BB230 BB260 BB2270 BB23670 BB2870 BB2235 BB2235 Inpu Vlage (V DC) Inpu Curren (A) Baery ype (all mdel) AGM (2) GEL (2) SEALED OPEN LiFePO CALCIUM CUSTOM IP raing IP2 IP2 IP2 IP2 IP2 IP2 IP2 Igniin Preced Ye Ye Ye Ye Ye Ye Ye Quiecen Curren (ma) Baery Cnnecr WJ6VW WJ6VW 8mm inpu WJ6VW upu WJ6VW WJ6VW Weigh (Kg) Dimenin (LxWxD) mm 90 x 60 x x 60 x 70

3 2 3 Legal and Safey Uing he Inrucin Manual Thi manual mu be read hrughu befre inalling hi elecrnic device. D n le hee inrucin keep hem afe. The m up dae inrucin can be fund n he g Pwer webie. Pleae refer he lae inrucin manual befre cnacing g. A g, we endeavur include all f he prduc infrmain ha we can hink f in he manual. Safey Symbl CAUTION WARNING EXPLOSION Ÿ Example - WARNING. Never ue he device in iuain where here i danger f ga / du EXPLOSION r penially flammable prduc. General mainenance and repair Inallain f he elecrnic device mu be carried u by a qualified and rained pernnel nly. The pernnel mu be familiar wih he lcally acceped guideline and afey meaure. The device mu be wiched ff during mainenance. I mu al be preced again unexpeced wiching ff. Remve baery cnnecin and enure uni i ff. If repair i required, nly ue riginal par. g Pwer warrany aemen General afey and inallain precauin A cmprehenive warrany aemen i prvide a he back f he inrucin manual. A cmprehenive warrany aemen can al be fund n Cpyrigh and plagiarim Cpyrigh 205 g Pwer. All righ reerved. Reprducin, ranfer, diribuin r rage f par r all f he cnen f hi dcumen i ricly prhibied. If yu wih ue all f hi dcumen, r excerp frm i, g Pwer mu be cnaced. Liabiliy g Pwer can n accep liabiliy fr: cnequenial damage due ue f hi device pible errr in he manual and he reul heref Ÿ Ÿ Device mdificain Pleae d n mdify he device unle yu have been inruced d by g Pwer, direcly. Prduc mdificain hall be dne a g, when needed. Warrany hall be vided if pernal aemp are made mdify he device, wihu g apprval. Ue he baery baery charger nly: Ÿ Fr DC DC cnverin. Ÿ Fr DC curren limiing. Ÿ Wih fue precing he DC cable. Ÿ In a well venilaed, dry, du-free and cndenain free envirnmen. Ÿ When inrucin manual ha been read hrugh. Ÿ Inall device in well venilaed pace. D n expe device : Rain, nw, pray, miure, plluin, cndenain. D n cver r bruc venilain pening. Ÿ Device cnnec cmmn negaive. Cmmn negaive mu be earhed. Ÿ In cae f fire ue a fire exinguiher. Ÿ Enure revere plariy and hr circuiing i avided - preven damage baery. Ÿ Prec DC wire wih he apprpriae ized fue. Ÿ Check cabling annually- fix where needed. Ÿ Avid cnac wih device wih damp hand. Ÿ Enure he device i adequaely and ecurely muned preven he uni frm diplacemen. Ÿ Ue a prfeinal inall device. Baery afey Exceive charge r dicharge and high vlage can caue eriu damage baerie. Never exceed he recmmended limi. If baery acid cnac kin r clhing, wah immediaely wih ap and waer. If acid ener he eye(), immediaely fld he eye() wih running cld waer fr 20 minue and eek medical aenin. Give exra care n drp meal l r jewellery n he baery erminal a hr circuiing can ake place. Refrain frm charging baery up hur prir f inallain avid he frmain f explive gae. Never mke / generae a park arund baerie.

4 Frn Panel Regen imer ff (S) / n (fl) High ba emp (fl) SVEM (S) Mdel: BB260 / BB2270 / BB23670 / BB2870 / BB2235 / BB2235 / BB23670 / BB Regen imer ff (S) / n (fl) 20 2 High ba emp (fl) SVEM (S) Mdel: BB230 BB220 Frn label diplay & 26) ENTER / SETUP and SELECT bun, ued adju eing. 2 & 25) Backgrund ligh fr bun, ued al hw uni i perainal. 3)-) The lef clumn f LED have 3 differen funcin. Firly, n uni ar up he baery ype i diplayed. Secndly, afer arup i becme an inpu vlmeer. Thirdly, during cum eing he vlage cale i ued e he vlage - refer laer. 2) Thi LED ha 3 meaning. Firly, when n baery ype elecin mde hi i he LiFePO lihium baery indicar. Secndly, n defaul mde (m ime) hi hw he charger i n fa charge mde. Thirdly, if flahing, hen he uni i in andby and wa in fa charge prir enering andby. 3-5) Thee LED hw he baery charge prgrein hrugh i cycle. 5) Flah when in andby. 6-2) Ha 3 funcin: Firly, n ar up hey hw he upu vlage. Secndly, if an alarm i preen he alarm hw up. Thirdly, hi rw i ued in he cum eup prcedure e iming funcin, vlage and ime facr. I general funcin i a an upu vlmeer, in he even 2 LED are n he vlage i beween he 2 eing, if he p r bm red LED i n hen he vlage i uide he parameer ff he vlmeer. 6) High vlage, if n lid i i high upu vlage, if flahing i i high inpu vlage. 7) High emp rip, if flahing hen high uni emperaure rip. 8) N faul (lid n). Pwer Pack mde / live vlage upu (flahing). 9) N regen. mde r regen. imer a 0 = lid LED. Regen n / imer n = flahing LED. 20) Reme Baery ene cable cnneced (lid). 2) Baery ene vlage drp in cable uide he precribed.5v drp maximum, hicker cable required - LED flahing. 22) Device pwer abiliy reduced due high ambien emperaure r vlage drp in upu cable big. Alarm will be in cnjuncin wih her infrmain alarm. If flahing uni i in nigh mde wih reduced pwer and lw fan peed. 23) Lw vlage alarm, lw vlage n inpu = flahing LED. Inpu alernar n upplying enugh pwer r failed. Lw vlage upu = lid LED. Smehing cnuming a l f pwer r uni n wrking. N vlage upu hen LED n lid. 2) If flahing hen baery emperaure high. Slid LED i in SVEM mde - Sainary Vehicle Engage Mde. 27) Number relaing baery cum eup (if ued) hi i he charge facr number. 28) Number relaing cum eup mde hee number relae iming, i.e. maximum and minimum ime eing.

5 5 Frn Panel II AMIC : DIG YN : D UR PrDigial BB2270 BB23670 BB A D 7 AL IT echnlgy BB260 BB2235 BB2235 Deigned and develped in England Made in Taiwan : DESIG N 9 8 Backgrund ligh SETUP n uni SELECT ENTER acive E BL Specificain: 2V-2V 60A Curren limiing Thermaic cnrl fan Au r igniin feed Baery Reme cnrl emperaure Revere plariy enr ell Rem V ene ee ide Ener/Selec inf label bun under cver regen braking SETUP ENTER SELECT f u e Revere plariy ell 2 fue Ba Neg Ba in u - f u e Mdel: BB260 / BB2270 / BB23670 / BB2870 / BB2235 / BB2235 Mdel: BB230 BB Dimenin Under he lid uni in millimere (mm) Recmmended cable ize fr curren required The mm2 figure have been runded up ui Eurpean cable availabiliy. 30A Diance 3m (0 f) 5m (5f) 7m (22f) 8m (25f) 9m (30f) mm2 / AWG 6.0 / / / / / 8 60A Diance 3m (0 f) 5m (5f) 7m (22f) 8m (25f) 9m (30f) mm2 / AWG 6.0 / / / / / mm(H) 58mm(W) 70mm(D) 0.60 ) DC upu fue 2) Negaive fue (piin, mdel dependen) 3) DC upu aux baery ) Cmmn negaive 5) DC inpu frm ar baery (green cnnecr r bra nu/bl - mdel dependen). 6) DC inpu fue 7) Reme cnrl cke 8) Igniin frce (immediae acivain dwn 0V inpu vlage). 9) Igniin feed cnnecr (n/ff) 0) Au regen. mde (defaul linked w/ ign feed) ) Reme baery ene wire cmpenae fr vlage drp in cable (pinal, de n need be ued). 2) Baery emperaure enr, pinal fi, if n ued prduc will wrk n defaul f 20 deg C eing. 3) Oher wire aciaed wih he emp enr a per 2. ) Revere plariy ell ale dide. If damaged, will hw if uni ha been revere plariy and n under warrany. Piin f dide are mdel dependen. Nminal Fue ize fr inpu & upu 0A 00A 70A

6 Link Baery emp enr Reme ene Neg F U S E 3 F U S E 2 Ba u fue Uni will wrk n defaul eing if emperaure enr n fied Link (pinal) fue au ign Reme crl cke P in cmpenae fr vlage drp acr lng cable Impran NEGATIVES huld all be cmmn. We recmmend jining he BB neg. he arer baery negaive. Engine Sarer Fr imprved efficiency. Baery (cnneced alernar) 2 Temp Senr n negaive P u fue Temperaure enr baery emp enr N bligary cnnec. If yu wih inall, cnnec he emp enr he negaive f he dmeic / aux. baerie. When emp enr ene he emperaure lwer han 20Deg C he vlage hall g up n he charger upu and when he emperaure i higher han 20Deg C he vlage. Senr hall rip he charger if he emperaure f baery >55DegC Igniin Frce mde. Fr rue igniin n/ff mde he Link huld be remved. A n a here i a ignal (> V) n hi cnnecr, he uni will wake up (can ake up 60 ecnd) and will ar charge he upu baery. The nly limi i he inpu vlage. I will charge dwn 0V n he inpu ide. WARNING: In cae he alernar / engine i n running r deliver le han 60A (depend n he charge ae f he upu baery) yu can dicharge yur arer baery. Hue / Dmeic / Aux Baery Bank Igniin feed w/ afe vlage acivain Same a perain mde. The nly addiin i ha an igniin ignal i required fr charging. If yu have 3.2V n he inpu erminal wih n live igniin feed hen he charger i in leep r andby mde and n charging. Thi ignal can be ued urn he charge n and ff if required T Igniin feed Au Lw V regen. braking T Igniin feed* Au Aumaic Acivain. Uni n when inpu vlage abve 3.2V (inpu), ff belw 3.0V (inpu). If inpu vlage i 3.2V - 9.0V he regen. braking imer begin. Thi rigger he 20 ecnd imer which ar when he inpu vlage drp beween.9v-3.0v. The imer and vlage can be adjued. Thi allw i be ued wih mar alernar / Regen. Braking. If yu have bh he link and a live igniin he BB hall perae a any inpu vlage (dwn 0V). When he igniin feed urn ff he BB hall ill charge wih Au Mde (mde ) parameer. Ideal if yu have hre pwer charger charging up he inpu baery and wih fr he BB urn n and charge he dmeic baery ec.. Wih he Au link cnneced and n ignal frm he igniin hen he BB hall perae idenically Mde. T Igniin feed* Quick Inallain 6

7 Guide bun Pre Lengh () 7 Acin 2-5 Frce uni in fla mde. Pre again ake u f fla mde. 5-0 Turn uni n / ff ggle Baery ype elec - ue SETUP / SELECT ggle beween ype. Bh cnfirm Change perainal n/ff vlage - ue bh bun crll beween vlage. 30 Pre Lengh () Ree uni defaul - pre and hld bh bun fr 2 ecnd cnfirm. Acin 0- Change au faul diplay / back Vlage diplay mde. 5-0 Tggle beween /2 and / (full) pwer. 0-5 Se Au Regen. ime - ue eiher bun ggle beween he preferred ime Live upu vlage (pwer upply mde) - pre SELECT change LED OEM lck - diable furher adjumen f uni funcin. OEM lck - pre Seup bun fr 30 ecnd x red LED huld ligh cnfirm. repea prcedure remve he lck. Pre Lengh () hi mde preven perar ampering wih he uni eing when in he field. The OEM / fier can e he uni up a hey deire fir, he eing hall be red, hen hey can apply hi lck. Acin 2-5 Nigh mde = /2 pwer fr 8 hur, hen back full pwer. 5-0 Ener andby mde. T ake u f andby, repea. 0-5 Diplay fware verin (diplayed in binary n diplay). 5 SVEM - Sainary Vehicle Engage Mde SVEM* Sainary Vehicle Engage Mde Pr Ba Ulra ar charging when inpu i >3.V. Turn ff when inpu i <3.0V.

8 6 Main Pwer Terminal Regeneraive Braking Friendly Neg R.B.F fue fue Auxiliary Cnrl Terminal P u Hue / Dmeic / Aux / Bw hruer Enure he charger i wired up a depiced abve (larger diagram n previu page). The Pr Ba Ulra hall ligh up prvided i ha baery vlage acr he P in and neg erminal. If P u i al cnneced he uni hall ar charging fr 20 ecnd (/2 f he regen. braking imer). During he fir ar up yu can change he baery chemiry prfile. Thi i required cmplemen he regeneraive braking apec f mdern Eur 5/6 engine - where he alernar vlage can drp belw 3V fr a hr perid f ime. When he alernar vlage rie abve 3.2V he 20 ecnd imer end ( reacivae he imer) and he charger remain charging. Hwever, if he inpu vlage ha exceeded 3.2V fr 5 ecnd he regen. braking imer i prepped and hall becme acive if he inpu vlage drp dwn 2.0V-3.3V. Hw cnnec? Link he Au and he Thi imer i 20 (defaul - can be changed) Igniin erminal n and allw he charger cninue charging he blck geher, a hee lwer inpu vlage. If he vlage drp belw.9v he charger ge leep a hwn. irrepecive f he imer. If he inpu vlage remain beween.9v-3.0v fr ver 20 he charger al ge leep. T wake he charger, he inpu vlage need rie abve 3.2V - hi hall al ree he regen. braking imer. Lw V regen. braking Regeneraive Braking Friendly R.B.F Au Igniin Lw V regen. braking Hw cnnec? Cnnec igniin feed he Igniin erminal. Can be any live feed. 2) Igniin feed w/ afe vlage acivain Mde 2 i idenical Mde. The nly difference i ha i require a live ignal n he igniin AND he afremenined inpu vlage fr i remain charging. Fr example, if yu have ver 3.2V n he inpu erminal wih n live feed hen he Pr Ba Ulra hall be in andby. Only nce yu apply he igniin feed ignal he Pr Ba hall ar charging. The charger urn ff when yu urn ff yur igniin. Thi mde i beneficial a i give yu mre cnrl ver when he charger perae. Wih a live igniin and lw inpu vlage he charger hall ill charge fr 20 ecnd, hen urn ff. 3) Pure igniin feed - WARNING fla ba. If yu ju cnnec he igniin feed nly he bm cnnecr (remve he link) he BB Link hall perae when he igniin i live and urn (pinal) ff when he igniin i ff. There i n imer, Au n rigger vlage - nly a 0V (20V a 2V) lw vlage rip. Wih he link wire cnneced and he igniin line igniin feed cnneced he BB hall perae when he igniin i live. Hwever, i hall al Hw cnnec? perae when here i n igniin under he Cnnec igniin feed cndiin f mde (abve). Lw V regen braking. Link Au igniin Thi mde i ideal fr he wh have Eur 6 cnnecr. engine ha ar up wih he alernar ff. Where he arer baery vlage de n exceed 3.3V, bu yu wan he BB charge. Regeneraive Braking Friendly R.B.F In defaul mde () r mde (2) he inpu vlage need rie abve 3.2V9.0V (x2 fr 2V) in rder fr he Ba Ulra ar charging. Thi can be achieved by aring yur engine. Abve 3.2V, fr 5 ecnd, he regeneraive braking imer acivae (20 ec (fir ime afer ar/wakeup) hen 20 ecnd defaul). There may be a delay f up 60 ecnd befre he BB ulra ar. Igniin Link In defaul mde () r mde (2) he Ba Ulra hall imply urn ff and ge leep afer 20 ecnd (can be changed) if he inpu vlage ha n rien abve 3.2V. WARNING, If yu have i e mde (3) (Igniin Frce Mde) and he igniin i live hen he charger hall cninue charging unil he inpu baery drp 0.0V (defaul) x2 fr 2V. VERY LOW. Au Engine Sarer Baery (alernar) P in Duble all vlage fr 2V, riple fr 36V and quadruple fr 8V. ) Aumaic acivain (defaul eing). The m cmmn mde, ued in 99% f all inallain including vehicle wih Regen. braking yem. Thi mean ha he uni i vlage eniive (n igniin feed required). The mmen he charger i inalled n an inpu and upu baery i hall ar charging fr 20 ecnd hen urn ff. Only when he inpu vlage ge 3.2V-9.0V hen he uni will imply ar charging. If he vlage drp belw 3.0V he uni hall urn ff. Wih a cavea, read n. Fi in a cl dry well venilaed pace. Shuld be inalled by a cmpeen pern, cnfrming wih he law f he cunry. Cnnec piive cable (in red) he erminal blck, a hwn belw. Similarly, enure fue are inalled and negaive are cmmn. 8 Baic Operain / Inallain

9 9 Afer uni ha gne hrugh i arup equence he LED diplayed huld be he inpu vlage n he lef clumn and he upu vlage n he righ clumn. Al, he p lef LED (number 2) huld be n lid which i he fa charge (bulk) LED. On fir ar up all LED will ligh up. A beep huld und. The fan hall hen ar running fr arund 5 ecnd. If, afer hi, 2 red LED flah fr 8 ecnd yu may have a calibrain iue and he uni huld be reurned g. If 2 lid red LED are n a he p r bm hen yu eiher have high r lw inpu vlage (repecively) - check yur vlage. Fir Time Ue (when wiring up) Changing charging prfile during arup Afer he iniial ar up an LED n he lef panel hall ligh up fr 5 ecnd, hi hall indicae he baery ype eleced - defaul i ealed lead acid. Thi i yur windw f ppruniy change he charging prfile. If yu have mied he ppruniy, yu can wai fr he uni g in nrmal perain and fllw he inrucin n he righ f he page r rear he device. Ne - if yu can nly ee LED n he righ clumn he chance are yu are in an errr mde. Thi culd be dwn : Very lw upu vlage (<5V), n upu cnnecin, revere plariy r he device i n deecing a valid perainal mde a he cnnecr wire i eiher n cnneced r he cnnecin cnfigurain i wrng. Pleae refer previu page. Lef and righ meer reading. During nrmal perain IUOU Baery charge prgre Cum Charging Prfile If baery emperaure enr i cnneced hen all vlage are baed n 20 Deg C. If enr ene le han 20DegC = increaed vlage. Higher han 20DegC = decreae vlage. The furher frm 20DegC in eiher direcin lead prprinal increae r decreae in he vlage. (x2 fr 2V x3 fr 36V x fr 8V) 6) Open 7) Calcium 8) De-ulphain 9) LiFePO 0) Cum Oupu Vlage Hld dwn bh bun n he frn panel (SELECT Bulk / B Abrb Cnd. Fla () / Sandby (fl) and SETUP/ENTER) fr mre han 0 ecnd (le Charge ae -> 5. V V High Vl in (fl) / u (S) han 20 ecnd!). All LED n he lef clumn hall nw 5.0 V V High emp rip (fl) flah. By uing hee w bun ggle hrugh he.6 V V N Faul (S) / P.Pack (fl) variu prfile (ee belw). The righ bun i up he.2 V V Regen imer ff (S) / n (fl) clumn and he lef bun ake yu dwn he clumn. 3.8 V V Ba. Sene n (S) 3. V V Vl drp ene (fl) The LED hall ligh up demnraing which prfile yu 3.0 V V /2 pwer (S) / nigh (fl) have eleced. When he LED ha illuminaed a yur 2.6 V V Lw Vl in (fl) / u (S) deired prfile imply hld bh bun fr a cuple f 2.2 V V High ba emp (fl) SVEM (S) ecnd r imply ju leave he charger alne fr 30 Inpu vlage Oupu vlage ecnd and i will change. The chen prfile LED (x2 fr 2V) (x2 fr 2V) hall hen flah. The uni hall hen rear and g Ou f range vlage value hrugh he aring cycle again. If vlage exceed he meer range he upper righ Bulk / Ab. Cnd. Fla Min Ab. Max LED hall flah. If he vlage fall hr f he meer Vl Vl Vl Min Min Opin range he lwer LED hall flah. If w neighburing ) Gel I LED, n he vlmeer, are n imulaneuly hen he ) AGM I real vlage i beween hee w parameer ) Sealed Example, if LED a.6v and.2v were n hen he ) Gel II apprximae vlage hall be ~.V ) AGM II Lw r high upu vlage If he upu vlage i belw V (2V a 2V) r revere plariy hen he lw upu vlage LED will flah (number 23). Similarly, if he upu vlage i abve 5.5V (3.0V a 2V) he high vlage LED hall flah *Lihium prfile ha revere plariy precin (number 6). T reurrec hee prblem, bring he diabled. **All vlage hall be 0.V higher fr he vlage abve V n he upu and belw 5.5V, fir 3 minue f he charger perain. crrec he plariy and hen rear he device. Remember i i he vlage which are mre impran han ur baery ype. Afer inallain e he vlage Reurn facry defaul: Thi hall irreveribly frm he uni i he deired vlage. Enure yu remve erae all previuly enered eing. Pre and hld a lea wire frm he baery emperaure enr a bh bun fr 30 ecnd and le g. The LED he prduc vlage may be higher ( if in cld climae ) clumn hall alernaively flah. T cnfirm facry r lwer ( if in warm climae ) han he precnceived defaul pre BOTH bun again fr 2 ecnd. Once vlage. The vlage requiremen f he baery cnfirmed, 3 green LED n bh clumn hall flah. cmpany will verride ur recmmendain a i i hem Then, LED n he frn panel hall ligh up in a clckwie paern. The uni huld hen reb wih he defaul wh are uppring he baery warrany. eing. T rejec facry defaul eing, imply le he LED clumn cninue alernaively flahing. Changing charging prfile during perain. While he uni i running, imply hld dwn he SETUP and SELECT bun fr 0-20 ecnd and le g. The LED n he lef clumn hall ligh up. The prcedure hereafer i he ame a abve. T view charger au: Simply hld he SELECT bun fr ecnd and he righ LED huld flah indicaing he au f he charger. Thi hall flah fr 8 ecnd. T reurn quickly, pre he SETUP/ENTER bun nce.

10 0 Frce Opin Regen imer adjumen: defaul 20 ecnd (Regen lw vlage imer ime). The defaul au Regen ime i 20 ec. = min. The imer i prepped a 3.2V-9.0V n he inpu. If he inpu vlage hen fall belw 3.0V (x2 fr 2V) he au regen imer ar cun. If he vlage de n rie abve 3.2V he imer will n ree and he uni will wich ff, hwever, a n a he vlage rie abve 3.2V he au regen imer will aumaically ree he e value (defaul = 20ec). T deacivae he au regen mde e he au regen ime 0 ecnd. By preing he Seup / Ener nly bun fr mre han 0 ecnd yu will ener he Au Regen Time Seup. During he whle Au Regen Seup he Abrpin LED will flah.. Abrpin LED flahing and acual aved au Regen ime will be diplayed n he righ bar. Ue he 0 80 cale. If he uni i u f he facry he 20 (defaul) huld be diplayed. 2. Pre righ bun increae r lef bun decreae value. 3. T deacivae he au regen funcin e imer value 0. When happy wih yur chice eiher wai 30 ecnd r pre bh bun a he ame ime fr 2 ecnd.. Abrpin LED, AGM II and Au Mde LED will flah 0 ime cnfirm value aving. 5. Uni will rear wih new Au Regen ime a defaul and will remain here unil changed again. Frce uni perae wihu upu baery cnneced ( i.e. a a pwer pack / live upu ). Thi mde hall allw he uni perae wihu needing a vlage n he upu erminal. Hld dwn SETUP/ENTER bun fr 5 ecnd and le g. The b, abrpin and fla LED hall flah. A green LED (8) n he righ panel huld appear and hi indicae ha vlage check i n (defaul mde) change i ff (pwer pack) pre he SELECT bun and a red LED (2) belw huld urn n. Wih he red LED n he uni hall nw perae wihu he need fr an upu vlage. Pre bh bun geher ave hi eing r wai 30 ecnd fr he uni reb. On reb, he HIGH BATT TEMP LED(2) cme n fr cnfirm pwer pack mde. Frce Fla : Befre acceing fla mde pleae be ure yu knw wha fla mde i and wha vlage fla mde i fr yur prfile. Simply hld bh bun dwn fr 2 ecnd and le g. Thi will lck he charger in fla (BLUE LED - p righ - number 5 hall cme n). The charger hall nw remain in fla and reume bulk/abrpin n rearing. T frce he uni u f fla repea he prcedure. Frce uni ff / n: Thi hall deacivae he uni, upu ge 0.0V. Hld bh eup and elec bun fr 5-9 ecnd. LED hall urn ff, he Bulk LED (blue) hall flah nce every 5 ecnd. The uni will remain ff, even wih nrmal engine cycling n and ff (alhugh if he uni negaive i dicnneced frm he inpu baery hen i will reume nrmal perain n re-cnnecin). T urn he uni back n, hld he 2 bun fr 5-9 ecnd. When OFF, he uer can n acce charger nrmal funcin. Frce uni ½ pwer (ay n unil uni i urned ff): Thi will reduce he uni pwer by abu 50%. Hld eup bun nly fr 5-9 ecnd. T cnfirm he pwer reducin LED hall flah 5 ime. Thi funcin will help reduce nie in he lng erm. T reurn full pwer, pre he eup bun again fr 5-9 ecnd. Frce uni ½ pwer / lw peed fan fr 8 hur nly (nigh mde): Thi will reduce he uni pwer by arund 50% fr abu 8 hur. Hld elec bun nly fr 2- ecnd, pwer reducin hall be cnfirmed when he /2 pwer and nigh LED flahe ime. Thi funcin will help reduce fan nie in he hr erm, in he evening, fr example. The uni will rever back full pwer afer 8 hur aumaically. Pleae ne ha nigh mde ha be e every ingle ime yu wih ue i. I can NOT be e cme n a a cerain ime daily. Diplay fware verin By preing SELECT fr 0-5 ecnd cerain LED n hi clumn hall briefly illuminae dene he fware verin in binary. Frm he p -> dwn n LED = and ff LED = 0. Fr example, if LED 8,7,5,3 are n hen he binary i which, in decimal = 53. Ue a calcular binary # Impran: If yu have changed he cuff vlage remember ha he au regen cuner ree funcin mu ee 0.2V n p f he new cuff vlage. I.e. Yu e he new cu ff vlage a.0v. T ree he Au Regen imer he vlage mu rie abve.2v. SVEM - Sainary Vehicle Engage Mde. If yur uage paern i mly ainary, e.g. Yu are a he ide f he rad and yu ar he vehicle ju run an inverer - he prblem i ha he vehicle alernar may nly be a 3.V (and n give a high vlage b) and ay here, in hi cae he Pr Ba Ulra wuld n engage a i need greaer han 3.2V ar. The ideal luin i have fied he igniin feed mde (a per explained in hee inrucin). Hwever, if he au mde wa ued and he igniin feed had n been inalled hen yu culd ue he Sainary vehicle engagemen mde. Thi mde allw he prduc engage a a much lwer vlage (3.V) and diengage belw (3.0V). T elec hi mde: Pre SELECT bun fr 5 ecnd and le g, N Faul LED huld be n lid and he Regen imer LED huld be lid. T remve hi eing hen d he ame again. Warning: he Sainary Vehicle Engage Mde eing i peraing he uni a vlage which may caue prblem in he winer he aring f he vehicle - pleae bear hi in mind we d n have enugh hiry wih hi eing make any guaranee ha i hall cmplemen winer cndiin - a lw vlage culd caue vehicle aring prblem.

11 Cum Seing CUSTOM BATTERY TYPE SETTING (fr exper ue nly - n required fr general perain) Befre prceeding wih hi, pleae read and underand all inrucin a i i quie cmplex and culd ake mre han ne aemp. There are imed inerval f 30 ecnd per eing i i very impran knw exacly wha yu require befre aring. If any errr are made imply wai a few minue and yu can ar he cycle again. The eing ffered fr adjumen in equence: A) B / abrpin vlage (high vlage charge). B)Cndiining vlage (medium charge rae nrmally beween b and fla vlage). C)Fla vlage (n lnger charging, hi will prvide vlage a a reduced level mainain he baerie and prvide pwer fr any lad applied). D) Abrpin ime facr adju. The lengh f ime pen in abrpin can be adjued by a facr 0-8. Thi may be beneficial fr differen baery chemirie. Gel, fr example, end abrb curren a a lw rae, hu, increaing he lengh f ime pen in abrpin may be beneficial (e nearer 8). AGM, he revere (e nearer 0). If in any dub, ak yur baery reailer r imply ue ne f ur pree value. T calculae he abrpin ime frm he ime facr imply muliply he facr number (0-8) by he lengh f ime i ake fr he charging vlage hi he abrpin vlage (ypically.v). If i ake 0 minue reach abrpin and yu e yur ATF hen x0min = 60 minue. The maximum ime he uni can ay in abrpin i 2 hur 0 minue. E) Minimum and maximum abrpin ime. Here yu can e he maximum and minimum ime he uni ay in abrpin. Fr example, yu may have AGM ha may need a maximum f ne hur, r GEL which culd require a minimum f 720 minue (2 hur). We recmmend ha yu wrie dwn yur required vlage and ime in he pace belw. Thi i yu knw wha prgramme during eup. Deired cum value - make a ne. B / bulk / abrpin (V) Cndiining (V) Fla (V) Abrpin Time Facr (0-8) Abrpin Minimum (0-960 minue) Abrpin Maximum (0-960 minue) Operain Pre and hld bh bun fr 0-20 ecnd. All Lef LED hall flah Pre he eup/elec bun mve LED dwn cum. Hld bh bun fr 2 ecnd cnfirm. Oppruniy adju Fa Charge / Bulk / Abrpin vlage. Red Cum LED will flah fr 3 ecnd cnfirm. Red Cum LED will cme n cnan, Green Fa Charge LED will flah (ecin n graph). Adju Fa Charge vlage by uing he Selec and Seup bun g up and dwn he righ LED clumn elec he crrec Fa Charge vlage. Once cnen, wai 30 ecnd, r pre bh bun cnfirm. The uni hall hen prceed Cndiining charge vlage (nex belw). Oppruniy adju Cndiining charge vlage Red Cum LED will cme n cnan and Green Cndiining LED will flah (ecin 3 n graph). Likewie, adju he cndiining vlage by uing he Selec and Seup bun g up and dwn he righ LED clumn elec he crrec Cndiining vlage. Once cnen, wai 30 ecnd, r pre bh bun cnfirm. The uni hall hen prceed fla vlage e (nex belw). Oppruniy adju fla charge vlage Red Cum LED will cme n cnan and Blue Fla LED will flah (ecin 3 n graph). Likewie, adju he fla vlage by uing he Selec and Seup bun g up and dwn he righ LED clumn elec he crrec Fla vlage. Once cnen, wai 30 ecnd, r pre bh bun cnfirm. The uni hall hen prceed fla vlage e (nex belw). Oppruniy adju abrpin ime facr Red High Temp LED will cme n cnan. Green Fa Charge LED will flah and Blue Fla LED will flah (ecin and n graph). Thi ime, adju he ime by uing he Selec and Seup bun g up and dwn he righ LED clumn (refer he blue cale cale 0-8) elec he crrec ime. Once cnen, wai 30 ecnd, r pre bh bun cnfirm. The uni hall hen prceed minimum abrpin ime facr (nex belw). Why ue Abrpin Time Facr (ATF)? ATF i imply a number (0-8) ha can be ued muliply by he lengh f ime he charger ake reach he bulk/b vlage frm ar. Fr example, if he bulk vlage i reached in 0 minue wih he ATF a, hen 0min x (ATF ) = 0 min f abrpin.

12 0 2 Charging prfile Infrmain diplayed n p LED n main uni High abrpin charge rae cnan vlage mde Sage 2 Lwer cndiining Fla / Pwer pack charge rae cnan mde, cnan vlage, full curren vlage mde acceibiliy Sage 3 Sage Backlah vlage. If If vlage drp charger pwer exceeded due heavy and baery dicharge lad in exce ff uni curren uni ree age abiliy uppr Sage 5 v l Fa charge cnan curren mde Sage Flah Time (Depending n baery ize, ype, ae f charge and charger baery rai - Digially prceed) Oppruniy adju minimum abrpin ime facr Red High Temp LED will cme n cnan. Yellw Abrpin LED will flah and blue Fla will flah (ecin 2 and n graph). Thi ime, adju he ime by uing he Selec and Seup bun g up and dwn he righ LED clumn (refer he brwn cale 0960) elec he crrec ime. Once cnen, wai 30 ecnd, r pre bh bun cnfirm. The uni hall hen prceed maximum abrpin ime facr (nex belw). Oppruniy adju maximum abrpin ime facr Red High Temp LED will cme n cnan. Green Cndiining LED will flah and blue Fla will flah (ecin 3 and n graph). Thi ime, adju he ime by uing he Selec and Seup bun g up and dwn he righ LED clumn (refer he brwn cale 0-960) elec he crrec ime. Once cnen, wai 30 ecnd, r pre bh bun cnfirm. A green LED frm he middle f each rw will flah fr arund 8 ecnd cnfirm he eup i cmpleed. The uni will hen rear. Adjumen f perainal vlage. The main cnrl vlage belw are inexricably linked. The vlage can nly be adjued a a blck (n individually). Fr example, if yu wih reduce he Cuff vlage by 0.2V hen all her vlage in he blck hall reduce by 0.2V. Inpu vlage Charging vlage 3.2V All vlage are alway Cuff vlage 3.0V linked. Thi blck can be regen braking imer Lwer vlage rip Vl. rip w/ ign (Mde 3) 2.0V 0.0V adjued by changing he Cuff vlage value up and dwn. Thi ubequenly change he her hree vlage by he ame value. Charging vlage (defaul 3.2V) (alway 0.2V abve Cuff vlage): A hi vlage he charger ar charging. Afer 5 ecnd abve 3.2V he regen braking imer i e. If he inpu vlage drp.9v - 3.0V hi imer begin. Timer ree when inpu vlage i 3.2V. Cuff vlage (defaul 3.0V): Thi vlage i nly relevan afer he charging vlage ha been me and he charger i charging. When he inpu vlage drp belw hi cuff vlage he charger p charging and hall evenually g leep. If he inpu vlage remain beween 3.0V-3.2V he charger hall cninue charging. The Cuff vlage i he parameer ha he uer change. A ned, by adjuing he Cuff vlage yu change he her hree vlage menined by he ame amun. Lwer vlage rip (defaul.9v) (alway.v belw Cuff vlage): When he inpu vlage drp belw he Lwer vlage rip he charger urn ff. The.9V hrehld i nly relevan if he regen braking imer i acivaed. If n, hen he lw vlage rip i 3.0V. If in mde 3, he lw vlage rip i 0.0V. Lw vlage rip (defaul 0.0V) (Mde 3) (alway 3.0V belw Cuff vlage): Only when in perain mde 3 de he Pr Ba Ulra wrk dwn a lw a hi vlage. During hi paricular eup prcedure we have made he vlage eup LED bar mre eniive ha he adjumen can be made in 0.V incremen. Fr example, fr 3.V he 3V LED i n and he 3.V LED i flahing. The ame idea fr 2.9V. The 3V LED i n and he 2.6V LED i flahing. Remember ha yu are adjuing he Cuff vlage whil imulaneu adjuing he Charging vlage, Lwer vlage rip and he Lw vlage rip. 3.V 3.V LED ON 3.3V 3.V LED ON 3.0V LED FLASHING 3.2V 3.V LED ON 3.0V LED ON 3.V 3.V LED FLASHING 3.0V LED ON 3.0V 3.0V LED ON 2.V 2.2V LED FLASHING 2.0V 2.2V LED FAST FLASHING T ener he menu pre (SETUP/ENTER) & SELECT fr mre han 20 ecnd. BOOST, ABSORPTION, CONDITIONING and FLOAT LED will flah indicae Cuff vlage Seing Menu. A he ame ime he acual Cuff vlage will be diplayed in he lef LED vlage bar accrding he decripin abve. T decreae vlage pre SETUP/ENTER and increae vlage pre SELECT bun. The Cuff vlage range yu can che i beween 2.0V-.6V. Charging vlage i alway 0.2V higher. Lwer vlage rip i alway.v lwer. Lw vlage rip (Mde 3) i alway 3.0V lwer. If yu d n uch any bun fr 30 ecnd he defaul vlage f 3.0V hall be rered and aved. T cnfirm yur cum vlage yu mu pre bh bun (SETUP/ENTER) and (SELECT) imulanuly fr 2 ecnd. The chen vlage will be aved and he uni will rear. If yu feel unure d n uch any bun. The defaul value will be rered aumaically.

13 3 5 Reme cnrl: cu hle diameer 5mm Reme Cnrl Vl Selec Quick puh = back ligh n. Shr pre ~ ecnd = inpu vlage, pre again fr upu vlage, pre again fr reme ene vlage. Hld fr ecnd ggle beween buzzer n/ff, bu2 huld appear. Temp Menu Change Hld bh bun fr 2 ecnd frce fla FF, ggle n / ff. menu crll (unidirecin) Menu Change Pre and hld bh bun fr 6 ecnd urn uni ff. FF hall appear. Repea urn uni n. Hld fr 2 ecnd ggle nigh mde n / ff, nn huld appear. /2 pwer fr 8 hur. ecape menu hld bh bun dwn unil END appear. Or, ju leave he reme fr 0 ecnd. er l ing Tggling i unidirecinal r diplay remaining abrpin r cndiining ime Pre elec bun ee value. by diplay baery prfile ype (0-9). Thi number dene which charging prfile he charger i e. Pre elec ee value. (Ref: able labelled Baery Chemiry Selecin n). cu diplay inpu cu ff vlage (he vlage a which he uni p charging) (3.V). Pre elec ee value. IU diplay inpu / upu bae vlage (2/2V). Pre elec. Fir inpu vlage will be diplayed wih in LED n fr 3 ec. hen upu vlage wih u LED n fr 3 ec. C/F change frm celciu fahrenhei r back* (defaul = celciu). Pre elec bun ener eing. Then pre righ bun change beween Fahrenhei (FAH) and Celiu (CEL). Cnfirm eing by preing elec bun. CL e curren limi /2 r / (full). Pre elec bun ee acual eing. Pre change (righ) bun change eing. Pre elec cnfirm eing. buc urn Buzzer n / ff* (defaul = n). Pre elec ee acual eing. Pre change bun change beween eing. Pre elec again cnfirm eing Ac Aucrll n / ff (defaul = ff). Pre elec ee acual eing. Pre change bun change beween eing. Pre elec again cnfirm eing. Vn Vlage / emp diplay during andby and leep. Tggle beween n and ff, pre elec (lef) bun elec. cn change cnra* value frm 0 7 (defaul = 3). Pre elec. Fir he lwe and he highe value will be diplayed. Then he acual value. Pre change bun change eing. Pre elec again cnfirm eing. blc change backligh clur*. ff <- au -> green -> red > blue (defaul = au). Pre elec ee acual eing. Pre change bun change beween eing. Pre elec again cnfirm eing. bl change backligh ime* ecnd, 0 = alway n, (defaul = 60). Pre elec. Fir he lwe and he highe value will be diplayed. Then he acual value. br9 change reme diplay clur red green vlage hrehld.* 8.0V-3.3V (defaul 2.V). When belw 2.V diplay i red and when 2.V r abve he reme ge green. When Pre elec. Fir he lwe and he highe value will be diplayed. On / Off hld>3 ec 7 Temp Menu Change Faul 8 9 Temp Menu Change (righ bun) Temp Pre and hld bh bun fr ecnd ener andby mde, Sb huld appear. Repea urn uni n. 3 Vl Selec 2 Quick pre = back ligh n. Shr hld ~ ecnd = wich beween uni emperaure and emperaure enr. If nc appear i mean ha he emperaure enr i n cnneced. Seup - Menu: Fla 2.2 In / Uni Audible alarm n/ff Ou / Rem Ba. hld > 3 ec 6) Charge cmplee n fla. 7) Vlage diplayed i vl u f prduc. 8) Scrll menu bun. 9) Screen diplay hwing a uni faul. Bh Lef and Righ bun Vl Selec V P Vl Selec Bun (lef) Cnd. H Charge g Pwer Prduc 3 ) Vl elec bun. 2) Vlage diplayed i vlage in prduc. 3) LCD creen wih backligh. ) Fa charge led indicar. 5) Cndiin baery age. 6 Abrpin Reme Errr Cde E00 = high inpu vlage E0 = high upu vlage E02 = high uni emp E03 = high ba. emp E0 = n upu vlage Hld bun fr ecnd ener he Seup Menu r hall appear. Then he acual value. Pre change bun increae value. Hld change bun accelerae. When max. value reached i will ar wih lwe value. Pre elec again cnfirm eing. Pre change bun increae value. Hld change bun accelerae. When max. value reached i will ar wih lwe value. Pre elec again cnfirm eing. b9b change vlage frm green blue backligh* V (defaul 3.V). Pre elec.fir he lwe and he highe value will be diplayed. Then he acual value. Pre change bun increae value. Hld change bun accelerae. When max. value reached i will ar wih lwe value. Pre elec again cnfirm eing. Led change LED n ime ecnd, 0 = alway n, (defaul = 60). Pre elec.fir he lwe and he highe value will be diplayed. Then he acual value. Pre change bun increae value. Hld change bun accelerae. When max. value reached i will ar wih lwe value. Pre elec again cnfirm eing. uid diplay Uni ID. Pre elec. Value will be diplayed fr 5 ec. usw diplay uni fware verin. Pre elec. Value will be diplayed fr 5 ec. rsw diplay reme fware verin. Pre elec. Value will be diplayed fr 5 ec. Lc Uni lck cde = 999 (defaul = 00 = unlcked). WARNING Thi mde hall lck menu eing pin f he uni by virue f a pa cde, be careful. Pre elec ener Lc eing. Pre change bun increae value, hld accelerae. Sp when n he number yu require and pre elec bun cnfirm. The fware hall re hi number, hen he diplay hall read: lc -> n -> #. # = number yu have red. T remve lc, reurn lc and re-ener he number, Pre elec bun and he diplay huld read: lc -> ff (green back ligh). Pleae make a ne f hi lc cde here:. rs Ree reme defaul value*. Pre elec. NO will be diplayed. Pre change ggle beween YES and NO. Cnfirm by preing elec. rs will diplay if reeing. rsu Ree he baery charger defaul eing. Pre elec. NO will be diplayed. Pre change ggle beween YES and NO. Cnfirm by preing elec. rs will diplay if reeing.

14 Faul Finding Trublehing Firly, enure he Pr Ba Ulra (BB) i wired up a per page 7. Enure negaive are cmmn and he BB charger negaive i cnneced he arer baery negaive - avid cnnecing chai negaive. Vlage beween cmmn negaive huld be ~0V. Secndly, e he BB, remve (r urn ff) any ecndary charging urce like AC DC baery charger r lar charger ging he baery bank. Leave he primary charger cnneced (alernar) enure alernar i wrking. We al recmmend urning ff any lad (inverer ec.). Hw e if he Pr Ba Ulra (BB) i charging: Wih engine running (alernar charging), wha i he vlage n he inpu erminal f he BB? Wha i he vlage n he upu erminal f he BB? Meaure hee vlage a he BB erminal, n a he baerie erminal. Even hugh, by defaul, he BB can wrk dwn a 2.0V n he inpu; i ill require ver 3.3V urn n and ge ging. If yu are geing alernar vlage a he inpu erminal (~V) and V n he upu erminal he chance are yur BB i wrking fine. If lile n curren i paing hrugh he charger a hee vlage hen he baerie are eiher full r hey are deceaed. If he upu vlage i beween 3V-V (bu riing) hen yu culd have a iuain where he upu baerie were very lw in charge (r large in capaciy) and he charger hall be charging a maximum curren. Prvided he vlage cninue riing he BB i charging. If yur upu vlage i le han 3V and yur inpu vlage i healhy, i culd be hree hing: ) Yu have a large lad n yur upu bank - urn lad ff. 2) The BB ha been urned ff - hld SETUP/ENTER SELECT bun fr 5 ecnd and le g, urn n again. 3) The BB i n wrking. If yur inpu vlage i le han 3V, i culd be everal hing: Aumive: Yur alernar vlage i a le han 3V (he al. i regeneraive braking mde meime expeced n mdern Eur 5/6 engine) ake vehicle fr drive and meaure alernar vlage and e up he BB ui hee need. All vehicle manufacure have heir wn fware / characeriic fr regen. braking. Aumive r Marine: If yur alernar vlage i ~V hen check cninuiy beween he alernar B erminal and he arer baery. If yu are geing ~V n arer baery hen check cninuiy beween arer baery and BB inpu erminal. Aumive r Marine: If yur alernar vlage i 0-3V (arer baery vlage) hen alernar may have failed. Or, require increae rpm f engine, pible bel lip. I yur upu vlage lighly higher r lwer han expeced - even wih n lad / charger n? Check if yu have he emperaure enr cnneced. If, n prblem leaving i here, i i imply vlage cmpenaing fr when he emperaure a he enr i lwer r higher han he benchmark 20DegC (69F). If lwer, hen he vlage hall rie and vice vera. The furher frm 20DegC in eiher direcin lead prprinal increae r decreae in he vlage. Pible, vlage drp acr lng cabling / fue hlder / dide. Ue ur reme ene cnnecin n he uni - refer page 6, yellw wire. LED 6 flahing red - ver vlage n inpu. Thi LED cme n if here i 9V fr mre han 3 ecnd n he inpu erminal. Check he vlage a he inpu. Pible regular faul, r alernaive charger vlage i high. LED 6 lid red - Over vlage upu. There i 6V fr mre han 3 ecnd n upu erminal. Check he vlage a he upu. Turn charger ff, if vlage drp when ff and rie again when urned n he pible charger faul. If 6V irrepecive f charger being n hen check alernaive charging urce. LED 7 flahing red - ver emperaure. Uni ha becme h and wiche ff. Pible defecive fan. Or, high ambien emperaure, enure gd venilain r he charger ven may be blcked LED 2 flahe yellw - high vlage drp acr upu cable. When he baery vlage enr i cnneced he device ha deeced high a vlage drp beween he upu and he piive erminal f he baery (>.5V). Verify ha he cable hickne i ufficien. Pibly he erminal are crrded r bad cnnecin. Al check if he cable i acually cnneced he baery. LED 22 lid yellw r flahing - he charger i in /2 pwer. I ha eiher been manually frced in /2 pwer mde r nigh mde (refer page 9). Or, he charger ha engaged/2 pwer mde ielf due he device emperaure (> 85 C). In hi cae, check he fan and he ambien emperaure. Pibly he inallain i n prperly venilaed. Make he adequae venilain. LED 23 lid yellw r flahing - undervlage. If he LED flahe, he inpu vlage i lw. Check he alernar r he charging urce f he arer baery. If he LED i lid, he upu vlage i very lw upu baerie are likely be defecive. LED 2 flahing red - high baery emperaure. The uni ha hu dwn due exceive baery emperaure (> 55 C). Eiher he baery i defecive r he ambien emperaure i high. Prvide adequae venilain.

15 5 Cumer Service & Warrany Yur 00 % aifacin i ur gal. We realie ha every cumer and circumance i unique. If yu have a prblem, quein, r cmmen pleae d n heiae cnac u. We welcme yu cnac u even afer he warrany and reurn ime ha paed. Prduc Warrany: Each prduc manufacured by g Pwer cme wih a lea a 2 year limied facry warrany. Cerain Prduc have a warrany perid f ime greaer han 2 year. Each prduc i guaraneed again defec in maerial r wrkmanhip frm he dae f purchae. A ur dicrein, we will repair r replace free f charge any defec in maerial r wrkmanhip ha fall wihin he warrany perid f he g Pwer prduc. The fllwing cndiin d apply: - The riginal receip r prf f purchae mu be ubmied claim warrany. If prf cann be lcaed a warrany i calculaed frm he dae f manufacure. - Our warrany cver manufacure and maerial defec. Damage caued by abue, neglec, acciden, alerain and imprper ue are n cvered under ur warrany. - Warrany i null and vid if damage ccur due negligen repair. - Cumer i repnible fr inbund hipping c f he prduc g Pwer eiher in he USA r England. - g Pwer will hip he repaired r warrany replacemen prduc back he purchaer a heir c. If yur rder wa damaged in rani r arrive wih an errr, pleae cnac u ASAP we may ake care f he maer prmply and a n expene yu. Thi nly applie fr hipping which wa underaken by ur cmpany and de n apply fr hipping rganied by yurelf. Pleae d n hrw u any hipping r packaging maerial. All reurn fr any rean will require a prf f purchae wih he purchae dae. The prf f purchae mu be en wih he reurned hipmen. If yu have n prf f purchae call he vendr wh upplied yu and acquire he apprpriae dcumenain. T make a claim under warrany, call ur cumer care line a ( USA -(207) , England ). We will make he be effr repair r replace he prduc, if fund be defecive wihin he erm f he warrany. g Pwer will hip he repaired r warrany replacemen prduc back he purchaer, if purchaed frm u. Pleae review he dcumenain included wih yur purchae. Our warrany nly cver rder purchaed frm g Pwer. We cann accep warrany claim frm any her g Pwer diribur. Purchae r her accepance f he prduc hall be n he cndiin and agreemen ha g Pwer USA LLC and g Pwer LTD hall n be liable fr incidenal r cnequenial damage f any kind. Sme ae may n allw he excluin r limiain f cnequenial damage,, he abve limiain may n apply yu. Addiinally, g Pwer USA and g Pwer LTD neiher aume nr auhrize any pern fr any bligain r liabiliy in cnnecin wih he ale f hi prduc. Thi warrany i made in lieu f all her bligain r liabiliie. Thi warrany prvide yu pecific legal righ and yu may al have her righ, which vary frm ae ae. Thi warrany i in lieu f all her, expreed r implied. g Pwer Prduc Ld England g Pwer USA Warrany Service Cener

16 Pr Ba Ulra Baerie-zu-Baerie-Ladegerä BEDIENUNGSANLEITUNG Beell-Nr: BB230 BB260 BB2270 BB23670 BB2870 BB2235 BB2235 2V-2V 30A 2V-2V 60A 2V-2V 70A 2V-36V 70A 2V-8V 70A 2V-2V 35A 2V-2V 35A Te Repr Jedem Gerä lieg ein Terepr bei. Bewahren Sie dieen Repr auf. Der Terepr wird im Falle eine Garanieanpruch benöig und mu mi dem Gerä zurückgechick werden. Abrpin Cnd. H Charge Fla g Pwer Prduc V 2.2 In / Uni Audible alarm n/ff Ou / Rem Ba. hld > 3 ec Für akuelle Infrmainen: Eurpe: Nrh America: UNBEDINGT LESEN! Diee Gerä ha viele Funkinen und e erchein evenuell langweilig, da Gerä zu inallieren und einzuellen. Für 90% aller Anwendungen i diee auch nich nöig. Schließen Sie da Gerä gemäß der rechen Skizze an. Da Gerä chale dann aumaich an, bald die Spannung am Eingang über 3,2V (26,V) eig. Fäll die Spannung uner 3V (26V), chale da Gerä nach 2 Minuen aumaich wieder ab. Die Ladepannung beräg,v (28,8V) wa für die meien Baerien krrek i. Sandardeinellung i für aumaiche Rekuperain (EURO 6). Leen Sie unbeding die Sicherheihinweie und allgemeinen Bedingungen! Auch empfehlen wir Ihnen die Inallain durch einen Fachberieb durchführen zu laen. : D UR A echnlgy E : DESIGN AMIC : DIG YN AL IT BL D Cpyrigh 206 g Pwer V.0 März 206 PrDigial RHS cmplian Vl Selec On / Off hld>3 ec Temp Menu Change Faul Baerie-TemperaurOpinale Senr Fernbedienung Baerie anchlu P Neg P u in fue fue Sarer zu ladende Baeriebank Regeneraive Braking Friendly R.B.F

17 Inhalverzeichni Hinweie und Sicherheiinfrmain Seie 3 Benuzung dieer Anleiung Cpyrigh Warung und Reparaur Sicherhei und Vrichmaßnahmen Bechrifung-Erklärung Seie - 5 Vrdere Bechrifung Bechrifung uner dem Deckel / Techn. Daen Emfphlene Kabelärken und Sicherungen Schnell- Inallainhilfe Seie 6 Sandard Anchlu Skizze Bai Operain-Mdu Auführliche Inallainhilfe Seie 7-8 Inallain-Diagramm Mnage Der krreke Anchlu Einellungen Seie 9 Baerieprfil ändern Individuelle Baerieprfil erellen Weiere Einellungen Fehleranzeigen und mögliche Urachen Ladekennlinie, Baierprfile Senr Fernbedienung Pflege, Warung und Garanie Seie 0 - Seie Seie 2 Seie 3 - Seie 5

18 Über diee Anleiung Diee Bedienunganleiung mu vr der Inallain de Geräe geleen werden. Verlieren Sie diee Anleiung nich und verwahren diee an einem icheren Plaz. Eine akuelle Frm dieer Anleiung kann auf unerer Webeie gefunden werden. Bevr Sie un bzgl. einer Frage knakieren, ehen Sie bie nach, b Sie die akuelle Anleiung vrliegen haben. Die Inallain lle vn einem qualifizieren Fachmann/-frau augeführ werden, der/die ich mi den güligen Vrchrifen aukenn. g Pwer Garanieverprechen Eine auführliche Erklärung zur g Garanie können Sie auf der lezen Seie finden. Auf unerer Webeie können die akuellen Garanieerklärungen eingeehen werden. Cpyrigh and Abchrifen Cpyrigh 205 g Pwer. Alle Reche ind in unerem Eigenum. Vervielfäligung, Auzug und Digialiierung i verben. Wenn Sie Teile dieer Anleiung verwenden möchen, knakieren Sie un. Hafung g Pwer hafe nich für : Flgechäden aufgrund der Nuzung / de Gebrauch diee Geräe Ÿ möglichen Fehlern in der Anleiung der deren Flgen Ÿ Veränderungen Da Gerä darf nich veränder, mdifizier der eigenändig reparier werden. Bei jeglicher Veränderung de Geräe erlich der Garanieanpruch. Verwendungzweck und -ar: Zur Gleichrm-zu-Gleichrm Tranfrmain. Zur Gleichrm-Limiierung. Kabel benöigen aureichend dimeniniere Sicherungen. Ÿ Darf nur in einem gu belüfeen, rckenen und aubfreien Or berieben werden.. Ÿ Die Anleiung lle vr der Inallain geleen werden. Ÿ Ÿ Ÿ 32 Sicherhei Symble ACHTUNG WARNUNG EXPLOSIONSGEFAHR Ÿ Beipiel - WARNUNG. Benuzen Sie da Prduk niemal in Umgebungen, w die Möglichkei einer Ga der Saub-Explin beeh der brennbare Prduke ind.. Generelle Warung und Reparaur. Da Gerä mu bei einer Warung durch einen Fachelekriker vm Srm kmple gerenn werden. Zur Reparaur enden Sie da Gerä bie zu un. Generelle Sicherhei- und Inallainhinweie. Ÿ Inallieren Sie da Gerä nur in aureichend belüfeen Räumen. Da Gerä darf nich Regen, Schnee, Dun, Sprühnebel, Rauch der exrem hher Feuchigkei augeez werden. Auch darf e nich abgedeck werden und die Lüfungöffnungen müen ffen bleiben. Ÿ Der Geräe-Minu-Anchlu mu mi dem allgemeinen Minu verbunden werden. E können nich 2 kmple iliere Baerien geladen werden, da der Negaiv der geladenen und der Quell-Baerie immer einen gemeinamen Minu haben. Ÿ Im Falle eine Feuer nuzen Sie einen Feuerlöcher. Ÿ Achen Sie darauf, da da Gerä weder verpl nch kurzgechlen wird.. Ÿ Schüzen Sie alle Verbindungen mi aureichend dimeninieren Sicherungen. Ÿ Überprüfen Sie alle Verbindungen jährlich. Ÿ Vermeiden Sie den Knak mi feuchen/naen Händen. Ÿ Achen Sie auf eine fee und krreke Inallain de Geräe an einer Wand. Ÿ Da Gerä lle nur vn einem Fachberieb inallier werden. Baerie & Sicherhei Exrem arke Ladung der Enladung der hhe Spannungen können zu Schäden an der Baerie führen. Überchreien Sie nich die empfhlenen Ladepannungen der Baerien, welche Sie vm Hereller der Baerien erfahren. Sllen Sie Knak mi Baerieäure bekmmen, wachen Sie fr die Knakflächen mi Waer und Seife. Sllen Ihre Augen berffen ein, pülen Sie diee für 20min. mi Waer au und gehen Sie fr zu einem Arz der in nächgelegene Krankenhau.