IPEK. Institut für Produktentwicklung. Institut für Produktentwicklung Universität Karlsruhe (TH) Prof. A. Albers

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1 Bead Optimization with respect to acoustical behavior - o.prof.dr.-ing.dr.h.c.a.albers Institute of Product Development University of Karlsruhe (TH) 2007 Alle Rechte beim Karlsruhe. Jede

2 Institute of Product Development Karlsruhe 2007 Alle Rechte beim Karlsruhe. Jede

3 Employees and Facilities o. Prof. Dr.-Ing. Dr. h.c. A. Albers 3 Senior Engineers A staff of 15 technical and administrative employees A staff of 40 scientific employees About 100 employed students About 1200 lectured students At three sites: Offices: 800 qm Test Lab: 460 qm Manufacturing: 340 qm Teaching: 500 qm 2007 Alle Rechte beim Karlsruhe. Jede

4 Systems Methods Processes The columns of the Product Development Process Systems Methods Processes Propulsion systems e.g. drivetrains Mechatronical Systems e.g. Humanoid Robot Microsystems e.g. Micro planetary gear Methods of Validation Contact & Channel Model C&CM Development Methods e.g. SPALTEN, Design instructions for Microsystems Bead Optimization Holistic Product Development Process Specific process development Problem solving processes CAE Optimization Processes Profil Situationsanalyse Problemeingrenzung Alternative Lösungen Lösungsauswahl S P A L T E N Tragweitenanalyse Entscheiden Umsetzen Nacharbeiten Lernen Idee Konzept Entwurf Ausarbeitung Mit freundlicher Genehmigung der OTTO FUCHS KG Validierung Fertigungsvorbereitung 2007 Alle Rechte beim Karlsruhe. Jede

5 Today's Challenges when using metal sheet structures in dynamic excited systems Weight reduction at metal sheet structures e.g. exhaust systems result in excessive vibrations Systematic measures need to be applied to stiffen these structures Optimized Bead Designs have the potential to improve the dynamic behavior significantly 2007 Alle Rechte beim Karlsruhe. Jede

6 Established Bead Optimization Process Determination of a suitable bead arrangement by evaluating the stresses in the original part Direction of main bending stresses determines the direction of the beads Mechanical Criterion to create easy producible bead designs As of now restricted to static loads Alle Rechte beim Karlsruhe. Jede

7 Successful spin-offs of tech-solute GmbH & Co. KG phi GmbH CAD-Entwicklung+Konstruktion FE-Design GmbH (1998) Successful commercialization of topology and shape optimization methods Later collaboration resulted in the successful commercialization of the presented bead optimization method 2007 Alle Rechte beim Karlsruhe. Jede

8 Acoustic test bench Engine power: Nominal Power 220 kw per axis Max. Rev 700 U/min ~ 250 kmph Max. Traction 10,5 kn rpm ~ 80 kmph 3,3 kn rpm ~ 250 kmph Castors: Diameter Circumference Width of castors Min. vehicle width Max. vehicle width 1910 mm 6000 mm 700 mm 900 mm 2300 mm Acoustic value < 55 db at 100kmph Alle Rechte beim Karlsruhe. Jede

9 Acoustic and NVH simulation environment at Utilization of results from experiments and MBS Simulation as excitation Simulative determination of NVH behavior Parallel examination and optimization of vibration tasks on test benches and in simulation Results from Optimization methods can validated at real and virtual prototypes Alle Rechte beim Karlsruhe. Jede

10 Possible Approach Widening the established approach to multiple load cases Several eigenfrequencies Combining optimal bead structures for single eigenfrequencies in a serial, weighted approach Optimization of one eigenfrequency (decreasing impact in design) eigenfrequency simulation, detection of further critical eigenfrequency optimized structure 2007 Alle Rechte beim Karlsruhe. Jede

11 Proposed Collaboration Close collaboration with an interested user Adaptation to partners needs Establishing an in house application and/or possible later commercialization in collaboration with FE- Design Requirements concerning the Transfer Business: We are looking for: Business Partners We want to achieve: R&D Cooperation We need for 24 months 2007 Alle Rechte beim Karlsruhe. Jede